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   Chapter 23 who is Rain

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When Howard came out, Nina had finished handing the hair to Granny Li. At the sight of Howard, Nina said happily, "honey, I'm making the hair for Granny Li. Do you like it?"


Nina pouted. Not only did she not get the expected compliment, but the beggar husband still sounded so calm.

"Since you have finished all the arrangements, shall we go home now?" Howard took Nina's hand.

" Nana, play with me for a while!" Granny Li was reluctant to let Nina go.

Nina giggled, "Granny Li, I'll visit you another day. I have something else to do today."

She noticed the coldness on the beggar husband's face and wanted to leave.

She had to care about his emotions, because he was her dearest husband!

"Granny Li, let Nana go back. She has a husband now and can't stay with us all the time, right?" Said Mrs. Wu.

"Nana, please come to see us when you have time!" Said Granny Li, letting go of Nina reluctantly.

"Yes, I will. Bye, Granny Li and Granny Wu!" Nina waved her hands at them.

Holding Nina's hand, Howard walked out of the nursing home.

Nina walked so hurriedly that she almost fell down.

Her wrist hurt more. "Hey, honey, you hurt me. What's wrong with you?"

She wondered why Mr. Howard had such a quick temper.

Without saying a word, he opened the car door and let Nina get on the car.

Clenching her fists, she wondered if her husband was blaming her for ignoring him in the old house?

So she got close to him and said with a fawning smile, "honey, are you jealous of those old women? Think about it. They are old, and I don't accompany them every day. Now that I finally come back, I want to spend more time with them!"

This girl was so weird. What could he do to make those elders jealous. She felt sad, not because of the old granny, but because of the man named Rain.

Nina had thought that her handsome face would soften after hearing what she said, but he didn't. instead, his face was still dark. He suddenly tightened his grip on the steering wheel, making his bony white.

What's wrong with the beggar husband? Wasn't everything good on the way to the old house.

Nina became nervous all of a sudden. She put her little hand on his forehead and then touched her own. Sighing exaggeratedly, she said.

"What? Do you think I have a fever?" He was cold and inexplicable.

"Hey, honey, you finally speak!" Seeing that Howard was finally willing to speak, Nina patted her chest and said, "you were scared just now. What's wrong?"

"I'm hungry, okay?" Howard said crossly.

"Oh, you are hungry." Nina blinked her eyes and said, "I've promised you. If you come to the hospital with me, I'll cook delicious food for you. Tell me what you like to eat. I'll make steamed knife with sauces and fish Lola, John jumping and cowherd..."

"Honey, what are the dishes?" Howard was finally amused by her words.

While she was speaking, Nina seriously said, "those dishes really have the same names. You've been doing beggar for a long time, so perhaps no one will make these for you. I'll cook for you every day as long as I'm free, okay? "

Hearing that, Howard became speechless. He hadn't had any food!

He had eaten all kinds of dishes, but didn't like to remember the names!

"Honey, have you cooked these dishes for others too?"

"Yes!" Nina gave him a straight answer, without understanding the unusual jealousy in his tone.

Howard's face darkened again. He pursed his lips, waiting for Nina to speak out the name of Mr. Rain.

What was this feeling? He felt like his most beloved thing was coveted by others.

"When I was in college, I was..." Nina was lost in her memories.

Hearing her words, Howard's ears began to ring. He wondered what had happened to that girl and that Rain!

He wanted to know, but he was afraid to.

Nina continued, "now I think of that time when Max was a foodie, she kept pondering about what to eat every day, and she didn't even bother to make the food she liked. Ah, I'm so miserable. She bought all kinds of food materials on weekends; her happy days on weekends were the happiest time; the end of a week was the end of my world, and I had been tormented by her for four years. The best four years. There was even a gap between us……"

Nina suddenly stopped, as if she had recalled something unpleasant. She lowered her head and kept silent.

What else? And that was also Rain?

Howard's heart suddenly ached. The name of Rain rolled in his throat several times, but he didn't dare to say it in the end, as if he would lose Nina forever if he said it.

He sighed almost unnoticeable. "Honey, let's go to the supermarket to buy some food. I want to eat the food you cook!"

"Oh, okay." There was a strong emotion in her voice.

As far as he knew, this feeling was not the one that Howard liked very much. He knew that it reminded Nina of that old man, Rain.

That was their past, which had nothing to do with him. But how come he felt so uncomfortable!

They went to the supermarket to buy a lot of food

materials. Both of them were in low spirits. On the way back home, neither of them spoke.

When they got home, Nina began to wash vegetables and choose vegetables. Her little figure was busy in the kitchen. When Howard changed his clothes and washed his hands, he came to the kitchen to help. Accidentally, he saw Nina wiping the corners of her eyes.

Did she cry?

Howard quietly left, but his heart was restless.

At this moment, he had to admit that their love for each other was that bastard Rain.

If he was jealous and uneasy, what was Nina supposed to do?

be in love with? Or missing?

No matter it was the former or the latter, Howard couldn't accept it.

He took the phone and walked to the balcony.

"Ethan, help me investigate all the information about the only heir of the Ke group, Rain."

At that time, Ethan was out drinking and flirting. He pushed away the woman on his body and walked to a slightly quiet corner.

"Boss, when do you want it?"


Howard's voice was not big, but full of irresistible authority.

Howard has been doing well recently. With the beauties in his arms, he takes a quiet corner in the bustling city where an family is located, enjoying a pleasure. Why is he suddenly so serious?

He asked in disbelief, "now?"

"Yes, it is now. Do you need me to repeat it?"

Ethan was speechless. It was obvious that Howard was very angry. Who dared to provoke our boss? You're courting death!

"Boss, I'll do it right now!" He stopped smiling and answered seriously.

After Howard hung up the phone, he walked back and forth on the balcony.

He lit a cigarette, took a few deep breaths, then destroyed it and then lit it again

He repeated it for many times and soon cleared up the box.

On the ground, there were messy cigarette butts and cigarette butts.

"Honey, it's time for dinner!" Nina shouted in the dining room.

Her voice was soft but nasal. How long had she cried?

Hearing that, Howard's heart hurt. He frowned, kneaded the cigarette box and threw it away.

"Coming." Said Howard.

It was easy to tell that she had just cried, because her eyes were red. She was afraid that Howard might find out something, so she rubbed her eyes with a smile and said, "it's itchy. Some bugs flew into my eyes just now."

Such a lie, even no one wanted to expose. Howard moved his lips. Eventually, he said nothing and sat down at the table in silence.

"Honey, here is Lola. Try it." Nina picked it up, removed the thorns and put the snow-white meat by his mouth.

Howard opened his mouth to take it and chewed it slowly. But he didn't feel anything, either the taste of sour in the throat or in the stomach.

"Honey, I was very naughty when I was a child. I often followed my father to grab fish in the river. At that time, there were a lot of loach in the river. I was afraid that my mother would cook it for me when I was taken home. I even didn't know if it could be steamed then. But now thinking about it, my mother cooked much better than me. Ha ha ha It's like a mother's scent! I seldom see Lola in the river. But I don't expect there are still fish sold in the supermarket. I'm glad to see you eat here! " Said Nina with a smile, giving Howard another loach.

Unconsciously, he grabbed Nina's hand and said, "sweetheart, it's delicious. I'll eat by myself."

With little strength, Nina uttered a "ouch", and the chopsticks fell on the ground.

"Honey, what's wrong?" He asked in confusion.

Nina held her right hand with her left hand and replied, "honey, it's nothing."

"How could it be nothing? It was very painful!"!

Howard peremptorily held Nina into his arms and took her left hand away.

He saw clearly that Nina's right middle finger was swollen. Panicked, Howard asked, "honey, are you hurt?"

He put down Nina and went to find the first aid kit.

"Honey, it's okay! I was just pierced into a loach. It was very poisonous. I was once hurt when I was a child. And I would be fine after a week. There's no need to deal with it! "

How could he leave it alone! It's all his fault. He didn't help Nina in the kitchen, but in order to please him, Nina made the dishes today, while he was wondering about her first boyfriend. When did you become so narrow-minded!

"Sorry, baby. It's all my fault. I didn't protect you well!" Howard gently treated Nina's wound.

Nina shook her head, "no, honey. I was careless."

He took Nina back to the dining table. He took up the chopsticks and said gently, "honey, let me feed you. Sit still, okay?"

"Okay, I'll let you feed me. Don't be angry with me, okay?" Nina said obediently.

"Honey, I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at myself."

Blinking her eyes, she asked curiously, "honey, why are you angry at yourself?"

Hearing that, Howard smiled. He rubbed Nina's hair and said, "I was so angry that I didn't know you earlier. If I knew you earlier, I could remember all your youth memories. All of them were everywhere, enjoying your happiness and sharing your trouble."

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