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   Chapter 44 meeting with Rain

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Lying on the bed, Nina smelled the barbecue. She jumped out of the bed and looked at a stack of money burning

"Shit! You are such a fool!" Nina rushed out of the bedroom, took her bag and pulled it towards the fire. The fire sizzled and revived again arrogantly.

She threw her bag away, ran into the kitchen and poured out a basin of water. Then, she threw the water directly onto the furnace.

It was not bad. The money had not been burnt out.

"Hey, you bastard! You just want to insult me, right? Howard asked me to look for him, and he asked me to cook they are not here! Are you playing with your money or me? " Nina had never cursed someone like this before, and these words were uttered out of her mouth by Max probably because of the urgency.

Max looked at Nina and laughed.

"You are a maniac!" Nina picked up the unfinished money from the ashes.

"Nana! Can't I pay tribute to my conduct?" The smile on Max's face was still strange.

"Well, you can go out to buy the nether paper if you want to mourn."

"Nina, are you really angry? I'm just feeling distressed. Please don't be mad at me!" Although Max did not drink much, she still looked drunk.

"If you feel better, just take a shower and go to bed. Don't make trouble here." Said Nina, cleaning the ashes on the ground with a broom.

"Do you really want me to stay? What if your beggar comes back at midnight?" Max stood up and stretched.

Nina stopped, with a touch of bitterness in her heart. She wanted to have him now!

Max leaned over and put her arm around Nina's shoulder. "Do you think you two will still love each other as before if Rain had really come back?" she asked

"Of course not!" Nina interrupted, "I have a husband. He's a beggar, but I love him."

"Well, actually, I think Mr. Howard is a good man too, but you girl doesn't like it." Said Max lazily, while walking towards the bathroom.

"I think that Ethan is also a good man. You don't like any of them, do you? This is called love pea, understand?"

"I don't understand! Love? Where can I find you? " And then she closed the bathroom's door.

Nina took out her phone and wanted to call the beggar husband.

At that moment, her phone rang.

It was from beggar.

HMM Nina chuckled, and the haze in her heart was swept away.

She answered the phone happily and said in a sweet voice, "honey, do you miss me?"

The clouds finally went away. Howard said gently, "yes, honey."

"I miss you too." Said Nina and sighed.

Knowing why Nina was unhappy, Howard asked again, "what's wrong, honey?"

After he left, he was worried about Nina, so he called her to ask. But when he saw that there was no big difference in her tone, he was finally relieved.

"Nothing. I just miss you so much and want to see how you are now. Darling, let's make a video call, okay?" With these words, Nina clicked on the video of her own.

Ethan laughed, taking pleasure in her misfortune.

He knew that Howard couldn't take off his mask because of the video.

He hesitated for a while and realized that he didn't dare to open the video.

He said reluctantly, "h

tinued, "Miss Nina, although you're not well-dressed today, you have smooth skin. I'm afraid that your skin is even better..."

Said Wesley with a dirty smile, his fat hands fumbling around Nina's little hands.

Nina knew that Wesley was not a good person, but she didn't expect that this bastard would be interested in her dressing.

"Mr. Wesley, the contract is not valid. Let go of me. It's time to work."

There was fire burning in his eyes. Nina was afraid and just wanted to run away.

However, Wesley didn't give up. He walked to Nina and said, "Miss Nina, our dishes haven't been served yet. Let's talk about the contract extension."

He started to touch Nina, who was frightened to shrink into a corner. "Mr. Wesley, you can't do this. If you keep doing this, I'll shout for help..." Nina dodged, trying to push him away.

"Let her go!"

Before Nina could react, she saw that Wesley had been picked up and thrown aside.

Nina was about to say thanks, but when she looked up and saw the person in front of her, she froze.

"Who are you? Get out! It's none of my business!" He got up from the ground.

Before he could stand still, he fell down again. He didn't dare to shout. Covering his face with his hands, he asked, "Sir, who are you?"

The bodyguard next to Rain waved his fist at him. "My young master, Rain, do you understand?"

"Yes, they are..." replied Wesley, nodding his head immediately

The bodyguard felt embarrassed. He didn't know how to explain the relationship between his master and Bonnie.

"Yes, we are good friends. From now on, you are not allowed to think of her, understand?"

"OK, I see. I'll continue to renew the contract with Miss Nina." After saying that, Wesley ran away with his hand covering his face.

He couldn't afford to offend the only inheritor of the Ke group. He couldn't lose his life for sex?

Nina had been in a state of ignorance and didn't even know where she was.

"Yes, it's me, Nina. I'm Rain!" His voice was deep, as if it passed through countless light years and passed through the distant sky.

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