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   Chapter 35 a lie

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The hustle and bustle in the supermarket had all gone far away from Nina. She looked at her cell phone, and her sight gradually became blurred.

She was so scared. She was scared that the man on TV was her beggar husband. She was scared that Bonny was really the one that her mother-in-law talked about.

If so, how should she face it!

Nina firmly shook her head and said, "No. I have to believe in beggar, don't I?"

Nina was confused. She had memorized the phone number of the beggar husband, but she couldn't remember it at the moment.

She anxiously swiped the screen, tears streaming down from her eyes over and over again. She patted her head remorsefully and said, "Max, I'm so stupid. I even forgot about a beggar husband's phone number. I'm such a fool! Why? Why? Max, why? "

Max hugged her. She could feel the sorrow and despair of Nina. She patted her on her back lovingly and said, "Nana, no matter what happens, I will always be there for you. Now, you can choose not to call the beggar. Of course, it's you! "

Max believed in her sixth sense very much. She believed that there was no mistake in numbers. A beggar's temperament suggested the unique dignity and domineering of the aristocracy.

Would a man begging in the street possess it? Who believes? She wouldn't believe it anyway!

If the man on TV was really a beggar, then he must be a beggar.

Bonny was definitely a lady from the upper class!

Nina tried to stop her hand from trembling. She found the phone number of the beggar husband from the screen. Looking at his handsome profile picture, she pressed the call button.

Hearing it was from Nina, Howard hesitated.

He seemed to be not ready to continue his lie.

He lit another cigarette and squinted at the phone screen, which had been lit up again. He was confused.

"Boss, the fifth time. The more you don't answer, the more suspicious Nina will be." Ethan was always serious.

Howard took a deep breath, cleared his throat and pressed the answer button.

"Honey, what's up?" Howard tried his best to hide his emotion in his voice.


Nina's voice was weak, as if she had been crying. Hearing her, the heart of Howard suddenly sank.

He asked anxiously, "honey, you cried. Who bullied you?"

As a matter of fact, when he asked this question, he had thought of himself. This girl was sad about being kissed by him!

However, when Nina came up with the following words, Howard's mind went blank for a while.

"Honey, are you in Britain now?"

It seemed that Howard still didn't know who told it to Nina?

He glanced at the big TV hanging on the wall and pointed at it.

Ethan understood and turned on the TV.

Right then, Bonny's picture appeared on the TV. In the photo, he and Bonny was setting fireworks on the beach in the UK.

"Damn it! These damn paparazzi!" Howard couldn't help cursing.

Nina cried. She heard what the beggar said and though

s sick and he asked me to stay for a few more days. I can't go against his will, right? "

At this time, her suspicion of the beggar had all dissipated. "Well, since Grandpa said so, you can stay here and stay for a few more days."

Although she said so, there was still an undisguised disappointment in her tone.

Howard drank a mouthful of water and said, "dear, you must take good care of yourself at home, okay?"

"I will. You also need to take good care of yourself. Don't have nightmares at night, OK?"

"Okay, baby. Don't turn off your phone tonight. I will call you if I have a nightmare."

"Yes, I remember it!"

Max snatched the phone from Nina and said ferociously, "you brat, tell me, where the hell are you now? are you with Bonny? "

Howard couldn't help admiring Max's accuracy. But he surmised that it must be some media, and that she had no solid evidence to prove he had been to England.

"Miss Max, please don't be so self-righteous. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm not in England now!" Howard said coldly.

Howard raised his head and looked at the television which was broadcasting. Luckily, he didn't have a clear image.

Even if Max was asking, it was just a guess.

"You are lying. It is you in the video!" Max insisted.

"I don't care if you believe me or not. It's enough for my baby. If you are free, you can go to England to see if I am there, right?"

"Beggar, you..." Max gritted her teeth angrily.

"Okay, okay. You two stop quarreling. Max, I trust my husband." Said Nina, taking back her phone.

Howard rubbed between his eyebrows. Nina said she believed him, but he kept lying.

This feeling was really terrible!

"Honey, take good care of Grandpa. Don't worry about me!" Nina said with a smile, but there was a mist in her eyes.

"Honey, wait for me!" Howard urged.

"Okay, I will!"

"Cut the crap! Nana, have you ever seen a man in your life? " Max then took Nina's phone and ended the call.

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