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   Chapter 36 the mist of Ireland

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Jenny proudly looked up, "Max, it's not that I've never seen a man like this, not someone as good as my husband!"

"It's just a waste of time! Your beggar husband is not coming back. Do you still want to buy these things? "

The Max pointed at a large shopping cart.

"No way. These are too much for us." Said Nina.

"Come on, don't you remember I'm a foodie?"

"Max, I can't afford you now unless you give me living expenses!"

"Bitch, look at yourself. I'm not as poor as you are. You asked a poor beggar to be your husband, and you even felt sorry for having a meal with your bestie. Come on, for the sake of your cooking, it's my treat tonight."

When Nina heard it was a treat, her eyes lit up. "Great! This is my best friend."

"Well, how could you say that?"

"What's your treat?" Nina's brain was full of delicious food.

"Let's go to the bar."

"Oh, you know I don't like that kind of place. I don't even like beggars!"

"Nina, your beggar husband is not home," said Max, looking at her with despise


"Don't worry. I'm out of love. You have to keep me company."

She had been getting used to the fact that Max failed in a relationship.

In her opinion, the reason why Max failed was that there were too many requirements for their relationship. There were money, houses, cars, etc. the car was no less than 200000, the house was no less than 1.20 square meters and the savings were no less than 5 million.

There were men, but not many of them.

Every time Nina said that she could lower her requirements if she wanted to marry others, she would open her eyes wide and give her a shudder. "Son of a bitch, I'm not asking for too much. I'm clever. Is it a waste of youth's resources to marry a beggar like you. I'm not in a hurry. I have so many wonderful things waiting for me. I'll find a man who is suitable for me one day. "

If Max was not in a hurry, why did she go to the bar to get herself drunk!

It was in the "camouflage bar".

Nina sat in the corner, looking at Max waving crazily in the dancing floor.

This girl had an attractive figure and beautiful face, but she was too wild in character.

Nina looked at her watch and found that it was 10:30 pm. If her husband was at home, it was time for them to go to bed. Thinking of her beggar husband, Nina couldn't help but sigh. She wondered when her husband would come back!

She took a sip of the cocktail and waved at Max.

Max shook the man by her side, shook his hair and walked back.

She drank up the glass of blood, wiped her mouth and said out of breath, "Nana, would you like to dance with me?"

"No, don't jump, either. Let's go back."

"What time is it now?" Max snapped her fingers and a waiter came over. "Ladies, what do you want?"

"I'm going to have two cups of passion of prosperity." Said Max.

"Oh, a cup of honeymoon?" Asked Nina.

"It's also called the mist of Ireland," she added

"It sounds romantic." Nina seldom went to the bar, so she knew nothing about wine.

"That's also romantic."

The waiter came soon, "this way please,

perate. Why didn't Max come to save her.

What had she done wrong? Why did she meet the head of the Howard no matter where she went!

"Mr. Howard, you are my disaster!" Nina felt like weeping but had no tears.

"Honey, I like this word, it's our fate, I take you home, OK?" He tried to hold Nina up.

Home? Nina wanted to, but if she went home with Howard, she would definitely draw a wolf into a house. It was safer to stay here!

Then, Nina slipped from his arms and sat on the ground, grasping the door of the room tightly. "Don't even think about it, Howard. I'll stay here tonight, and I won't go anywhere!"

What a stubborn woman!

He bent down and tried to hold Nina up.

With her hands on the ground, Nina kicked towards the direction where Howard stood.

This was what Max told her when she was in college. "Nana, when I'm away, if a man hurts you, you can kick his egg. It's his taboo, and it hurts."

"Well..." He cried out in pain, and his face was contorted with scars. "Honey, you're going to make the Hua family have no offspring!" he thought!

He kept stiff for thirty seconds and then angrily waved to Nina.

"Mr. Howard, you deserve it!" Nina thought Howard was going to beat her, so she covered her head with her hands immediately.

"Little woman, who did you learn from?" He endured the pain from his lower body and asked.

"It's none of your business."

"Okay, okay..." Without knowing what else to say to her, Howard directly grabbed Nina's arm and carried her on his shoulder regardless of her struggle.

Besides, Nina did nothing but abuse.

"You scumbag, put me down if you can. Let's fight."

"Honey, stay on my shoulder. I'm not capable!" Without being tricked, Howard left while shouldering her.

The rest of them heaved a sigh of relief and seated down. "What's wrong with Mr. Howard, who is that woman? Why is he so indulgent? "

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Let's go!" Ethan took out a bill, put it on the sofa, turned around and went out.

The women saw the money and pounced on it.

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