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   Chapter 31 Bonny in England

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Howard frowned. His mother was nervous, which made Nina suspicious.

"Bonny, what can I do for you?" Andrea had to change the topic.

"I couldn't get through to Howard on the phone, but he just ignored me all the time. Aunt, how is he now?" Said Bonny in an aggrieved voice.

Andrea took a look at her son and answered, "he's fine. He's just busy."

Andrea tried her best to cover the cell phone with her hands so that only she could hear the sound from it.

The show had a great effect. Although Nina was listening carefully, she couldn't hear clearly what a girl was talking to his mother.

"The day after tomorrow is my birthday. Howard used to be with me seeing fireworks, but I want him to be with me this year!" Said Bonny.

"Oh, I have to discuss with him about this. I'll give you a reply later, okay?"

"I know. Howard are always obedient to you. Please, aunt!"

Well, that's still the past!

As for now, she was not sure whether he would listen to her or not.

The conversation finally came to an end. Andrea felt her clothes drenched in sweat.

When she saw no doubt on Nina's face, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She had not completely put down her hanging heart. Well, when the mobile phone rang again, Andrea's heart rose to the throat again. She was like a roller coaster, torturing people!

This time, when she learned to be smart, she directly covered the screen with her hand.

"Dad, are you all right?" Andrea didn't dare to refuse any of Allen's calls.

As soon as Andrea said this, Howard's face turned as dark as thunder.

He knew that it must be bonny who had told his grandfather to put pressure on him.

With that, Howard grabbed her mother's cell phone and quickly walked out.

In the farmhouse, under a big locust tree, the leaves were dense, and moonlight was shining on the cold ground.

Then he said in cold voice, "Grandpa, it's me."

Bonny was standing beside Allen, whose yellow curly hair straggled over her shoulders. With a delicate make-up on her face, she was wearing a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

"Grandpa, is that he, Howard?" She heard the voice of Howard and asked happily.

Allen nodded, "yes."

"You must ask Mr. Howard to come to England. You tell him, if he doesn't come, I'll go to China to find him."

"Bonny, I will let him come. Ha ha..." Allen laughed cheerfully.

Their conversation was clearly heard by the phone. And it was said clearly by Howard.

Howard answered, "Grandpa, I'm busy with my work. I haven't taken down the land in the south of the city yet. Now the real estate industry in our country is stagnant. I dare not invest too much money on it, and I'm still trying to expand the new project, so..."

"Don't make excuses for me. Bonny only celebrate her birthday once a year. Besides, our domestic real estate companies have been stagnant, so we can invest in the UK. Your uncle Su told me earlier that he had a project to cooperate with Hua group, and I have agreed. I will wait for you to sign the contract when you come back. So, no matter how busy you are, you must come back."

"But, Grandpa, i..."

"No buts. Do you really want to send bun to China to look for you?" Howard's voice was not loud,

Nina stood there until she couldn't see the taxi.

Tears fell silently. She told herself that the beggar husband returned soon.

Maybe it was just a few days, or maybe one morning when she woke up, she saw the beggar husband sitting in front of her bed, calling her baby like every morning when she woke up.

However, Nina didn't know that they would be apart for so long.

In the Hua family manor, London, England.

An European style ancient castle was located in the middle of the green.

In addition to all kinds of green trees, there were unknown exotic flowers and herbs around.

The lengthened Lincoln stopped abruptly. Howard stepped out of the car, wearing a black tailored European suit, a dark red shirt with tattoos, a black tie, and a pair of diamond sunglasses. He looked more dignified and noble than those from royal family.

But there were still scars on her face.

The bulletproof steel door opened automatically, and the several servants moved to two sides. They bowed respectfully and said in unison, "the young master is back."

Without saying a word, Howard raised his head and looked at the direction of the swimming pool. Allen was sitting under a beach umbrella and talking with a young girl cheerfully.

Under the afterglow of the setting sun, that picture seemed so perfect, but it couldn't warm the eyes of Howard.

"Hey, Howard, I knew you would come back." Bonny walked towards him, wriggling her slim waist. She was so excited.

The well thought out tone made Howard very uncomfortable. Bonny was always self-centered and anything.

She would never replace her position to think, let alone others' feelings.

When Bonny was about to draw nearer to Howard, she dodged aside and gave him a punch.

As Howard leaned back, he reached out and grasped the woman's wrist. "Bonny, don't you feel tired of such a welcome gift?"

"Howard, it's been a long time since we met last time. I just tried your fighting skills. Not bad, you're still so agile!" Even though Bonny's wrist hurt, she tried her best to bear the pain.

But it was not easy for Bonny to keep her feet as Howard gently pushed her.

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