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   Chapter 34 unexpected discovery

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10965

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When Howard woke up, it was already dawn.

He rubbed his temple with a headache.

The room was in a mess. It was all because of his passionate love last night.

"Just wait, Bonny. I'll deal with you later.".

Now he had to take a shower first.

After the bath, he got changed. He buttoned his shirt and went downstairs gracefully.

He walked down the stairs and said casually, "Bonny, did you sleep well last night?"

He looked down and found that on the floor, there were only messy cups and curtains and Bonny had already gone.

"You are smart. Otherwise, I won't let you go so easily today!" Said Howard.

He suddenly stopped. Wasn't it the best time to return?

So he sent his grandfather a message: Grandpa, Bonny's birthday is over. I have something to deal with in China. Goodbye.

After sending the message, Howard asked the servant to prepare the car and send him to the airport.

He was excited that he would see his beloved baby soon.

But what he didn't expect happened. After he got off the plane and hailed a taxi, he rushed all the way excitedly to the residential area where his home lived. When he wanted to take off the mask, it was like a face, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it off.

He was standing at the gate of the community and was so anxious that there was nothing he could do.

When he was about to go to the plutocrat headquarters, he saw Nina humming merrily coming out.

The sun was shining on her pretty face. She was smiling with her big eyes bent.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wang" She greeted the old lady.

"Hi, Nina. Where are you going?"

"My husband is coming back today. I'm going to buy some groceries."

"Well, Nina is so happy." Mrs. Wang said with a smile.

"Yes, I think so!" After greetings, Nina looked back and saw Howard standing in front of her.

Oh, his expression was so strange and his eyes were burning. He seemed to want to say nothing.

That's right. His wish was to meet Nina, but when he saw her, he couldn't reveal his identity as a beggar. In Nina's eyes, he was a bad guy.

As he expected, Nina glared at him and said, "Mr. Howard, what are you doing here? My husband will be back soon. You'd better leave now! "

Howard smirked, "it's a real estate developed by me. Even if your beggar husband comes back, what can he do?"

Nina bowed her head and thought for a while. "Yes, I admit that we live in your house now, but if you want to take it back, we will move out immediately, and we will pay you the rent!"

"Well, do you think I am short of money? But I am curious, did your beggar husband find a job? "

"It's none of your business. He'll find a job."

"What kind of job can a beggar get? But if you agree to work for me, I may consider helping him find a job. What do you think?" Howard looked at Nina with a wild look.

Nina's face turned pale with anger, "you bastard, you can go to anyone you want. I don't want to be with you!"

Nina was about to run away as she spoke, but she was pulled into the arms of Mr. Howard. He missed her so much that he really didn't want to let her go there. Even if she would misunderstand that it was because of Howard, he would kiss her.

It had been one day and it felt like three year


Max was confused. That beggar was only good-looking, but he didn't have any other valuable things. Why did she love him so much!

Hearing Max's question, Nina chuckled, "yes, I know. My name is Nina, right?"

"Silly girl, your name is beggar!"

"I feel very happy. Only beggars can make me happy,"

Max stared at Nina with a sullen face, "Damn it! That's very kind of you!"

While turning around to look at screen, Max saw

A familiar figure appeared on the screen of the television advertising area.

"Nana, let's go!"

"What are you doing, Max?" Nina didn't know what happened. She looked at others, who were shopping calmly. Why didn't they run away.

"Max, it's not an earthquake. Where are you going?"

"Look, who is he?" Max pointed to the TV screen and asked.

Vaguely, a man and a woman were setting off fireworks on the beach by the sea.

The subtitle below the TV showed: Lady Bonny, the only daughter of Raymond of the Su group, celebrate her 20th birthday. She is celebrating by the seaside with fireworks. There is no friend accompanying her. There is only a handsome man, who is unable to see clearly because the camera is too far away from them.

"Nana, don't you think that man looks like a beggar?"

Nina laughed and said, "Max, look! The woman called Bonny is in Britain. How could that man be my beggar husband?"

Speaking of this, Nina suddenly realized something and instantly stopped smiling.

Bonny? What a coincidence! That woman's name is Bonny, too?

"Do you think they look alike?" Asked Max.

Nina's eyes widened, trying to see the man's face on the screen, but anyway, she could only see his blurred outline.

However, his muscular face and tall figure were exactly like her beggar husband.

More incredibly, she saw faintly that the man's finger wore the ring she made up for the beggar husband.

Nina's heart was trembling. It was so cold that she almost collapsed!

She remembered that her husband was in B city, but why did he go to England?

Was this Bonny the neighbor her mother-in-law mentioned?

Panicked, Nina took out her phone and wanted to ask the beggar husband what was going on?

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