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   Chapter 38 I am going to sue with Ethan

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"Wing, did you make a mistake? How do you plan to get back at them? Do you want to have sex with them?"

"Nana! Haven't you come up with a good idea? I'll sue Ethan for rape and rape me!"

Nina stretched out her neck and asked, "what happened then? Don't you get married?"

"I won't get married. I won't let that bastard Ethan get away with it!"

"Max, I can only support you..."

"Is this my best friend?"

As soon as they finished work, they went to the law office.

She told the lawyer the process.

The lawyer said with confidence, "it's best for the plaintiff to win this case. But... "

"But what?"

"You should go to the hospital for a paternity test as soon as possible, and bring evidence." The lawyer reminded.

Max exchanged a glance with Nina.

Evidence? He felt like being slapped again!

"Nana, how about we have a private talk with Ethan? Even if we sue him, he will not only have such great power, but also have the support of Mr. Howard. Even if he could be released from prison, it won't be a good result for him in a few days." Nina flinched.

Both Nina and Max could think of this. So how could she!

If she had found a million or eighty thousand dollars in the villa this morning, it would be like this.

She was not stupid. She would not accept money even if her chastity was destroyed.

In a society where money was everything, it would cost money to pretend to be pure and lofty.

Sorry, she didn't.

She wanted to live a good life. She couldn't live without money. Of course, she didn't betray her lover, but it had happened. How to win the best interests of herself was what she should do.

Both of them walked out of the law office, downhearted.

Max lit a cigarette and leaned against the French parasol on the roadside.

"Would you like one?"

Nina shook her head, "no, beggar doesn't allow it."

"Fuck! You left and right beggar husband. Where is your beggar husband? I even suspect that the beggar is a long time ago and has been married! " Max fidgeted with the lighter.

Nina thought it was a miracle that she didn't lead the way between her and Max, because she had been staying with them all the time.

"The beggar husband is not like what you said. He loves me very much!"

"Let's not talk about him. Tell me. Why did you say that you have an affair with Ethan?" Max blew out a beautiful smoke ring into the air.

"I don't know." Replied Nina.

She hadn't gone through it. How could she know.

"How about two million?"

Nina nodded, "I know that Ethan is rich."

"Then tell me about it."

"Rest assured, Max."

'since Ethan has got much stronger, does she still want to take the initiative to get close to him?'?

"Mr. Howard has a good relationship with Ethan. Can you talk to him about it?"

Howard was even more loathsome than Ethan, and even Nina got goose bumps when mentioning his name. Now, Max actually asked her to meet him?

Without any hesitation, she said, "but, Mr. Howard is a bastard. He is even worse than Ethan. How could you ask me to find him?"

"You know, lust is different from bad? Even though Howard was ugly, at least he wasn't as dissolute as Ethan. There had been no scandal about him in

s Nina, do you miss me?"

"No, it's not." Nina stood uneasily.

"So you've known that I miss you, haven't you?" Howard lit a cigarette and leaned against the black leather chair.

"Not really."

Nina kept on thinking. It seemed that she had lost the initiative once she came in.

It was always like this that she would be passive in front of Howard.

It was not fear, but tension.

"Really? Then what is it? " Howard stood up and came to Nina.

He looked down at Nina and lifted her chin with his rough finger in the next second.

Nina said in a trembling voice, "I If I have any questions, please ask Mr. Howard for help! "

Mr. Howard? He disliked the way she called him. She was arrogant in front of him all the time, but why was she so obedient this time?

But he finally regretted, thinking that her beggar husband was not as good as him?

Howard sneered, "did your beggar husband ask you to come? To please me and find a easy job? "

"No, it has nothing to do with my husband. He and I are good!" Nina avoided eye contact with him and argued obstinately.

"Everything goes well?" With a disdainful look, he asked, "what's good about beggar?"

Nina bit her lips and replied, "everywhere is fine!"

The room was silent for a few seconds, and some noisy factors were flowing.

The sense of oppression became stronger and stronger all of a sudden. It seemed that Nina was about to suffocate.

She stuttered, "could you please stay away from me?"

"What if I say no?"

"Then I'll leave you be." Nina broke away from his grip and felt a tingle in her chin.

With these words, he walked back and said "let's have a talk."

'did she find out anything last night?

Nina took out a small diamond from her body. She walked over and put it on Howard's thin carved office table. "This is yours. I want to know why it is in my home?"

Without hesitation, he picked it up, tossed it backwards and the diamond flew out of the window.

"You..." She wanted to blame him, but she didn't care. It was his thing.

It was his negligence that he left in such a hurry this morning that he didn't check it carefully.

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