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   Chapter 46 the mysterious villa (Part One)

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When she went up to the third floor, she heard a strange sound.

The voice was so soft that it was hard to tell it was a man or a woman.

Nina dared not make a sound. Holding her breath, she walked over on tiptoe.

The door was ajar. Nina slightly pushed the door. Through the crack, she saw something white powder on Rain's face when he was lying on the ground.

Although Nina hadn't seen such things before, she could guess that those things were national taboos.

Rain is poisoned.

Nina's heart raced wildly. She dared not push the door in, because she heard that the person who liked to draw that thing was likely to have hallucinations. She didn't want to repeat the same mistake as Max.

Nina gently withdrew her little body, and looked for a place she could make a phone call.

She wanted to leave here. This place was horrible.

Tiana was a little disappointed at Rain in her heart. He used to be the boy she liked. The night she learned about his death, she wandered around the strange streets of London for no purpose all night, like a ghost.

Now he was still alive. She was so happy, like she suddenly came back her lost treasure.

But now

Sure enough, the world was full of unforeseen events.

With tears in her eyes, Nina sniffed.

She sneaked into the toilet. Fortunately, the window was open. Nina came to the window. When she took out her phone and was about to call someone, she hesitated.

It was obviously unrealistic to call the beggar husband. He was in B city, and even taking a plane would not be able to come back so soon.

If she called Max, it would be the same if she didn't do it. It seemed to be heavily guarded. Before Max came in, she wa

Honey, trust me, okay?"

Except believing, Nina could do nothing else.

She said softly, "Okay, honey."

Howard withdrew the phone and sent the number he had share in the business field to Nina.

Then he turned the car around and drove to the suburb.

He called him while driving, but his phone was powered off.

"He's picking up girls again!" Howard drew the name of his bodyguard, and glanced at him. Then he decided to go by himself. Bringing more people would put Nina in danger.

Just then, there was a call coming in. Though it showed a stranger, Howard knew it was Nina's phone number.

"Mr. Howard, please do me a favor." It was Nina.

In no mood to tease Nina, Howard ordered simply, "speak."

"I want you to take me out right now. I was taken here by Rain but I don't know where I am. My beggar husband is not at home, so I can only ask you to Can you take me away? " After all, she had refused a man's proposal for more than two hundred times, but the man just said, "when I proposed to you, you didn't like me very much. Now in trouble, you think of me and want to marry me. I'm sorry, I don't have time.".

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