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   Chapter 40 negotiation (Part Two)

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Hearing that he agreed, Nina smiled, "really? But what?"

He missed the dishes very much?

"But how are you going to thank me for what I have done for you?"

"Well, that's a piece of cake. I will ask Max to invite you to the bar. You two have similar tastes in each other anyway."

It was impossible for Howard to let Nina get away so easily. He was thinking about her.

"Miss Nina, you are wrong. It's your turn to pay the bill."

"Mr. Howard, please don't say that. I have no money. These two million dollars are for Max. She doesn't deserve it. It's not my treat!" Nina protested and decided to do nothing.

"Miss Nina, if you don't accept the money, I'll give you two million..."

"Hello, Mr. Howard." Nina had no choice but to scratch her hair, "Okay, I promise you? Tell me, what do you want to eat? "

"I want to eat the food you cook. May and I will take the food materials to your house tonight. You cook for us. What do you think?"

Nina's eyes widened, "what? Come to my home? "

"Isn't it inconvenient for you, Miss Nina? If it's not convenient, we don't need to talk about the two million. "

"Mr. Howard, let's have a talk." Anyway, Nina couldn't give up 2 million for one meal!

Hearing that, Howard raised the corners of his mouth complacently. Nina finally compromised.

Nina cursed wing thousands of times in her heart. If she didn't go to the bar, how could she negotiate with this damn Howard!

And now a meal was needed.

No need to think, she knew how horrible it would be!

However, she could never have dinner with these two people alone. Since Max was the main victim and the biggest beneficiary, sh

Howard had a sinister smile and said, "smart! But it's not her idea. It's Max's. "

"What an exorbitant price! She destroyed my antique works, paintings and clothes worth over 100 million this morning, and now wants to blackmail us two million. That night is too expensive." He pretended to be regretful.

"Don't turn to me for help. Go to Max!"

In a few steps, Ethan strode to the window of the Ford car. He looked out of the window and saw Nina sitting in the Ford car. In a cold manner, Max, with a cigarette in her mouth, looked out the window of the Ford car.

The way she looked at him was as cruel as peeling off his skin and drinking his blood.

"Two million? Fine! I accept it." Ethan drew back his neck in a hurry

"Okay, buy some food materials later and go to the Gangnam building with me to bring money to Max!"

"What? Me too? " Wearing an expression of unwillingness on his face, Ethan said, "if I go to the party, will Max let me go?"

"Don't be afraid. How could you forget everything last night when you felt comfortable?"

"Fine, boss. Don't make fun of me. I'll go."

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