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   Chapter 22 the big fire

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'can she even have a haircut? He didn't know her at all!

"Honey, you can even have a haircut? You can share with your husband someday! " Teasingly, Howard turned the car around.

"I don't want to leave you. you are so handsome. What if you become ugly because of me?"

It occurred to him that during more than two hundred times of proposal to Nina, she had scolded him more than once, "you ugly monster! I won't marry you. Could you just give up?"?

As sorrow surged in his eyes, he asked, "honey, is the appearance of a person really important?"

Nodding her head vigorously, she said, "yes, honey. Take the dreadful look of Howard's face as an example. I would like to run away whenever I saw him, let alone sleep with him in the middle of the night. If I have a baby with him, it will be the biggest tragedy in the world! "

"By the way, I heard that Howard used to be very handsome. You don't like being ugly, do you? It seemed that a fire had burned him to ashes, and I think he is also very painful now, don't you think so?" Thinking of the fire a year ago, Howard still had a lingering fear.

He still remembered that he had received a parcel when it rained in the rain of his villa in London.

He opened the door so casually as he had always been cautious.


A deafening explosion echoed in the sky. Then, like a diabolic beast, the fire ran around the mansion and went out of control.

All of a sudden, the whole villa was in chaos.

Thick smoke and flames surrounded him closely, and it was impossible for him to run away.

Just when he thought he was doomed to die, the Butler stopped him.

When he woke up, he was already in the hospital. Later he learned that it was the Butler who had dragged him out of the sea of fire, but he didn't survive.

Later, when he was rescued and asked for blood transfusion, he saw Nina.

Although he just glanced at her briefly, she had impressed him deeply.

A month later, he came to China.

It was his grandfather who suggested him to leave England for the time being to avoid the fire. The case hadn't been solved yet, so he was afraid that his grandson would be in danger again.

But Mr. Howard's grandfather had exhorted him a thousand times to change his name to Howard.

It was exactly what Howard wanted to do when he came to China. First, he could get some news about Nina. Second, he could groom Hua group in the market of China.

To his great surprise, it was not easy to find out information about Nina, but hard to find her.

Thinking of this, Howard touched his chin with a self-mockery.

"I know nothing about Mr. Howard. He just came into my world suddenly and made me a clown at the ridicule of others! I really feel sorry for what happened to Howard. But his misfortune is his matter, not mine. Love is not sympathy. If I don't love him, then I don't love him. He has no reason to force me to marry him! Am I right, honey? "

"What? Yes. " He answered quickly.

"Honey, you seem to be a little distracted! Tell me, are you thinking of a beauty? " Said Nina in a voice dripping with sarcasm, while looking into Howard's eyes.

"Haha Honey, I'm just a beggar. What kind of beauty can make me miss! As far as I'm concerned, although Howard is ugly, he is rich and powerful. I don't think there is a shortage of beauties around him. Many women would rather marry an ugly CEO than a handsome beggar like me! "

It wasn't a groundless rumor. In the year he came to China, a lot of beautiful women proposed to him through various relations, but he refused them one by one.

There were a lot of beautiful girls who tried to dress up in the same style as Nina when they saw that Howard fell in love with Nina. They wandered about the way with Mr. Howard. ·.

What they didn't know was that the crude imitation was not beautiful, instead, it made Howard hate them more.

"But I'm not one of them. I like handsome men. I feel comfortable when I see them!" Said Nina.

"It's more comfortable to hold you, isn't it, my baby?" Howard smiled recklessly.

"Honey, are you going to tease me again?" She tweaked his ear.

"Honey, don't try to seduce me. This car is too old to withstand our fighting!" With a flirtatious look on his face, Howard glanced at Nina.

After a while, they arrived at the hospital.

She got out of the car, held her bear backpack and walked into the house.

Just as she pushed open the door of the old house, Granny Wu called out, "Nana, we just talked about you, and you came. Granny Li's hair is getting older, so she doesn't allow anyone to pay attention to her. She is waiting for you!"

"Hi, Mrs. Wu." Said Nina sweetly.

At this time, an elderly woman walked out of the old house.

"Here comes Nana! Help me with my haircut! I don't like the way people help me with my haircut!" Granny Li's teeth were all out, and she gasped for air.

"Granny Li, I came to have a haircut for you!" She imitated the way Granny Li spoke.

She made everyone laugh.

"Hey, why do you bring a handsome guy with you today?" Granny Wu asked while pointing at Howard.


a blushed, "he is my husband."

The two old women stretched out their necks at the same time and asked, "Nana, you're married?"

Nina nodded and said, "yes!"

"Hey, we haven't seen each other for a few days. How could you get married. How can't you just tell us about your marriage? If you promise us, our elderly relatives in the old house will attend your marriage! " Granny Li held Nina's hand and scolded her.

"What It's not Nana's fault. It's our family who did it in a hurry. Many people outside don't know it. " He thought that these old people didn't like to watch TV, so he could find any excuse to be perfunctory.

As expected, Granny Li smiled with dissatisfaction.

"Young man, let me tell you. Nana is a good girl. You must be kind to her! Or grandma will beat you! " Said Mrs. Wu, raising her hand symbolically.

"You're right, young man. I was thinking about finding a good man for Nana, but I didn't expect that you would get her in the end. You must cherish her!" Added Granny Li.

"Yes, grandma, even if you don't tell me, I'll be good to Nana, because I love her!" He said to elderly people solemnly.

"Well, honey, you go to see grandpa to play chess. I am going to cut Granny Li's hair!" Said Nina, blushing.

It was true that there was nothing to be done by Howard. At this moment, Nina was not only his little treasure, but also a good girl in front of the elders.

She washed Granny Li's hair, found scissors and made fun of her grandparents in this week.

It was probably a beggar's marriage with a beautiful girl, which was the most funny thing in this city recently.

With a smile, Howard looked up and saw the door plate of the dean's office. Then he climbed up the stairs.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Howard walked in and said, "hello."

Director Zhang stood up immediately, "Hello, which old man are you visiting?"

"Oh, it's Granny Li!" Howard said casually.

Then he turned his head to the door, only to find that Nina had started to shave off Granny Li's hair.

"Yes, she's fine. She's just looking forward to seeing Nina every day."

Howard looked out of the window. Granny Li smiled, and the wrinkles on her face seemed to ease. Then Nina removed the hair on her face carefully.

"Since when did she come here as a volunteer?" Howard asked.

Director Zhang thought for a while and said, " Nana has been working here since five years ago. At that time, she came with a boy and many people said that they were a good couple. The boy had gone to England three years ago, and then Nina came by herself. As time went by, the old were more dependent on her, and when she didn't come for a few days, they would keep talking about her. All the old people here like her very much, and I also like her very much. She is simple and kind. In this era of rampage sexual desire, girls like her are fewer and fewer! "

Howard frowned. He had known that Nina was a pleasing woman, and he was more eager to know who the boy who came here with Nina was?

Was he her first boyfriend?

"What's the name of the boy?" Howard could not help asking.

"His name seems to be Rain. He is a quiet boy. He likes reading very much and doesn't talk much but loves laughing very much. Ha-ha He is a good boy. I hope Nina can be with him. If she gets married, I will take my grandparents to her wedding... "

Director Zhang didn't hear the conversation between the elderly in the yard, so he didn't know that Nina had been married. In front of him stood her husband!

He continued and did not notice that the face of Mr. Howard was getting colder and colder.

Love is always selfish.

It seemed that the previous relationship between Nina and her had made him feel very unhappy. Besides, he was even more worried that in Nina's heart, was she still holding the position of little Rain.

"Nina is a good girl, so she has a good life. Rain is the only heir of the Ke group. If Nina marry him, she will be the lady of the Ke group..." Chuck, who didn't know the truth, was still talking. With a "bang", Howard slapped on his desk.

Director Zhang shrank back. "Hello, sir, what do you want to do?"

Meanwhile, Howard reached out and pushed Mr. Zhang's hand towards him. Mr. Zhang's face was pale and his lips were trembling. "Sir, did I say something wrong?"

Howard answered coldly, "No." He raised his hand slowly and took a bank card out of his palm. He said, "there's ten million dollars in it. I donated it to the nursing home to thank it for its care for the elderly, but I have one request."

"You Just say it. " It was the first time he had seen such a dominating sponsor, his voice trembling.

"Please keep silent about the matter that I sponsor the nursing home, and do not tell Nina, do you remember?"

Director Zhang said in succession, "come on, easy, easy..."

Howard straightened his back, turned around and walked outside. "The password is 239242 5."

"Okay, okay, okay..." Mr. Zhang didn't take the card with his trembling hands until the figure of Howard disappeared. He wiped the sweat on his forehead.

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