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   Chapter 42 she and him

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Nina's chin almost fell down, "my beggar husband is my husband, and so is my lover. In my heart, no man is better than him, and you can't."

"Not necessarily. You haven't even tried them before. How do you know what other men look like?"

"Get out, Mr. Howard. You're a perfect match for Ethan. Get out!"

Hearing what Nina said, Howard touched her red face and smiled viciously. He took out the food materials and put them into the washing basin. "It's tiring to scold someone. Let's cook. Besides, I can't go out now. You hear that they don't want to quarrel with us, right?"

Nina craned her head and looked towards the living room. Ethan sat next to Max, with his head down, without the cynicism just now.

Max picked up some cherries with one hand and ate them with another, munching.

cherries were not an asshole. Why did he chew them so hard? "

"Well, let nature take its course. Maybe your bestie likes him. Who knows?" Howard turned on the tap, rolled up his sleeve, and washed vegetables.

"Oh, No. Max is not good at that. She hates those men who put on airs most, none of whom is good!" Nina took out a skewer of roast lamb chop from the bag and swallowed. "Mr. Howard, how do you know I like roast lamb chop?"

"An assuming man is good at guessing what a woman thinks!"

"You are so naughty." Nina put the mutton chop on the plate.

"Well, it seems that your beggar husband doesn't talk much. Is it boring to be with him or me?" For fear that Nina would forget about the beggar, he couldn't figure out what was in his mind.

"No way! My beggar husband is the best. I don't feel lonely with him, but... " Speaking of this, Nina looked even more depressed, "and I don't know when he'll be back."

Her expression made Howard's heart ache. He said half joking and half serious, "honey, since he's not here, you can treat me as him."

Nina stared at him. She put her hand into the basin and lifted water to pour on his face. "I love him, but I don't love you. How can I treat you as him?"

The gauze, which was wrapped just now, was wet and it hurt. Nina bit her lips.

Hearing her words, Howard immediately held her hand and said, "we love you the same, don't we?"

"Of course not! My beggar husband said that he loved me more than you!"

"I love you more than he does!"

Nina waved her hand and was about to slap him, but he kissed on his face and said, "don't be naughty, honey. Otherwise, I can't promise what I will do."

"What What a shameless man! " Nina rubbed the place where Howard had kissed.

Hearing that, Howard smiled carelessly and said, "all women like shameless men, including you. Do you understand?"

"Let me go..." Nina didn't speak out the following words. "I won't like you all my life. Howard, you'd better give up!"

"No, you will fall in love with me in the near future." Said Howard with determination.

Nina snorted with disdain. She never dreamed that what Howard said would come true. After a long time, Bonny showed up in front of her with holding his hand. She was jealous madly.

Howard made a bandage for Nina's finger again and said, "Nina, don't get into water. I'l

eal for you. Human should learn to plot."

But the problem was, most of them chose to settle it privately. And valiant Max was not able to get rid of the popular impression.

She was just a woman!

But she felt sick as if she had just eaten a fly!

"It's time for dinner, you two." Nina poked her head out of the kitchen and shouted at them.

"I'm full. What else do l want to eat?" Max said angrily

"You will get rid of your anger in a short time. You are not a smart woman if you feel hungry." Ethan stood up and stretched his hand. "Let's go, Miss Max."

Max opened it, and hummed, walking into the bathroom.

For Mr. Howard, it was incredible that Max could let go of Ethan so easily. He thought that Max would fight with Ethan crazily.

On the other hand, seeing him safe and sound, Howard was a little disappointed.

"I didn't expect you to have a girlfriend," There was a trace of jealousy in his voice.

"Of course. Elder Ethan is the most handsome man in the world!"

With a smile on his face, Howard patted Ethan on his shoulder and said, "you are brave enough to say that in front of my brother."

Ethan grinned evilly. "My boss, if you take off your mask, I dare not say this to you, but, this mask, ha-ha It seems that it can't be taken off in a short time! "

When Nina came out of the kitchen with dishes, she didn't hear it clearly and casually asked, "what mask?"

"No, there are a lot of people who prefer to live with a mask. It's tiring," said Ethan, sticking his tongue out of fear

She didn't understand what he meant at all. Then she put the dish on the table and said, "they are all hypocritical, aren't they?"

"Babe, maybe there's another man who is not willing." As he spoke, he stretched out his leg and tried to hit Ethan's foot right.

"Ouch!" a slick of lotus root fell out of Ethan's mouth as soon as he put the piece in his mouth.

Hearing this, Nina blushed. The dish tasted really bad?

"What's wrong with this contact?"

Howard glared at Ethan secretly, and Ethan immediately burst into laughter. "No, it's so delicious."

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