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   Chapter 26 we are not that close

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Nina sniffed and wiped away the raindrops on her face, thinking that she might also have tears.

"I happened to pass by here. Seeing my old classmate in such a mess, how could I ignore you?" Randal smiled sweetly and put the umbrella over Nina.

"If you have nothing else to say, I'll leave now." Feeling that she had nothing to say to Randal, Nina wanted to leave.

"Alas!" "Your old classmate, Rain is dead. We don't have to be enemies when we meet each other," Randal sighed

Nina was stopped by Randal.

"Although we have been classmates for four years, we are not that close."

"Oh, it's not good, Nina." She chuckled as she streaked her finger at Nina's face.

"There's nothing between us, okay? It was the same with his death!" Nina looked pale. She had been in the rain for a long time.

"Yeah. Now that Rain is dead, there is nothing for us to fight anymore. I heard that you married a beggar How are you doing? " It sounded like she was caring about her, but her tone was full of contempt.

"Good." Nina raised her head and answered.

"Uh huh, marrying a beggar is no better than me!" "If I'm not mistaken, you are giving yourself up as hopeless, because you love Rain, but he is no longer alive. So you don't care who you're going to marry, do you?"

"I always thought you were arrogant and rude, but I didn't expect you to be so self righteous! But this time, you are too smart. You guessed wrong. I love beggar, and I love him! So I married him, understand? " Nina looked straight into her provoking eyes without fear.

Without getting angry, Randal smiled and said, "Nina, you're as tough as before and haven't changed at all. But I feel sorry for Rain. He just died, but the love of his life has shifted. What a pity! "

Something slipped into Nina's throat. The world in the rain was blurred. Nina put her forehead on her hand subconsciously and saw her arm trembling.

"It seems that I have said it right. Nina, please don't mind. You know what I'm going to say. Although I can't attend the wedding of you and the beggar, as your classmate, I still wish you happiness!" Randal gently smoothed her hair aside.

In a trance, Nina saw her smile, but the smile was like a knife stabbing in her heart at the same time. It was so painful that she felt like dying.

Rain's voice was heard and his face was displayed. Then nothing could be seen except the rain curtain falling.

In a rainy day like this, she broke up with Rain.

Then, he flew to England in a huff and then died.

"Let me go!" Nina said through her teeth.

Then she heard someone laugh. "Dear friend, this is the wedding invitation for me and Andrew. I hope you can attend."

When Nina saw the red invitation, she couldn't bear it and insisted on leaving without looking at it.

"Why don't you go on? Are you afraid of bringing your boyfriend to my wedding and making a fool of yourself? It's okay. We are classmates and no one will laugh at you."

A big hand reached out and took the invitation from Randal's hand.

She looked out of the umbrella and saw man like a king with a dark green umbrella in his hand.

"Husband!" Nina sobbed.

Heart broken, Howard held Nina in his arms, "honey, it's me."

Nina smiled, but her tears kept falling. She shrank her head into Howard's arms and said, "Honey..."

Howard rubbed Nina's hair and kept

"Don't worry, honey. I'm here with you!"

Randal could not believe her eyes. How could this extremely handsome man be the beggar husband of Nina?

'is there such a handsome beggar in this world?

When she was about to accost Howard with a sexy smile, Howard looked at her with sinister eyes and said in a cold voice like the Satan from hell, "I'm Nana's husband. We'll definitely attend your wedding. Get out of the way!"

Then, he lifted Nina up without looking back and left.

For a long time, her mind was in a complete mess in the rain.

It was not because of Howard that he wanted to let Nina wait for him. He had a meeting in the afternoon and when the meeting was over, he knew that Nina had been off work.

He called Nina in a hurry, telling him that her phone was powered off.

He passed through the crowd gracefully and rushed to the elevator.

That kind of messy situation shocked all his subordinates.

In their eyes, their CEO could always stay calm when dealing with business. Today he was unprecedentedly flustered.

"What happened to Mr. Howard?"

"I don't know. Maybe he's in a hurry to the washroom."

"Don't be silly. Does he need to go downstairs to use the bathroom, Mr. Howard?"

The onlookers began to guess.

When he came out of the Pluto, he hided in a place without anyone to take off his mask and threw away his tie. Then he got on his second-hand car and ran all the way in the rain.

However, he still couldn't catch up with Nina.

Looking at the locked door, he was burning with anxiety.

He guessed that Nina might take a bus or walk, so he slowly drove the car on his way home.

He looked around all the way and finally saw the lit

tle familiar figure in the rain. He hurriedly parked the car and took out an umbrella from the trunk.

Unexpectedly, he heard the conversation between Randal and Nina.

His beggar identity was actually looked down upon by many people and it really made Nina feel wronged.

There was a moment when Howard wanted to slap back, but when he saw Nina's pale face, he had no time to teach Randal a lesson. He took Nina into the car.

"Honey, are you cold?" Asked Howard, worried.

Nina was so cold that her heart trembled.

"I'm cold, honey." She said honestly.

Howard took off his clothes and put it on Nina. "Honey, hold on. We'll be home soon."

After saying that, he turned on the warm wind and pressed the accelerator. The car soon disappeared in the rain.

When they arrived home, Howard took Nina directly into the bathroom.

He ripped her wet clothes off and said, "honey, let me help you wash, okay?"

Nina was so weak that she couldn't refuse him. She kept silent as acquiescence.

Howard always knew that Nina was very thin, but he didn't expect her to be so thin. When they were together at night, Nina asked him to turn off the light, so he could only feel her from his touch. But now it was different. Nina was standing in front of her completely without reservation.

Mixed with shock, anxiety and heartache, Howard was at a loss.

He gently touched her collarbone, neck

Every place.

He was so gentle and soft as if he was afraid that it would hurt Nina if he used too much strength.

Finally, Nina's pale face turned red.

Howard changed the bath water for Nina, and bathed her again. Then he put Nina in the lotus pool and washed her.

He grabbed a bath towel and put it on. Then he went to the bedroom for pajamas.

"Thank you, honey." said Nina, who had recovered a little

"Silly girl, you don't have to thank me. If I were in trouble, you would do it for me, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, yes." Nina felt warm and smiled happily.

"Honey, don't you want to tell me something? For example, why did that woman say those words to you? " Howard had been waiting, waiting for Nina to tell him the past that he had never participated in.

Nina's body trembled and her face turned cold.

Howard smiled bitterly. Maybe Nina didn't want to tell him yet. He should give her time.

He shrugged, "honey, I'm sorry. It's your privacy. You can choose to tell me or not."

"Honey, it's all over. Now that you want to know, I'll tell you." Said Nina.

He thought for a while and said, "well, I'm going to cook now and you can dry your hair. After dinner, I'll listen to you tell stories slowly, okay?"

Nina nodded.

When he turned around and walked out, Nina suddenly hugged him from behind. "Honey, why are you so good to me? Is it true that you are a beggar? Honey, I really don't mind who you are. You don't have to do anything for me! "

But he didn't turn around. He caressed Nina's hand and continued, "my dear, I never consider myself inferior. Everything I did for you is because of love. Do you understand?"

Nina was once again moved by what Howard said.

In the quiet night.

Leaning against the cushion, Howard prepared brown sugar water for her.

"Sweetheart, I surfed the Internet to look up your questions today. It is said that you can drink a little brown sugar water when you are at your special period."

"Thank you, honey." Nina's face flushed again.

"Just drink it before it gets cold." Howard had put the small china bowl by the mouth of Nina.

She bent her eyes and touched Mr. Howard's beautiful thin lips with her fingers. "Honey, I find that you are becoming more and more indecisive!"

Touching his forehead, Mr. Howard thought, 'yes, I am?

But how could he blame him? Nina seemed to have been engraved in his heart, and he could not ignore her for every second.

"Are you fed up with me?" Howard pretended to be unhappy.

"How could I be bored! I like you. It's not easy to find such a considerate husband! " She lowered her head and drank it.

Howard put the bowl on the bedside table and looked at Nina.

Nina knew what he didn't want to say, so she spoke first, "honey, you want to know my past, right?"

"Do you want me to know?"

Nina nodded vigorously, "yes, because I also want to know my husband!"

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and let Howard sit next to him.

"Honey, did you hear the conversation between me and Randal?"

"Randall?" Howard didn't know who she was.

"The woman who sent us the invitation in the rain." Nina reminded him.

"Yes." He answered honestly.

Nina slowly raised her head and looked away.

"Darling, Randal was a college classmate of mine, and we used to like the same boy, Rain."

Hearing that, Howard's beautiful eyes flashed. He finally heard this name that made him uneasy.

"What kind of boy is he?" It was a question that bothered him the most. He wanted to know whether Rain was more outstanding than him. What he wanted to know was who was more important in Nina's heart with Rain.

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