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   Chapter 41 a familiar figure

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When she walked out of the Hua group, Max leaned against the car and looked at her with questioning eyes, without saying anything.

Nina didn't say anything and got into the car directly.

"Sister, what do you mean?" Then she threw the cigarette butt away, opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

"Mr. Howard, you said we only need to spend twenty thousand to have fun in a night club, but it's too expensive for you, so he didn't agree!" Well, she just wanted to tease Max.

"Shit! That's my first time. Two million dollars. I'll help you clear your name!"

After saying that, Max was about to get out of the car.

Nina stretched out her hand and grabbed Max's arm. "I was just kidding. Mr. Howard said that he would take Ethan to my home tonight. Let's go."

"I'm gonna kill him when I meet him." Max said bitterly and started the car.

"Don't frighten him away before you get the money. Then it will be meaningless for me to go to see Mr. Howard." Nina leaned against the seat and took a nap.

"Hey, I've walked with a man so many times, and my shoes are really wet!" Max was unwilling to give up so easily.

"I think you should just marry to Ethan. Although he is a romantic man, he is very handsome!" Nina said in a daze.

"What the hell! Are you out of your mind? He is such a good man. Why don't you marry him?"

Nina smiled, "I have a boyfriend who is more handsome than him..."

"Silly girl. There are only beggar in your mind. Just throw Rain out of your mind!" Max muttered, casually looking at the rear-view mirror. A familiar figure appeared in the mirror. It was exactly the same person as Rain.

Out of natural reflex, Max stepped on the brake and the car screeched to a halt.

"Wheat, are you hit on the car butt?" Nina lazily opened her eyes. When receiving the sudden mention of Rain, she felt a little cold in her heart. She didn't think that he was a heartless person, but it was just that the people who had already left in the world should have a position in their hearts. Why had they always been in her mind!

But Max ignored her and got out of the car.

Nina followed her out and said, "things have happened, but for that, you are so insane."

"If I were so narrow-minded, I would have committed suicide. I just saw..."

Afraid that she might be mistaken, Max stopped what she was going to say.

"What did you see? The God of wealth? " Of course, if she knew that what Max just saw was something related to Rain, she would not be in the mood to play that!

Max looked around and shook her head, confused, "it's strange. It's him. Why is he missing?"

"God of wealth knows how to hide. Get in the car!" "Okay.".

After making sure that she didn't see Rain, she went back to the driver's seat.

Not long after wing and Nina left, a man came out from a special store on the roadside. His gloomy expression was not inconsistent with today's

to be done or not. But it's no use being angry, isn't it?" She was still very angry.

"Damn! It's not as easy as you think. I've argued for more than twenty years, but you bastard ruined it overnight. How can I remain calm?"

"Can you two just sit down and have a good talk? My things are bought with money. If you break my things, are you going to pay?" When she saw Nina come out of the kitchen and bent down to pick up the broken glass, she felt so sorry for her. "My husband bought it. How am I supposed to tell him?"

It was by accident that her hand was hurt by glass and blood flowed out.

"Honey You, why are you so careless? " Howard rushed over and pinched Nina's finger.

"Stay away from me," Nina rejected.

"Stupid woman, how could you hurt yourself with just picking up a cup?" Pulling Nina into the kitchen, Howard turned on the head to help her clean her injured finger.

"My finger is hurt, not yours. You don't have to be so kind to me. Do you hear me?" Sarah continued to refuse.

"Stupid woman, as the saying goes, you can't see but bleed? Wait for me here! " Putting down Nina, Howard ran out and soon came back with a medical box in his hand.

"Come here and sit down." Howard kicked Nina a chair.

With eyes fixed on him, she asked slowly, "Mr. Howard, how do you know where the first aid box is?"

It turned out that being busy made mistakes. Since he married Nina, he had become entangled with lies.

"It's so easy to find a medical box in your house."

"Well, tell me, why do you treat me so well?"

It was easy to answer this question. Howard cleaned Nina's wound and replied, "because I love you. Don't you remember that I have proposed to you more than two hundred times?"

"How many times do you want me to tell you? I'm already a woman of beggar. Why are you so stubborn?"

Howard nodded, "I know you are a beggar's woman. Can I be your mistress?"

lover? Mr. Howard, are you sure?

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