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   Chapter 43 are you a ghost

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This meal was not as awkward as Nina thought. Although Howard's face was ugly, she tried not to look at him. As for Max and Ethan, the worst would be that Max would suddenly utter a few harsh words, and Ethan would just smile a few times casually.

However, Max looked like a wife who was in domestic harmony.

Perfectly matched.

They only belonged to the people who didn't treat themselves as others.

Nina enjoyed the meal very much. Suddenly, a phone call came in.

Someone was calling her.

Without a second thought, Nina answered the call.

She habitually said, "hello."

However, the other party did not speak.

"Yes, honey?" Nina asked tentatively.

Howard frowned unhappily.

"No. are you Nina?" The man's voice sounded very hesitant.

However, when she heard the voice, she became pale immediately and said, "you Who is it? "

But Rain fell into silence again.

"Tell me, who are you?" Nina cried out excitedly with obvious fear on her face.

She kept shouting at the top of her lungs. At last, he ended the call with a disconnected voice.

Nina ran to the window. In the dark, a black Cayenne sped away like a black leopard.

No matter how hard Nina tried, she still couldn't see clearly the person in the car.

But the voice

Nina collapsed to the ground as if all her strength had been sucked out. Her face was as pale as a ghost.

Three people sitting at the table ran over at the same time, and it was Howard who held Nina in his arms.

"Nana, what's wrong? What happened?" Howard asked nervously.

Nina's lips were trembling. "Mr. Howard, do you think there are ghosts in the world?"

"Silly girl, there are not ghosts everywhere in the world! You think too much, huh? "

"But that voice..." Nina leaned against her mom unconsciously.

"Is it Rain?" Asked Max.

Nina widened her eyes and asked, "how do you know? Max, tell me. Is he still alive? Or did he become a ghost and come to me for revenge? If I hadn't broken up with him, he wouldn't have gone to England. If he hadn't gone there, he wouldn't have died. He must have come for revenge on me... "

With her head resting on Howard's chest, Nina tightly pinched his clothes.

Howard's heart ached. She had been worried about Rain for a long time.

A man who was too faithful to his friends was always a fool.

"Honey, it's not gonna happen again. Don't be afraid We will stay with you. If he dares to harass you, I will kick him out. " He wanted to say that he was with her. But obviously, it's not appropriate, so it's us.

"Nana, I'm not sure. Do you remember the day when we left the Hua group, I suddenly stopped the car. At that time I saw a man from the rearview mirror, who looked exactly like Rain. But I didn't see him after I got off the car. I thought it was an illusion, but if the person who called you just now was him, it meant that he had really come back. "

With her hands down in dismay, Nina struggled to free herself from Mr. Howard's grip. "No, I have to see if that man is Rain."


or and opened it.

"Fine, whatever I say is wrong in front of Max. But, alas, what a pity! There is no good return!" Ethan shook his head and said with infinite sadness.

Hearing that, Howard frowned and said nothing. He took up the glass of wine in front of him and drank it in one gulp with chagrin.

"Boss, rivals in love are here. Get ready!" He whispered in Howard's ear and mocked.

Looking at him with murderous eyes, elder Ethan took a deep breath. It would bring trouble to himself if he irritated Howard.

Hastily, he looked at Max and said, "Max, you are drunk today. Let me drive you home."

"Who do you think you are? I don't need you? Fuck off! " "Don't you think so?".

"I'm the flower guardian, haha..." Ethan laughed unruly.

"Let's go, Ethan. Max, Stay here. " With a livid face, Howard stretched out his hand to pull up Ethan.

Howard knew that he couldn't stay today, but he was worried about Nina, so he had to let Max stay with Nina.

With a worried look on his face, Howard said, "sweetheart, remember to call me if anything happens."

Nina didn't make a decision. She lay on the table and seemed to be depressed.

Ethan was so upset. Boss, could he please not destroy his good plan? If Ethan send Max home, he might get a rich reward!

"Hey, this is my name card. Take it. If you need anything, just call me." Ethan stumbled when he was grabbed by Howard. Then he threw the business card to Max.

"I don't care. I won't contact you."

"Argh You little girl, I don't know what's good for you, and I won't give any women what they want, but you actually tore them apart... " Ethan had been dragged away by Howard. His words were out of sight and disappeared in the corridor.

"Let's go. Have a rest." Nina rubbed her face and walked to the bedroom, preoccupied.

Max glanced at the money on the table and laughed at herself! Then she took out the lighter and lit the cigarette.

The leaping flame reflected the excitement on Max's face. She suddenly laughed. "Ho ho ho..."

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