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   Chapter 37 unpredictable story

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When Ethan ran out, he couldn't see any of them. He shook his head with a smile and murmured to himself, "maybe boss has something to do tonight."

When he was about to leave, a waiter came over and said, "Sir, someone asked me to tell you that you should send that girl home."

Looking in the direction pointed by the waiter, Ethan saw that Max was slumping into the chair with the credit card and sleeping soundly!

Needless to say, the gentleman was no one else but Howard.

Indeed. When Nina passed by the hall on Howard's shoulder, she kept shouting, "Max, wake up. Help me..."

But Max didn't hear that at all.

People in the bar all turned to look at them. Howard said coldly, "what's up? Can I carry my mistress on my shoulder?"

"Of course!" They laughed, clapped and whistled.

Fortunately, Nina was getting more and more drunk. Otherwise, she would be so shy that she had to find a seam to drill in.

Taking a look at Max, Howard called over the waiter and ordered Ethan to send her back.

It would be great if he could help him.

"Ah, no wonder that this is the time." he couldn't help narrowing his eyes.

With a smile on his face, he walked up to her and gently patted Max's flushed face. "Max?"

"Nana, let me sleep for a while."

The heavy smell of alcohol made Ethan frown. How much wine did this woman drink?

Sitting in a lotus sports car, Nina was very uncomfortable.

She flapped the car door, and said again and again, "Mr. Howard, I want to go home. Put me down!"

"Honey, listen to me. You can't get out of the car now that I lock it!"

Perhaps it was because she was tired, Nina finally stopped patting. She got in the seat obediently. With her brows knitted tightly, she put her hands over her stomach, and looked very painful. "Honey, don't meddle with me. And Max don't meddle with me, okay Honey, help me! "

Nina knocked on the heart of Howard. His eyes were full of complex emotions.

He didn't know whether to tell her that he was her beggar husband or not.

He stretched his hand to touch her face.

When she felt the familiar feeling, Nina smiled. "Honey."

But he still didn't dare to say yes. His Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. He suddenly stepped on the gas. The black lotus was like a black leopard, heading to the "Gangnam building".

Or because of the fast speed, Nina began to vomit after she got home.

Her consciousness had been in a state of ignorance. With a pale face, she kept muttering, "honey, I miss you. Can you come back?"

Touching Nina's hair with his big hand, Howard rubbed it once.

When Nina calmed down, Howard took off the dirty clothes for her and took her into the bathroom.

After taking a bath, Nina put on her pajamas.

Staring at Nina who was in sound sleep, Howard did not leave immediately.

In other words, he was loath to part with her!

He watched her at the bedside for a long time, and then lay next to her in his clothes.

He didn't even dare to do anything, afraid that it would wake up Nina.

However, Nina didn't sleep well.

She smiled and cried now and then.

She called out the word "husband" from time to time.

Finally, without knowing how many times Nina

ed. She had struggled to protect her innocence for more than twenty years. She lost her virginity because she was drunk, and even threw it to a playboy.

Yes, she knew Ethan, the Playboy in a city. Everyone knew him!

After crying out for a long time, Max put on her clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

But she found that Ethan had already gone away. Max shouted loudly in the villa, but there was no one else.

'damn it! It's my fault. How dare you bully me like this and leave me alone!' thought she. The Max had never been so coward. She destroyed the villa's living room, and tore off the painting on the wall

But it still couldn't work off her anger!

Then she walked around the villa. 'this is a luxurious house. There must be some cash or something very valuable, ' she thought.

She started to rummage the drawers and found nothing but his innumerable clothes and shoes.

Little did he know that the antiques oil paintings she smashed were all of millions of top quality.

"Ethan, you are such a cruel and cold-blooded dog!" Max scolded. Then she took a scissor and cut a big strand of plum Ethan's clothes.

She gradually calmed down. Then she kicked the clothes that were tore into pieces, washed her face and went to work.

After all, we can't get back what we lost. We can't lose our lives.

But if she did so, she might turn the plaintiff into a defendant.

Max gritted her teeth, unwilling to leave.

After these words, Max leaned against the desk and looked at Nina, asking, "Nina, what do you think I should do?"

This really embarrassed Nina. In the past, it was always wing who took care of everything. Now that she was asked to speak out, she really didn't know what to do?

"What else can we do about Nana's matter?" In Nina's view, this kind of thing could only be tolerated. Most women rarely publicized it, didn't they?

She didn't want to be kissed by Howard, but she didn't have the strength to resist.

She only hoped that the beggar husband could come back and protect her, and she would never be bullied by Howard anymore.

"I'll get it back!" Max said, banging the table

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