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   Chapter 27 I'm going to your home

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Nina frowned and said softly, "he is a boy who looks like a painting and a book. He is very elegant, but he is very melancholy..." Speaking of this, Nina sighed, "we were classmates since high school. I like him because he is not as arrogant as other rich people. He is introverted and likes to be alone."

"Does he also like you?" Howard could not help asking.

Nina shook her head and then nodded, "maybe, but he has never said he likes me or loves me. He will bring me many surprises on my birthday. Because of his company, l will not be so bored. Until he went to England three years ago... "

"Why did he go to England?" Howard interrupted her.

Speaking of this, Nina was obviously nervous. She kept rubbing her hands.

"Honey..." Called Howard, and held Nina in his arms.

Nina closed her eyes and murmured, "because his mother found me after knowing that we were together. She said that Rain had a girlfriend in England and asked me to leave him. She even knelt down to me in order to let me leave Rain..."

Speaking of this, Nina was agitated. "She is at such an old age, and she is Rain's mother. How could she kneel down to me..."

Howard put his arm around Nina's shoulders and said, "therefore, my dear had proposed to break up with Rain. As a result, he had to go to England because of sadness. Therefore, one year ago, he had..."

Realizing that he had talked too much, he stopped quickly.

Nina's eyes widened in surprise. "What did you say a year ago?"

"I heard something happened to rain a year ago." Howard answered perfunctorily. He couldn't tell her that he met Nina in England a year ago?

"Yes, that's true. A year ago, I received a message from Rain on QQ. He asked me to fly to London, England. He said that he was in hospital and wanted to see me for the last time. I really went there, but I searched all the hospitals in London, big or small, but I still couldn't find Rain. Later, the money was used up, so I had to go back. When I came back, I heard from Max that Rain was dead. " Nina rubbed against Howard's shoulder, feeling cold.

She was crying.

"Do you still miss him?"

"No, I'm just blaming myself. I'm afraid that it's me who proposed to break up with him and caused his death. If that's the case, I'll feel guilty all my life."

"Idiot. He went to England three years ago. How could he blame you for his death a year ago?"

Nina sniffed.

"Sad, huh?"

"No, honey. Maybe we are not the same person. He is so rich, but I..." Nina shrugged and smiled. She put her arms around his neck and said, "I'm just an ordinary woman. I'm satisfied to have you as my husband."

Rubbing against Nina's hair with his chin, for a moment, he said, "honey, that's what I want to say. It's the greatest happiness to have you by my side."

"Well done!" Said Nina coquettishly.

Howard pinched her nose and said, "I'll take you out for several days. It's a honeymoon, okay?"

"It's a great honeymoon, but I don't dare to ask for a leave!" It was not easy for Helen to change her attitude. She was afraid that if she asked for another leave, she would not be successful again.

"Just leave it to me, okay?"

"Really?" Nina asked in disbelief.

"When did I ever lie to you?"

"Yes, it is." "Honey, where am I going?" said Nina excitedly

"Where?" Howard asked carelessly.

"To the your parents' house in the countryside! I really want to visit your parents, and I want to experience the life of the people in the countryside by the way. "

Hearing that, Howard immediately felt uneasy. He had nothing to say? Well, he told her he wanted to go out and relax. Now, there came something bothering him.

Why did he suddenly have a home in the countryside!

"Honey, can we go somewhere else?" Howard discussed with her.

"No! I just want to go to your home! My dear. We can do some farm work for our parents, right? " Nina swung Howard's arm to make him happy.

"All right. Give me one day to prepare." He had no choice but to compromise or indulge Nina as she spoiled him.

"Why should I prepare?"

"Since you are their daughter-in-law, you should give you some time to prepare before you meet her, right?"

"Okay, let's set off the day after tomorrow."

As for his parents, he needed to discuss with them how to manage a family in the countryside.

After Nina went to work, Howard didn't go to the company, but directly drove to the Howard family's mansion.

Andrea was watering flowers in the garden. When she saw her son driving a second-hand car in, she was surprised and finally said after a while, "Oh, my son, don't pretend to be a beggar when you come back home, okay?"

She threw the shower head aside and looked at the gate of the Hua family, asking disappointedly, "my son, did you come back alone?"

"What you hope?" Howard asked.

Andrea wrapped her shoulders and said, "Howard, your marriage really disappointed us. I'm telling you, your father was very unhappy these days. I asked him to tell this to your grandfather, but he refused. Alas, as soon as I think of your grandfather, I'm very worried!"

"What has been done cannot be undone. What can my grandpa do?"

"Howard, don't challenge your grandfather's aut

hority. He has been doing business for so many years, and has never stirred up trouble. The reason why he humored you is that he spoiled you. But your marriage is related to family interests. You are long the son-in-law of Su family, and your grandfather may not allow you to do so!"

Rubbing his eyebrows, he walked into the villa. Andrea followed him and kept talking.

A servant came over and handed over the slippers and the suit he took off.

After filling his cup with water, Howard lazily sat down on the sofa.

His mom sat beside him and peeled a litchi for him. "Your grandpa is now the chairman of the Hua financial tycoon. He has a certain importance in talking to it. And his granddaughter in law is Bonny. A few days ago, your grandpa called and asked when you would get engaged to Bonny. I don't know how to tell your grandpa."

Howard lit up a cigarette and squinted. He leaned gracefully into the sofa.

After taking a Lichee into her son's mouth, Andrea said, "my son, say something to me!"

But he said indifferently, "I'm not interested in Bonny. She has always been a little sister to me. I only have the same feeling for her as a brother, so I can't be with her. Tell me directly."

"My dear son, do you think that I will believe you just because you tell me the truth? If your grandfather knows that you go against his will, would he let you go easily? "

"I will make the identity of the daughter-in-law of the Hua family known to the public sooner or later. Grandpa will know it sooner or later."

"He is so old. Do you want to infuriate him to death? !" Andrea scolded.

He raised his head and made a beautiful smoke ring.

Grandfather's concern turned out to be his big concern.

"Mom, do you have any idea?" Howard knew that his mother cared about his feelings the most. His father didn't fall out with him about their marriage, so it should be his mother's persuasion.

"Son, I have an idea. Let's not tell your grandfather about your marriage for the time being. Although your grandfather is clever now, he is old after all. In a few years, the Hua Group will fall into your hands. At that time, you will public your identity as Nina. What do you think?"

"Well, that's good. Anyway, I don't dare to make it public now. First, the case hasn't been solved. Second, I'm afraid that it will frighten Nina. After all, I'm the man who has been turned down by her for more than two hundred times. What's more, in her heart, Howard is an absolute bastard. " There was a sad and ridiculous look on his face.

At this time, the maid helped Carlos walk downstairs.

"Father." Called Howard.

He covered his chest and looked terrible.

"You still call me dad!"

Since he was a child, Howard was not very close to Carlos, but more intimate with his grandfather.

Therefore, when he was young, the name "Dad" was very strange to him. When he mentioned "Dad", he called his name more often.

If he hadn't asked for Carlos's help, Howard would have left immediately when he heard his father's reprimand.

"Look at you two. These years your relationship has always been tit for tat. Why do you bother to come here?" Andrea said helplessly.

"You spoiled him, didn't you?" Carlos roared at Andrea.

"Dad, please don't blame my mom for this. If you want to say that my behavior is spoiled by grandpa, or it is because grandpa lacks discipline and education. As for lack of discipline, you should reflect on yourself. " He answered in a soft voice.

"Okay, okay. It's all my fault. But I am your father after all. You didn't even inform me of your marriage. Your mother and I learned it from TV. You go too far, Mr. Howard! " He breathed heavily, and the servant quickly took his spit bowl.

"Can you accept the son of a beggar?"

Evan was choked by what he just heard. "You..."

Howard sneered, "the reason why I don't tell you I'm married is for your and dad's sake. The young master of the Hua's family has become a beggar... "

Thinking of his own decision back then, Howard was a little surprised. How could his father accept it!

"Just leave her alone. I'll see how long you can hold on. I don't think she's any better than Bonny, okay?"

"I'm the only one who knows whether my shoes fit or not."

"Don't try to fool me. How many days do you like?"

"All my life, can I?"

"A lifetime? Do you know how long your life will be? Those who said they would be together with each other all their lives ended up with several pairs of couples. Do you know that? You unfilial son! How can I explain this to your grandfather? Hurry up and go home if you've had enough! "

"Oh, my Lord, don't be so angry. Now that our son is married, we should wish him to grow old with Nina. Marriage isn't just for fun!" Andrea persuaded.

"Andrea, if he doesn't end this marriage, how can we face dad! Bonny is waiting for him in Britain now! "

"Dad, I'm not here to quarrel with you today. I have something to talk with mom!" Noticing that Carlos' tough attitude, he knew that it was impossible for his father to go to the country, so he could only ask his mother for help.

"Then go now. I want to be alone without you." Carlos waved his hands impatiently.

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