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   Chapter 25 encounter in rainy days

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Howard wiped the sweat on his forehead and went out with a snicker.

'well, it's not easy to be a woman.'. Thinking of the following night, Howard was depressed.

After cleaning herself up, Nina began to clean the bed sheet.

She removed the bedsheet and stuffed it into the washing machine.

But she felt it was too dirty, so she took it out and soaked it in the washing basin.

"Honey, why don't you need a washing machine?"

"It's too dirty to be washed in the washing machine."

"Blood? How could it be dirty? The blood of others is not dirty, not to mention your own blood, baby. I have lost blood before, and I know it very well. Blood should be the purest and most sacred thing in the world. "

"Why do you need blood transfusion?" Nina asked as she washed her bed sheet.

Howard realized that he had talked too much.

He lied, "many years ago, I was ill, and my friend transfused blood to me in the hospital. Otherwise, I would have died."

"Blood transfusion is a small matter. it is easy. I have also transfused blood to others. The doctor in London said that patients need blood transfusion. To tell you the truth, our blood type is related by fate. I am type AB blood and he is type AB blood. This type is rare, so there was no blood type AB in the blood bank, so I made a decision to donate blood. Am I very kind, honey? " Nina answered casually.

"Honey, don't you remember who you transfused blood to?"

Nina shook her head and said, "she was in a bad mood. She left after the blood transfusion and didn't even know his name. And he had a black face, so l couldn't see clearly what he looked like."

Howard was choked by the thick smoke. If his head hadn't been bleeding, his life wouldn't have been in danger.

He remembered that the doctor had said, "if we don't transfer blood to the patient in time, her life will be in danger!"

Howard was grateful to Nina. She saved him in danger.

He wanted to say thank you. Obviously, it was not appropriate to say thanks before she knew who he was.

"Honey, I think he will remember you all his life, because you saved his life!"

"Haha I don't know this. I even don't remember that you have carried out the blood transfusion today! "

'she is always so indifferent about her sacrifice.

He squatted down and took out his hand from the basin. "Honey, your hand is injured. I'll wash it. Go to have lunch, okay?"

"But this thing How can I let you take a shower? " Nina looked at the blood and was embarrassed.

"There is no need to feel embarrassed between a couple. Honey, let me tell you, I am a double blood type. Therefore, it is our fate to be a couple."

"What a coincidence! Hahaha... " With a big smile on her face, Nina kissed him.

Her soft lips were as delicate as those of a baby's and were very sweet, making people want to have a bite.

If he told her that he was the person she transferred blood to London, what would this little girl do?

Hearing that, Nina's fingers became redder and more swollen. Howard changed the medicine for her and said, "sweetheart, you should have a rest at home today. How about not going to work?"

Nina immediately shook her little head and said, "no, honey. I have skip work this month. If I ask for another leave, Mr. Boss will fire me!"

"How dare he!"

Not knowing what happened, Nina looked at Howard and asked, "honey, why doesn't he dare to do that?"

"I mean, even if he is the president, he can't fire anyone casually."

He had to control his emotion. If he was so easily irritated, he would soon expose his identity to her.

"Silly husband, do you think our CEO is the same as us ordinary people? No, he wouldn't fire anyone who didn't like it. Such as the Howard, he is so overbearing. l obviously don't love him, but he stands in the way of his work every day to propose. He thought it was great to have money. The unreasonable bad guy, as he is, there will definitely not be a woman to love in her life. What do you say, honey! "

Hearing that, Howard's eyelids were trembling. He couldn't help but think, 'Nana, do you know that he is your husband? How could you curse him like that!

"Maybe Mr. Howard is already in love with someone!" Said Howard.

Nina looked up and said, "how do you know?"

"Just my guess!" After a pause, he continued, "he's the president. Why does he have no women around him?"

Nina curled her lips in disdain, "even if he is a CEO, he is not so good, ugly and bad. Whoever marries him will be unlucky!"

Well If he continued to say, he would be scolded by Nina

"As you wish, honey. Let's go. I'll drive you to work. Wait for me after work. I'll pick you up." Howard said softly.

"Wait, I have something to take." Running into the bedroom, she picked up a bag of sanitary pad and put it into the bear's backpack. When she turned around and came back, she saw her husband looking at her with a smile. Nina blushed and scratched her hair shyly. "I won't come back at noon. It's the first day of my work and I need to bring more."

Howard raised his eyebrows and smiled, "honey, I didn't say anything. Why should you explain it?"

Nina didn't know how to answer.

"l have gone to work." When he saw Nina standing there at a loss, he felt very happy, with an awkward look on her face. He turned around and walked out alone.

Suddenly, Nina realized that she was tricked by her husband, so she swung her bag and caught up with him. "Bad husband, how dare you make fun of me!"

"Well Honey, I didn't mean it. " He dashed into the elev


Nina caught up and said, "you did it on purpose..."

Because of the coming month, Nina was unwilling to go around.

"Nana, would you like some water? I'll go to the tea room and bring the tea with me." "Mrs. Nina, what brought you here?".

To her surprise, Miss. HOHO would do this for her in the past.

"No, thanks." Said Nina politely.

"Miss. HOHO, just save it. Nana is innocent, but I am not. I know you have a shadow of your body. Although you look like an angel now, if your face is removed, you are just a ruthless slut!" Putting a cup of coffee on Nina's table, Max looked down upon HOHO ho.

"HOHO, Max always gets too weak in speech. Don't be angry!" No matter what, HOHO was trying to make her happy. She didn't need to find fault with her.

"I don't care." Then HOHO left, lowering her head.

"Max, what are you doing? Why are you so mean?" Said Nina, glaring at Max.

"You silly girl. You are always softhearted. Open your eyes and see clearly what happened. You are no match for HOHO? You'd better be more cautious. Don't be fooled by the surface of HOHO. Otherwise you may be killed by her without knowing it one day! " "I'm more vicious than you. I know what kind of person she is and what kind of person you are."

"We're all civilized people, and we're all insignificant soldiers. They don't even deserve to hurt us."

"You naughty girl. What can I say to you?" Max didn't want to argue with Nana anymore, so she just took her coffee and left.

At the same time, Nina was stirring her coffee with a small spoon. The steam of the water gradually rose up. She felt so comfortable to work the way she was now, without taunt of HOHO and even the taunt of Helen.

Nina picked up the coffee and took a sip. The coffee with sugar was her favorite.

Nina drank the coffee in one breath. The life was too relaxed and happy, like a flower!

It was not until Nina went into despair that she gradually realized that there was nothing wrong with what Max said. She was so simple that she was blinded by the pure love on the surface of HOHO.

Some people and things couldn't be judged from the appearance. It was just too late for her to understand.

After work, it was overcast and cloudy. It seemed that it was going to rain.

Max then said to Nina, "Nana, it's going to rain. Can I drive you home?"

Nina stood under the roof of the office building and said, "my husband said that he would come to pick me up, so you can go back home."

"Since you have a husband, I've been putting on a poker face all the time." Max shook her head with a sigh.

Nina smiled apologetically.

When Helen and HOHO came out, they asked Nina to take a taxi home.

Nina rejected all of them friendly.

Being in a husband's car was much more comfortable than sitting in other people's car!

'although my car is simple, it is the best car in the world as long as my husband is here, ' she thought.

The lightning flashed, and the muffled thunder rolled over one after another, and bean sized rain drops fell down with a crackling sound.

All the staffs in the company had gone, and only Nina stayed there.

She looked around, but still didn't see her husband.

"What's wrong with this beggar? He said he had a job. Haven't he found a job yet? Hasn't he begged again?" Thinking of this, Nina's heart ached.

She took out her phone, only to find that it was power off.

The rain grew heavier and heavier, but the beggar did not appear.

Nina lifted the small bear's backpack and ran into the rain.

She remembered that the first time she met beggar, it was not far from the company, where their husband might be.

As she ran, her clothes got wet in the rain.

Hair put on her little face.

And she felt a dull pain in her stomach.

However, when she ran to the wall where she had met a beggar for the first time, she didn't see him.

An uneasy feeling rose in her heart. What happened to the beggar husband!

"Beggar --" Nina cried. She wiped her tears and shouted.

However hard she shouted, no one responded.

The beggar was so kind to her and would never leave her alone, right?

She looked around, and the rain from the top of the bear's backpack went straight to her face. She muttered, "honey, where have you been? Come out please? Nina even added some sobs

Rain was splashed by the wheels.

Nina was surprised. Was it a beggar.

"Honey -" as soon as she finished saying that, she looked up, only to find that it was not a beggar's car.

Nina was disappointed.

The car door opened and a charming woman walked up to them with an umbrella.

"Nina, is your beggar husband missing?"

The woman was beautiful. Seen from her dressing, she should be a young lady from a rich family.

They knew each other.

It was Randal, her college classmate.

"Randal, what brings you here?"

It was not easy to tell from her tone that she was not happy or angry at all.

Although Randal was her classmate in the University, she didn't like her or even hate her.

She was the daughter of a rich family. Back in college, she liked Rain, but he didn't like her. For this, Nina was often bullied by her.

She even said arrogantly, "Nina, your relationship with Rain won't last long, because you are not of the same class. He and I are a couple. Let's wait and see."

It turned out that it was really the two who failed to be together with each other. Of course, it was also not Randal who was able to be together with Rain.

Because Rain was dead.

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