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   Chapter 30 this is my place

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It was until then that Howard realized that he had been hit by Nina. He grinned and said, "my sweetheart, you should dare to tease me like this. Do you want me to hit you?"

Nina ran away, but the next second, she was grabbed into Howard's arms.

"Ahahah Honey, the ring was put into my sleeve by myself. This is not my fault. "

"Nina, don't forget that nobody is here, and the ring is in front of you. Do you understand?" Howard said seriously.

'Wow! A husband is so handsome when he is serious!' she thought! Nina nodded her head, "I know."

Howard put the ring on Nina's finger again. "Honey, let's go to trim vegetables. If we don't go, the lunch time will be over."

Nina looked up. Yes, the sun was starting to go west.

But when Nina arrived at the vegetable garden, she forgot about the time.

She found that everything here was fresh, with various fruits, vegetables and water spiritual.

She couldn't stop, for she had taken many


A peasant woman grabbed her collar.

The woman glared at her with her black eyes and asked, "lady, do you want to kill my dish?"

Nina replied with imposing manner, "nonsense. This is my house."

The peasant was angry, "Miss, I've lived here for several decades, and I don't know who you are. Why do you say this vegetable garden is yours?"

"Then I don't even know you. What makes you think that this vegetable garden is yours? " Nina replied confidently.

The villager directly took Nina out of the vegetable garden. "You come out. Let's go to the village commissar to find a judgement."

Nina didn't want to go to the village commissar. But she was dragged by the farmer for dozens of meters.

Nina shouted, "darling, darling Help me! "

Hearing Nina's voice, who was drawing water radishes from a place not far away, Howard guessed what had happened.

He ran quickly to the farm woman, but just gently grabbed her wrist.

The peasant woman's face changed greatly, "who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am, but this woman is mine. Let go of her. Do you understand?"

What did the peasant know! She hadn't talked to anyone yet since her vegetable garden was taken away!

"It doesn't matter. The farm woman may have amnesia, so she remembers that my garden is her. Honey, let her go." Said Nina.

The farmer was so anxious.

Howard pushed her aside. He took out a pile of money from his pocket, put it into the hands of a villager and said, "I want to borrow your garden. It will be borrowed in only a few days. Would you like to lend it to me?"

The peasant dared not say no! But a thicker wad of money was enough to buy the food in the garden.

The peasant put away the money and turned to Nina with a smile, "sorry, miss. It's my fault. You continue to pick them. I'll leave right away."

"Goodbye, woman." Nina smiled and patted the mud on her hands.

"Ha-ha, she is an adorable woman, right?"

If not, this so-called aunt would probably send her to the public security bureau!

Thinking of this, he said, "yes, aunt is very cute." Howard paused and asked, "shall we go home now?"

Nina squatted down and put the scattered vegetables into the basket. "Yes, quite a lot of them have been picked. Let's go home now. Mom is waiting for us!"

After lunch, Andrea found that her son and daughter-in-law were nowhere to be found. She was so hungry that she groaned. Fortunately, there were several selling buns outside, so she bought more than twenty buns.

But there were no dishes on the table!

For the first time in her life, she couldn't serve any housemaids and could only bite the bread on the table.

For the first time in her life, she found that bun also tasted good when she ate like this.

How could she describe this feeling? How wonderful it is! '.

As a result, when Howard and Nina came back, they saw Andrea sitting on the chair, with a big steamed bun in her hand. The smell of steamed bun drenched her mouth.

seeing that, Howard couldn't help but frown. He hadn't expected that his mother was so rude when she ate. When she prepared the dinner, the rich lady who was sitting upright in front of the table was gone, but was replaced by the old and vulgar rural woman.

She couldn't help exclaiming that the environment could change a person easily.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

He looked at his mother in astonishment.

Andrea forced a smile and said, "son, I'm hungry now."

With an apologetic look on her face, Nina put down the basket and apologized, "Mom, I'm sorry. We took too much time. I'm going to cook now."

"Let me help you, Nina." Andrea stood up and patted bonny.

"No, mom. You can have a rest. Honey, help me." Said Nina.

"Well, it's good to have a daughter-in-law. I can enjoy my life." Andrea said happily.

Lowering his voice, Howard asked, "Mom, can you stop pretending that you have done a lot of housework?"

Mother took care of the flowers and plants at home, and she never did any other housework!

There were lots of servants in the Hua family, so Andrea didn't need to do any of them.

However, when Nina heard her mother's message, there was no doubt that she was working hard.

Didn't she do it on purpose to make Nana's heart ache!

He didn't want to!

"Son, I just wa

nt to cooperate with you. you don't want to thank mom, but you also want to insult me. Is that really appropriate?"

"What gifts do you want again? Are they from England or America? Or Italy? "

"I don't want those gifts abroad. I want Chinese gifts only." Andrea gave a weird smile.

"What?" 'mom has visited every place in this country. What else could she miss?' he wondered, feeling bewildered!

Andrea pointed to Nina who was busy in the kitchen and said, "I want her to give birth to a baby. My son, tell me now. Is she pregnant?"


'so my mom is more anxious than me!

Howard's face darkened.

"We are trying hard to do it!"

"My son is a handsome boy with high quality. Come on, son!"

Instead of answering his mother directly, he turned around and headed to the kitchen. "Mom, I'll cook for her. I think you must be starving!"

Looking at his back, Andrea murmured, "you brat, I'm not stupid. I want to have a grandchild from Nana. If I have a baby from another woman, I don't want it at all!"

"Bah bah bah You jerks! Don't make blind and disorderly conjectures. Your son and daughter-in-law love each other very much. How could he be intimate with other women? "

Yes, she had cooked several dishes. Nina was very grateful to Max for what she did for her in college. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to cook today.

"Sure, the vegetables are fresh and the main reason is that Nana is good at cooking!" Andrea praised Nina while eating.

"Mom, you should eat more," Nina put the dish in her bowl.

"Wow, I'm so lucky to have such a good daughter-in-law!"

Even though the living environment here was not good, Andrea still felt very satisfied and happy.

After dinner, Andrea and Nina chatted endlessly.

Nina took this opportunity to know more about her beggar husband.

"Mom, all the people in this village are beggars?"

Andrea was stunned. Seeing her son nodding continuously, she finally understood.

"Oh, no, we moved here from another city." Andrea was wise enough to tell a lie for her son.

"Oh, mom, you are so funny. Why do you give him the name of a beggar?" Nina asked with a smile.

Andrea thought, 'I didn't do it. Howard was the one who volunteered to be a beggar?

seeing that his mother was embarrassed. Howard answered in a hurry, "our ancestors are good at cooking. My mother wanted me to remember them, so she gave me this name. Right, mom?"

"Yes, yes!" Andrea answered.

Nina held Andrea's hands and said, "Mom, could you tell me what beggar looked like in his childhood?"

"She was a naughty child! When he was in the kindergarten, he bullied a lot of little girls. Once, he beat Bonny and made her cry... "

"Ahem! Mom! That's bullshit!" Howard interrupted her in a hurry.

"Who is Bonny?" Asked Nina.

"Oh Bonny is the girl living next door... " Bonny? How could she blame herself for that!

However, when Andrea just finished her words, her cell phone rang.

The screen was from Bonny, England.

Nina didn't notice the two words' UK ', but she saw the word' Bunny '.

"Mom, bonny is calling you!" Nodded Nina.

The atmosphere froze for a moment. Howard put on a long face with his thin lips closed. His beautiful eyes were full of coldness.

"Yes, maybe it's because something urgent happened. It's so late now. We don't have to answer it." Sweat began to break out on her forehead.

But she refused to answer it. When she was about to turn off her phone, the phone rang again. It was still Bonny.

"Mom, she might have something urgent. You'd better answer the phone." Nina advised.

Howard fixed her eyes on the phone screen.

Andrea was also stunned. She looked at her son and never refused to answer her phone.

"What's wrong with you? Honey, why don't you let mom answer the phone? " Nina sensed that something was wrong. She joked, "does Bonny have a crush on a beggar?"

Andrea was shocked. She thought Nina was right. In England, Bonny was harrow's sidekick. Su family had long regarded Howard as the best son-in-law. Of course, Howard's grandfather also considered her as his granddaughter in law.

But now

Everything had changed.

"Are you kidding me? I always take her as my sister. If she has a crush on me, that's her business and has nothing to do with me!" There was no emotion in his tone.

The phone kept ringing.

"Even if he had a crush on you, you couldn't ignore his call, mom."

"Right, son?" She was so anxious that she had been waiting for her son's answer.

"Please answer the phone." He stressed each syllable, stressing each syllable, as if the syllable was coming out of his mouth.

He was just reminding his mother that Nina should be responsible for what she said and what she shouldn't say.

How could her mother not know? She walked aside and slid the answer button with a jittery hand.

"Hello, auntie." a woman's voice came from the other end of the line

Her voice was clear and sweet.

"Good. What about you? Are you tired after working outside?"

After a moment's silence, she said, "aunt, this is Bonny!"

Apparently, Bonny was confused with her words.

She said to Bonny, "I know you're Bonny. But I can't treat you as a lady now. You can only be regarded as a part-time worker.

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