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   Chapter 33 a messy night

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10271

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Bonny had never said that for the first time today.

Staring at Bonny's her blue eyes, Howard answered, "I remember that you had a boyfriend in middle school. His name is John is here. Are you still not together? "

"Howard, he is just my twelve year old love!" Bonny said and pointed at the buttons of his shirt.

Holding Bonny's hands, Howard seriously said, "love is not a game, Bonny!"

Bonny shrugged and said, "I never take love as a game. This is how love works. It requires different people at different stage."

"You mean you just like me at this stage, don't you?"

"Yes, but I'll try my best to improve this stage, even for a lifetime!"

Hearing that, Howard smiled sarcastically. "I didn't expect that there are still so many stages!"

"Bonny, I'm Chinese. I can't accept the fact that you think ahead of the time. The woman I want is a complete and pure girl. I'm the only one who will be my wife for the rest of my life."

"I will try my best to achieve my goal in my whole life, Mr. Howard!"

"Don't you think it's too much to take if you work hard?"

"No. isn't this the way of life?"

"No, that's not the case, Bonny. I can't fall in love with you, because we have different view of love and values of life." Lowering his eyes, he said, "Bonny, I know you've grown up in England, and you've always been whimsical about all kinds of confusions in your mind. You've always worshiped freedom, so you've made the same choice in marriage. But I don't like it, so we're destined not to be together!"

Then he let go of Bonny's hand and walked towards the gate of the villa decisively.

Bonny froze and her red nails squeezed into her palm. It was the first time that she felt scared. She suddenly felt that she was unfamiliar with Mr. Howard. He wasn't like this. It couldn't be. He always liked her and never said she was wrong. What was wrong with him today?

All of a sudden, out of control, she rushed towards him and hugged him tightly from behind. "Mr. Howard, I won't let you go," she shouted

"Bonny, let me go!" Howard pushed Bonny's hand away. Bonny let out a scream and fell to the ground somehow. Her forehead was bleeding.

"Howard, it hurts!"

On hearing Bonny, Howard stopped. He could ignore Bonny in front of him, but he couldn't ignore her in his memory, who followed him and called him Howard brother.

At that time, Bonny was so innocent, just like Nina now. But she had changed a lot in her growth, so he could not accept the current bonny.

But he could not deny that in his heart, he treated her as a little sister.

With that, he bent down and helped Bonny up. "Wait for me. I'll get you the first aid kit."

Bonny smiled at his back. She knew that he still cared about her, didn't he?

When Howard disappeared at the corner of the stairs, Bonny stood up, walked to a goblet filled with champagne and opened her ring.

Bonny shook the glass slightly and the white powder mixed with champagne soon.

When he came downstairs with the medicine box in his hand, Bonny had already huddled

will be back in the afternoon, right?"

Thinking for a while, Howard answered, "no, baby. I have to arrive tomorrow."

Nina replied disappointedly, "Oh." then she smiled and said, "that's fine. Maybe I can see my husband when I open my eyes the day after tomorrow!"

"Yes, honey..."

"Mr. Howard -" Bonny hit the tea table downstairs with her body. The cup on the table fell to the ground with a crackling sound.

"Honey, what's that voice?" It sounded that her husband was in a mess. Nina asked with concern.

"Yes, it's a cat. Grandpa lived in the countryside, so he has a lot of cats."


"Another kiss, babe, I'm done."

"Kiss to you, honey. I'll wait for you!"

"I love you, my baby. Bye."

"Okay, bye."

Reluctantly, Howard ended the conversation. He wanted to talk with Nina till tomorrow, but Bonny made trouble downstairs like a lunatic, which made him uneasy.

But what worried him most was that he didn't want to call out Bunny's name.

Reluctantly, Howard closed his eyes. He was so tired! However, after talking to Nina, he felt much better. He just wanted to close her eyes and have a good rest.

Hearing her words, Howard turned over and pulled a silk quilt to cover himself before falling asleep.

But soon after he fell asleep, Bonny got free from the curtains.

She stretched her sore arms and shook off her high heels. She ran upstairs angrily, regardless of how embarrassed she was. When she opened the door of Howard's bedroom, she found that Howard had fallen asleep.

She sat down and looked at the scars on his face. She lowered her head and kissed him. When she raised her head, a sinister smile appeared on her face.

"Howard, I don't care if you love me or not. From today on, I can only see your face, and you can only belong to me. Hehe..."

Bunny stood up and walked towards the furnace. There were things inside it.

She took out a plastic drip tube, unscrewed it, and poured the white liquid on the edge of Howard's mask slowly.

There was not even a tiny gap.

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