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   Chapter 32 villa by the sea

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Regardless of Bonny's disappointed eyes, Howard walked towards his grandfather.

Bonny was defeated. She arched her beautiful eyebrows and suddenly jumped to attack his back.

As a gust of cold wind swept across his ear, the handsome man raised his eyebrows with a grave expression. Then he suddenly turned around and stood beside Bonny. He stretched out his hand and touched Bonny's chest.

Bonny smiled and walked towards him.

"Howard, we haven't seen each other for a long time. It seems that your preferences have also changed. Are you interested in women?"

Howard snorted, "Bonny, I'm interested in any woman except you."

"Really? When did I fail? " Bonny pretended to be sad and looked at him.

Without waiting for Bonny's response, Mr. Howard picked up her hair and approached her ear, "Bonny, my name is Mr. Howard not Howard. Got it?"

"I don't care what your name is, you are always my Howard in my heart." Bonny said and kissed on his lips.

Then she walked towards Allen.

Touching the beard on his chin, Allen stood up contentedly.

"Mr. Howard, you have never given her any chance since you were a child. In your mind, is she still a girl?"

There was unusual love in Allen's tone, even though he was blaming Howard.

"Grandpa, do you think she looks like a girl?" He sat down on the beach chair next to his grandfather and took a goblet in his hand.

"Well, do I look like a woman now?" Bonny served him a cup of juice.

A picture of his baby came to his mind. He shook his goblet and said, "Bonny, there's still a long way to go before you become a woman."

Bonny took a gulp of her drink unhappily and put her arm around his neck.

Knowing what she was going to do, he reached out and pinched her mouth. With a sound of "Pang", Bonny swallowed a large gulp of drink.

"Howard, you..." Bonny took a seat on his laps and leaned on his chest. With her finger scratching his chest, she asked, "Mr. Howard, do you feel anything?"

Howard sneered and shook his head.

Bonny went all the way down, crossed his abdomen, and touched his crocodile skin belt with her powerful hand.

"Bonny, what do you want to do?" Howard frowned and calmly looked at Bonny.

"Hahaha..." Bonny finally stood up and said, "you are a playboy, aren't you? Didn't you have a crush on me just now?"

Upon hearing Bonny's words, Howard smacked his lips and drank the juice off. "This is the primordial. You know?"

"Even though it was planted yesterday, it proves that I'm a woman. I win." Bonny raised her eyebrows and turned to Mr. Allen, "are you, Grandpa?"

"What you said is still too early, Bonny. You will really win after you give birth to a great grandson!"

Bonny pressed her arms against his beach chair and looked down at Howard. She teased with a pout, "Mr. Howard, how is it going tonight?"

Lowering his eyes, Howard said lazily, "Bonny, I'll go with you to set off fireworks tonight!"

"Wow Grandpa, look, it's not that I don't want it. It's that Howard doesn't want to cooperate! " Bonny shrugged and stood up. Then she took off her clothes, revealing the bikini beside her, jumped gently and jumped into the pool.

She swam gracefully in the water. She wa

night sky extremely bright.

The last word exploded, "Happy Birthday to Bonny!"

"Howard, I'm so happy!" Bonny looked at the night sky excitedly and shouted, "I'm Bonny..."

It reminded Howard of Nina.

It would be great if only the woman next to him was Nina. He would hold her and dance with her under the colorful fireworks.

He wanted to call Nina. It should be early in the morning in China at this time, and she must be still in her dream!

When the fireworks were gone, Howard was still thinking about Nina, his sweetheart.

"Howard, let's go back to the villa. Grandpa has prepared big cakes and champagne!" Bonny took Howard's hand and ran towards the villa.

Having celebrated so many birthday parties for Bonny, Howard felt so tormented.

After he put on the mask, Bonny walked up to him and held his arm.

As soon as they got back to the villa, Howard urged Bonny to cut the cake.

Bonny slowly opened the champagne wine and said, "Mr. Howard, let's have a drink. What do you think?"

Could Howard please say no?

He gently held up the goblet and said, "Bonny, happy birthday to you!"

Without precaution, Bonny stood on her tiptoe and kissed his face.

Taken aback, Howard frowned and said, "Bonny, can we cut the cake now?"

"Of course!" Bonny handed the knife to him and held his hand again. "Mr. Howard, this is a beautiful night only for us. Let's enjoy ourselves."

As she spoke, she took off her coat and hung it up.

She looked at him intoxicatedly and took a piece of cake, stretching out her long arms to hold him.

Turning his head to bonny, Howard asked, "Bonny, are you drunk?"

Bonny shook her head. Seeing that, she crept the cake to his face bit by bit.

Then she stuck out her tongue, licked his skin and ate it up.

She was just like a snake spirit of a little girl.

Seeing Bonny's behavior, Howard suddenly wanted to vomit, "Bonny, I'm tired and want to have a rest. Happy birthday to you. I still have something to discuss with my grandfather. I'm going back!"

"No, don't leave, Howard!" Bonny took hold of his arm and said, "don't you know that I love you?"

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