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   Chapter 29 the straw ring

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Meanwhile, Howard shrugged toward his mother, implying that it was unnecessary for him to say that!

Andrea laughed, taking pleasure in her son's misfortune.

Well, it seems that I have to deal with it myself. '.

He reached into his pocket. Fortunately, he had some cash with him.

He used to take credit cards wherever he went. Since he married Nina and went shopping, he had to do everything in person, so it was more convenient to bring some cash with him, not more than 10000.

Nina hummed a tune and walked on the path with Howard's hand.

Seeing that wing hadn't turned yellow yet, she ran to pick up a few ears of wheat and rubbed them with her hand. She then said while eating, "Max, I'll eat you..." She then nodded exaggeratedly, "well, it's delicious."

"Honey, wherever you go, don't forget your best friend. Aren't you afraid that I, as your husband, will be jealous?"

Then Nina put a piece of wheat in her hand into her mouth. "Honey, don't be jealous. How does it taste?"

To be honest, he had never eaten this kind of dish before. Except its flavor, he didn't have any special taste.

But he felt very happy because of Nina. She made him feel the happiness that ordinary people had.

Only when he put his feet on the earth could he know how thick and tolerant the earth was.

All these were unprecedented feelings.

He gazed at the distant, a vast expanse of wheat field with a wave of wind. It was as magnificent as the waves.

A gust of wind blew over his short hair, exposing his bright forehead. He said, "wing's smell is the smell of the earth. Honey, I like it!"

With her eyes wide open, Nina looked at Howard and said viciously, "honey, what did you say you like? Max or wing, please make it clear to me. "

As she finished his words, she reached out her little hand and grabbed Howard's ear.

With hands reaching out to hold Nina in his arms, Howard said, "my baby will be jealous, too. Wing is not Max. Understand?"

"You're a bad husband, um..."

Lowering his head, Howard went toward Nina with a domineering, still a little wheat like green breath.

Well, Nina blinked her big eyes, "honey, if you dare to bully me, I'll tell mom !"

"Well, babe, Mommy is not here now. If I bully you, you have to endure it, right?" Howard just said it in Nina's ear.


After a long time, when a villager passed by, Howard reluctantly let go of Nina in his arms.

Nina lowered her head shyly.

When the mountain keeper went over, she complained, "you're a bad husband. You made my lips hurt!"

"More!" Howard pressed his cold finger on Nina's lips.

Nina opened her mouth and suddenly bit it, "bad husband..."

"Ouch!" Howard took a deep breath out of pain.

Nina tried her best to push him harder. She widened her eyes and stared at Howard, grimacing in pain.

Her little face smiled like a flower.

Putting his hand under Nina's arm, Howard begged, "Nina, relax..."

Hum hum tickled and giggled, and finally loosened his grip.

Howard continued to scratch Nina's ribs and also her sensitive parts.

Nina got rid of him and ran into the grassland along the road.

"Honey, let me see where you can go."

Nina soon fell down to the ground after she was dragged down by the caltrop.

"Honey..." Howard turned around and caught Nina who fell down.

Nina was lighthearted, but she weighed 43 kilograms. Since Howard was so great, she hit him on the ground.

"Honey..." Howard stared at Nina who was lying on his body, "are you okay?"

It was the first time for Nina to observe him in such a posture. She had never been moved like this before. She said with an anthomaniac voice, "honey, you're so handsome!"

"Darling, I have been so handsome since I was a child. Now I want to ask you if you have any pain in your body. Girl!" The pain on his back became worse.

With her finger, Nina drew his handsome face and kissed his nose. "Honey, I don't feel pain. But why do you look so painful? I don't think I'm heavy! "

"Honey, it's not that you are heavy, it's under my body Ah... " Then he felt something was drilled into his body.

"Oh, it's caltrop." EN Nina then remembered that she saw a lot of caltrop.

"Caltrop." Said Howard.

Nina jumped off his body and pulled him up. He was shocked when he turned around.

Just as he fell off, his coat was entangled by vines, and the other parts of his back were also covered with caltrop.

Nina almost cried, "darling, there are many caltrop here."

"Silly girl, pull it out!"

"Yes." Nina trembled.

"Don't worry. It's just a caltrop. It will be fine."

"Yes." Although Nina said so, tears welled up in her eyes because of the deep concern for her.

Finally, she plucked the last one out. Then she gently wiped the blood off his back with a handkerchief, and kissed him on his lips. "I'm finally done with it."

As if relieved, Howard lay down on th

e other side of the Seth grass and said, "Oh, my honey, I think there are thirty or forty of them!"

Nina counted seriously and said, "it's forty two in total!"

Howard closed his eyes and said, "yes, it's a lucky number."

Then he sang, "even if I'm dead, I still want to love. If I'm not happy, I won't feel happy. I love you so much. Only in this way, can I express my love..."

Nina was moved by the devoted song of Howard again, so she nodded to agree.

Staring at Nina, he reached out his hand and said affectionately, "come on, baby, lie down next to me..."

Nina was lying on the thick weed, as if she was bewitched.

When he woke up, he found the hairy hair on his head.

He looked around, but Nina wasn't there.

He sat up immediately.

In the distance, Nina was standing there, carrying a handful of dog's tail grass.

Her smile was as bright as flowers, and her little figure was as light as swallow, without a grasp on her slender waist

Walking among the flowers and plants, she was integrated into the nature. With a brush in his hand, Howard would surely be able to draw a beautiful picture.

There was dog's tail grass falling down and blocked his sight. He raised his hand, and it turned out that Nina made a ring with dog's tail grass and wild flowers and wore it on his head.

"Honey, come back!"

Turning her head, Nina walked over with joy, "honey, you're awake?"

"Yes, I'm asleep. But you didn't stay here with me, instead, you went to pick flowers and herbs. What if I eat snakes and bugs?"

Nina covered his mouth with her hand and said, "honey, don't talk nonsense. There is no snakes and bugs here!"

Then she raised the weed in her hand and said, "it can make up a lot of stuff, such as ring..."

While speaking, she sat down next to him and stuffed a weed into his arms. "I'll make a ring for my husband."

"How about I make up a ring for you as well?" With the tail in his hand.

"Can you?" Nina asked in disbelief.

He shook his head and said, "you can teach me."

"Got it!" Nina curled her finger and combined the dog tail together. "Well That Silly husband! "

With the help of Nina, it was the first time for him to make a dog tail ring.

Although he couldn't do it as well as Nina, he still made her happy.

She put the ring she made on his finger. "Honey, wear this grass ring first. When I have money, I will buy a big diamond for you."

"Honey, thank you!" In his mind, this grass ring was more precious than the splendid diamond ring.

"Honey, let me put this grass ring on your finger." Howard picked up the grass ring he made up and said.

"Yes, yes." Nina took off the diamond ring and said, "the grass ring is much more beautiful than the fake diamond ring, right? Darling."

"Hey, baby, don't do that." He was afraid that Nina would lose his heirloom, so he stopped her.

But she had already taken off the ring and said, "honey, it's just a fake ring. Why are you so nervous?" She said with a cunning smile. Then she raised her hand and waved it. "Throw it away. I prefer the grass ring my husband made up for me!"

Hearing that, Howard suddenly broke into a cold sweat. He hurriedly pushed away Nina's hand, but there was nothing in it.

"My sweetheart, find it back soon!"

"No, you should find it by yourself." Nina said obstinately.

"Honey, you..." Not knowing why, Howard wanted to say, "honey, you don't know the real face of this mysterious man.".

If so, he would expose his identity, wouldn't he!

Therefore, Howard have no choice but to look for him.

He looked in the direction where Nina was waving her arm, but got nothing.

He stood in front of her again and asked coldly, "honey, do you really have to throw it away?"

Nina nodded and asked, "honey, is the ring very important?"

Howard was shocked, "of course it's important! Honey, I gave it to you. How can you... "

"Is it valuable? Maybe the ring my husband picked up is real. It seems that Max didn't get it wrong. This is a real diamond. "

Without answering her, Howard pulled Nina into his arms and searched her body from top to bottom.

When confirming that the ring was not on Nina's finger, Howard was desperate.

If he lost this ring, it would be a defiance to the God.

"Honey, you shouldn't throw it away." Howard said in frustration.

"Then tell me how the ring came from." Asked Nina. The rings on other women's rings failed to shine brightly. If this ring was fake, why was it so shiny!

She kept blinking her eyes to look at Howard.

With a sigh that was almost unnoticeable, Howard said, "honey, the ring wasn't worth much, but it was left by my generation. My mom asked me to pass it on to the one I love, so I gave it to you. I didn't expect that you just threw it away..."

"Oh, I see..." It dawned on Nina. She took the shining diamond ring out of her sleeve and asked, "honey, is it this ring?"

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