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   Chapter 28 a farmhouse

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Howard threw the cigarette butt away and stood up.

"My Carlos, our son was born with integrity. It wasn't easy for him to marry Nina. We should be happy about it. How can you be so resistant!" She had witnessed a quarrel between Carlos and Howard over the years.

"I also want to accept her, but can my father agree?"

"It's not a big deal. I don't want to get involved." As soon as Howard finished his words, he turned around and walked to the garden, leaving Carlos there.

On the trail of the garden.

Hearing Andrea's words, Sherry said, "Mom, do you want to see your daughter-in-law?"

Hearing that she would see her daughter-in-law, Andrea was very happy. She said excitedly, "in fact, your father liked Nina when he was watching TV. But for the sake of your grandfather, I thought for a while, and he naturally accepted it."

"My father's health is not as good as before. I'll find a doctor to recuperate his health."

"I know you care about your father, haha..." Andrea smiled with satisfaction.

"Don't praise your son. You should praise your daughter-in-law, Nina." He praised Nina in a roundabout way in front of his mother.

"Well, I'm a little eager to see my daughter-in-law now!" Andrea beamed.

Hearing that, Howard breathed a sigh of relief. No matter what, his mother's accepting Nina was the most important thing.

"You can meet her, but you have to listen to my arrangement."

"No problem, son."

Her mother agreed readily. But she had never thought that her son would actually take her to the countryside and dressed her up as a complete old farmer.

Alas, it's not easy to see her daughter-in-law!

At the thought that Nina was going to meet her parents in law, Nina got a bit excited.

She kept changing her clothes in front of the dressing mirror. "Honey, do I look good in this one?"

"Not bad." When Howard just called his mother, his mother told him that everything was ready.

Thinking of the funny scene that his mom who was used to be a rich lady suddenly acted like a village girl, Howard almost couldn't help laughing.

"What about this one?"

"Okay." Howard was a little nervous. He was afraid that if he didn't do something carefully, Nina would find out something.

"Dear, which one is more lovely?" Nina shouted impatiently.

"Oh, honey, you look pretty no matter which one you wear."

"She is absent-minded in the early morning. It's my new daughter-in-law, not you. What are you nervous about?" Nina put on a grey cotton coat, a blue denim jacket and a pair of white sneakers.

She was wearing a ponytail, looking refreshing. It seemed that she was back in college.

The simple dressing was full of the youthful vitality, and Howard was slightly distracted.

"Honey, Mr. Brian granted my leave yesterday, but now I find that he is really a good man. He also said that I could take a long holiday and get my salary as usual. But if it really happens, I'm sorry." Nina packed her luggage.

"It's a special treatment to pretty girls."

Without doubt, Ethan had come to Brian's office yesterday.

"Honey, you always make fun of me. But I do feel happy. Honey, do you think your family will like me? " Nina packed her luggage and was about to leave, and Mr. Howard followed her.

Howard smiled and put his arm around Nina's shoulder. "Little fool, it's enough that I like you. Whether they like you or not, why do you care?"

"No, I really want to be a qualified daughter-in-law!"

"Honey, they will like you. Don't worry, OK?"

Nina took a deep breath, "I hope so!"

They started the car and drove to the suburb which was 40 kilometers away.

Unlike the bump as expected, they saw the endless wheat field. The sky in the suburb seemed very high, blue and fresh.

Of course, she was in a very good mood.

Along the way, Nina was like a bird that flew out of a cage, constantly singing and singing happily.

Influenced by her vigor, Howard sang with Nina.

"I love you with my heart, listening to your sadness and happiness..."

Suddenly, he stopped the car in front of the field of pickles. He looked at the excited face of Nina and said, "honey, there is a large field of pickles over there. Get off the car!"

"Honey, we can see you in the car. Why do you get off?"

With a hint of cunning in his eyes, he took Nina's hand and said, "my sweetheart, let's go to the farmland and do what I want to do now."

When Nina saw the fire in Howard's eyes, she realized what was going to happen, she had been taken out of the car by him and headed to the field of wildly boiled vegetables

A lot of flower petals slowly fell down to the ground

The sun slowly blew over, and the sweat on his forehead shone like pearls. The spring breeze blew. He took a light breath, and then kissed on Nina's face. "Honey, you're so good."

Nina gently pushed down Mr. Howard, her face blushed. She stood up and glared at him shyly, "bad husband."

"I'm sorry, honey. It was an accident." Lowering his head, he let out a satisfied smile.

"You helped me to get the flowers!" Nina put on her clothes and dragged up Howard.

He asked lazily, "honey, what's the use of flowers?"

"Of course not for you. I want to give it to my mother-in-law!"

Howard sneered, "silly girl..."

"I'm not silly!" Nina jumped her feet and grabbed Howard's ear.

But her hand was grabbed by Howard. He bowed and bit Nina's earlobe, and his charming voice was like the sounds of heaven. "Honey, say you love me, I will pick them for you."

"Hahaha It itches! "

Howard's breath tickled Nina's most sensitive neck, and she giggled.

"Say it or not?" Howard directly held Nina in his arms.

"It's just love. I say..." "I love beggar, love Hahaha... "

Hearing that, Howard chuckled with satisfaction and said, "that's my girl!"

"Honey, you promised me to help me extract the flowers!" With these words, Nina tweaked his ear.

"Honey, I didn't say I won't accept it. Let go of me!" 'how could she do that? His ears are so hot!'!

Nina made a face to him, fearing that he would revenge. At the same time, she let go of him and ran out.

Lowering his head, he rubbed his ears and smiled. "In order not to be mistreated by my kids, I d

ecided to use some of the rapes from my hometown."

The two of them soon plucked a large bouquet of yellow, pure rapes, and smelled it. They said, "it smells good. I'm sure my mother-in-law will like it!"

Howard nodded. Dad had sent mom various kinds of precious flowers, but he never sent rapes.

Howard took down the yellow flower on Nina's body and said, "let's go. Mom must be waiting for us."

They embraced each other and went back to the car.

Right then, Andrea had already stood at the door and waited for them.

Since yesterday, Howard sent her here. She was busy with cleaning up and dressing up as a village girl

In order to welcome his wife, Howard was busy all day yesterday. He rent an apartment, found someone to buy everything that needed in the house, and then left after comforting his mother.

Andrea had never worn such kind of clothes in her life. It made her feel comfortable and easy to wear the thick linen clothes instead of the gold threads of the familiar brand.

Andrea took off the luxury jewelry and pulled a veil from next door to wrap her hair. Indeed, she looked like a real rural mother.

She was sure that there was nothing wrong with her body, so she walked outside the door and looked around.

When she saw her son's second-hand car running towards her, she waved her hand happily. "My son, here!"

Nina felt a little nervous. She poked her head and said with a red face, "Mom."

Hearing the familiar voice, Andrea felt very happy. "Oh, my good child, get out of the car now. Let me have a good look at you."

"An ugly woman finally see your mother-in-law. My baby, get out of the car now." Howard laughed wildly and parked the car.

"What? Am I so ugly, honey?" Nina touched his face.

"Well, you ugly duckling." He said in a serious tone deliberately.

"I don't care whether l look ugly or not. Anyhow, you have been married and ugly all your life, so what?" Nina said shamelessly.

Howard opened the door of her car for Nina and made a gesture of welcome like a gentleman, saying, "it's my honor to have an ugly wife clinging to me all her life. Please get off the car."

Andrea had already walked up to Nina. She stared at her son angrily and said, "go away. My daughter, Nana, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Come over here."

It never occurred to Nina that her mother-in-law would be so enthusiastic. She got off the car and sent the flowers to her, and said shyly, "this flowers were picked by us on the way. It's very beautiful. Give it to mom."

"Wow, that's so good. Mommy loves it best. Come on, let's have a talk inside. " Andrea looked at Nina and loved her.

Touching his chin, Howard looked at his mother's back and thought, 'well, it's a pity that my mother isn't an actress.'.

Oh, it was more smooth than he thought.

While walking inside, Nina asked, "Mom, where's my dad?"

Howard had explained the situation to his mother yesterday.

"Your father works outside all year round."

"How about Cliff?" Nina asked.

Andrea didn't answer the question. She was puzzled and wondered who the Cliff was?

She glanced at Howard.

Hearing that, Howard hurriedly saved the scene and said, "sweetheart, Cliff, he is still at school!"

"Well, you must be tired staying at home alone! Mom, would you like to live in Y City with us and we can take care of you? " Nina said to her mother lovingly.

Andrea was touched by her words. She patted Nina's hands and said, "Although my son was chased by many women. I know why my son likes you now. You are kind-hearted and beautiful. I'm glad to have you as his mother. Don't worry."

"So many women chased after you?" Nina caught the key words. She didn't expect that women in this world would change to chase beggar?

"Well They are all very ugly. " Andrea gave her son a guilty look against her will.

"Okay." Nina smiled, "I've always wondered why every woman in the world would like beggars." Nina thought it was not appropriate to say so, so she quickly added, "but, mom, I really like beggars!"

It's true. Andrea could see that Nina was very happy.

"Honey, do you just like me?" Howard raised his eyebrows with disapproval.

Nina bit her lips shyly.

"You little brat, you can't tell me your secret in front of me. See? Nina's face is red."

Howard shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "you just said you love me. It's not a secret, right?"

"Nina, my son has been spoiled by me. If he bullies you, you should tell me!" Andrea held Nina's hand, feeling sorry for her.

"Yes, yes." Nina purposely raised her head arrogantly and provoked Howard, "did the beggar hear that? If you bully me again in the future, I'll tell mom and let her punish you."

Pretending to be anguished, he continued, "the two women have united so soon. Mom, we have been mother and son for more than twenty years. How could you betray me?"

"As long as you love Nina well, how can I be an enemy of my son?"

Howard held Nina in his arms and said, "well, dear mom, I won't give you any chance to be my enemy."

They chatted for a while. After that, Nina took the basket in the yard and asked, "Mom, where is our courtyard? I'm going to pick vegetables."

She couldn't wait to enjoy the countryside

In Nina's view, every family would raise chicken and duck, and they had their own farmland and vegetable garden.

Andrea was brought up in the countryside. How could she know that there was a vegetable garden in the countryside.

When she was about to say no, Howard answered, "at the east of the village is our cooking garden."

Of course, Howard saw that when he drove Nina into the village.

"Oh, they're larger. Oh, right. There're cucumber, tomato, and Sandra. Oh, there're even radishes!" Nina remembered everything.

"Yes, you're right. They're all our family's belongings." Andrea responded.

It was easy for her to say that, but she never thought of the consequences.

Growing up in the city, Nina was also looking forward to the life in the countryside. Hearing that so many vegetable parks were owned by her own family, she was very happy. She changed bigger basket and took the hand of sherry, saying, "honey, let's pick vegetables."

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