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   Chapter 39 negotiation (Part One)

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Howard turned his black leather chair and said, "it's just a diamond. I'm not interested in knowing whether it's mine. All in all, Miss Nina doesn't belong to me. You just take it as an excuse to get close to me on purpose."

'how narcissistic you are! Are you crazy?' Nina thought.

Nina wouldn't be so stupid to get close to Howard on purpose.

Nina looked up at him arrogantly and answered, "let me tell you, Mr. Howard. I don't like you. Why do I get close to you on purpose? If I really get close to you, do I need a diamond? Each time I propose to you, it's much easier than the diamond. "

Nina taunted.

"That's exactly what I want to know. Since you have rejected me more than two hundred times of proposal, you come to me today..." Howard was about to speak but stopped on a second thought.

"Mr. Howard, you have a good relationship with Ethan, haven't you?"

Howard nodded and asked, "what? Do you have a crush on my brother?"

"That guy?" Nina walked to the bedside and sat down.

Well It seemed that the girl not only didn't have a good impression on him, but also had a worse impression on the intoxicating Ethan!

It was actually Ethan who helped Nina to marry the beggar.

Could Nina have a good impression on him.

But he didn't show it on her face. He looked at Nina and asked, "Miss Nina, would you like some drink?"

Nina shook her hand and said, "No."

She remembered that she got drunk last time and didn't go back home. She had learnt from it. People might make mistakes. But they had made the same mistakes twice and they didn't deserve it!

Howard shrugged. He stood up and poured himself a cup of Laffite. After taking a sip, he said

t enough to make up for the loss of her virginity? Comparing with staying in the class, Ethan has earned a lot! "

"Two million Well, indeed not many. Miss Nina, how about you? How much is it? "

"Mr. Howard!" Nina roared and waved her hand in discouragement. "Never mind. I know you are a coward. I'll go and talk to Ethan!"

"Wait!" By instinct, Howard tried to stop Nina. He teased with her and made her anxious and angry on purpose, because he wanted to see her more often. Now she was anxious to leave, while Howard was not calm.

Nina dodged him by instinct. "Don't do that, Howard. I'm not Max. If you dare hurt me, I will kill you."

"Why not?" Seeing Nina shivering, Howard reluctantly lowered his hand.

"Because I only belong to my husband, and you are the person I hate most!" It was not only Nina who did all these things to him, but also made him a little angry and sad.

She was so stupid that she couldn't feel they were so similar in body and smell.

"All right. Now that Miss Nina is so fond of the beggar, I won't force her to give you two million. I can let Ethan give you two million, but..."

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