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   Chapter 45 being not selfish

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All of a sudden, Nina flung away Rain's hand and jumped away with a roar. "You are not the one who should be blamed. Rain is dead. He is dead."

In the hospital in London, England, she had seen the death file of Rain. The hospital wouldn't lie to her! It wouldn't happen!

"Listen to me, Nina. My mom asked the doctor to show you the death certificate on purpose. She wanted you to misunderstand that I was dead, so that you could marry someone and give up on me," he added

"Are you really Rain? Are you sure you are not a ghost? " Asked Nina, blinking her big eyes and staring at Rain's face.

He smiled and took Nina's little hand to touch his pale face. "Nina, my face is cold. Try my face, and here..." He moved her hand to his chest and said, "here's a heartbeats, for you."

When Nina was sure that it was Rain who was standing in front of her, she jumped up happily, and then she grabbed Rain's hand and cried, "waah... Waah..." I'm sorry, Mr. Rain. I thought you were dead. You didn't know how sad and remorseful I felt inside. Fortunately, you are still alive. Waah... Waah... "

"Don't cry. I'm standing right in front of you now. Can we be together well in the future?"

Nina shook her head, and then shook again. She said in an unquestionable tone, "Rain, No."

Rain asked with a puzzled look.

Nina pushed him away gently, trying to keep a certain distance between them. She said, "Rain, I have to say that your mother's goal has been achieved. I'm married, and you can give up on me."

"No, I'm not abandoning you, Nina. In order to come back to you, I accepted mom's requirements and engaged to Maggie. Don't worry. I don't love her. I only love you!" His eyes reddened. "You don't know how I've been in the past few years. I was imprisoned by my mother, and I couldn't go anywhere. But now I'm out and I'm back. Nina, can we be together?"

Nina waved her hand in a hurry and said, "Rain, you're wrong. We can't be together anymore. I'm married and I love my beggar husband very much. I'm very well. Don't say whether I love you or not again. We can only be good classmates or good friends. " Speaking of this, Nina paused. She wiped her tears and continued, "I'm happy as long as you're happy. Look, I'm crying because of joy! "

Nina was genuinely happy, because as long as he was alive, she didn't have to blame herself or feel sorry for him.

Hearing what Nina said, Rain misunderstood her again. He grabbed her hand excitedly and said, "Nina, I know you are a kind girl. I know you've always been thinking for others. But please be selfish this time. Go with me!"

"No, I can't. I really have a husband. I love him. I can't go with you. I can't!" Nina scratched her hair anxiously. "It's not selfishness, but love."

No matter what Nina had said, Rain just wouldn't let her go.

When he saw Nina standing still, he let go of her hand.

"Well, Nina, I won't force you to do anything you don't want to. I just want to find a place to sit for a while and have a talk, OK? You know how much I miss you. " Rain pleaded.

"But I have to work this afternoon." Nina said w

ue. How can you bear to leave me?" said Rain

Nina was softhearted, which was the biggest weakness of her. Therefore, when Rain pleaded, she hesitated.

"Then we can chat a little longer."

"Okay!" After they entered the living room, Rain took Nina's hand and made coffee for her. He said, "Nina, this is our home, you can come here at any time, okay?"

Nina smiled, pretending to be innocent.

He sat down next to her and offered, "come, have a taste of the coffee I made."

"Wow, so bitter!" Nina took a sip and shouted.

"Oh, I've changed my taste over these years. I didn't expect that you still like sugar, so I forgot to add some sugar to your taste." He stood up to get the candy.

He pondered over his words, which seemed to be not only his taste, but also his life. Some people stuck to it, and some changed.

She kept to herself all the time and the only thing that Rain changed was coffee, not coffee?

The two people chatted blankly. They thought of calling Max, asking her to ask for a leave, but Rain didn't allow it.

He began to yawn, with his eyes blurred with drunkenness.

"Rain, you are sleepy. Go upstairs and have a rest."

"I'm not tired. Wait for me for a while. I'll come down soon." Then he went upstairs, hand covering his mouth.

After waiting for a while, Nina didn't see Rain come down, so she called Max. However, she found that there was no signal here at all.

Nina was confused. She approached the window and tried to roll it down, but she failed. Through the glass, they could see clearly that there were a pair of men in black walking outside, just like the old patrol.

Nina came to the villa's bullet proof steel door again. She tried to pull the door, but it didn't move. The door seemed to be locked.

It was a large empty house, which made Nina a little scared.

"Rain!" she shouted.

No one answered.

"Hello, Rain--" Nina raised her voice, but there was still no response.

Nina panicked and went upstairs. 'what the hell is that Rain doing? Would he leave me alone here?' she thought.

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