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   Chapter 21 don't think too much

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Howard let out a creepy laugh.

"Then I should feel lucky that Howard is so ugly that I could have got such a great treasure."

Nina got goose bumps all over her body, thinking that the beggar husband talked with the tongue in the cheek. "Honey, you are so strange today! Who would have woken up and found out to be the lady of a rich family? Am I right? "

Howard snorted and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "don't think too much. Let's go home, honey."

Nina nodded docilely. "Okay, I'm going to ride a bicycle now."

"No, thanks. I have bought a second-hand car. I'll drive you home." Said Howard.

"I was wondering how could my beggar husband be a young master from a rich family! How could a rich young master buy a second-hand car! Hahaha... " She despised what she had thought just now.

"Honey, are you disappointed or regretful now?"

"Honey, what are you talking about?" Nina blamed, "there's no disappointment and regret. Nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable. If we can get something, we can try our best to get it. If we can't get it, we can't force ourselves to get it. Nothing matters to us. The best thing for us is to be together and live happily!" Hope and sincerity were shining in her eyes. She didn't want her husband to feel inferior or be unhappy about such vain things.

Her innocent and cute look made Mr. Howard's heart melt again. He couldn't find the reason why he loved her so much. At this moment, he suddenly understood why, simple and satisfied, like a wild flower, wildly blooming in the sun, free from the wind and rain.

To put it bluntly, it was true. After so many years, he had met a lot of girls who were easy to get along with.

It's nothing more than making use of all the conditions to win his favor, and then become an arrogant mistress of the Hua financial tycoon.

What made Nina different from them was the real life, which smelled like the nature. Being together with her, even her breath was fresh!

He was so touched, "Honey..." Called Howard.

"Honey, I think I really like you, so I should thank Howard for forcing me to marry a beggar. This is my luck, and there is no need for you to be moved!"

"I'm not moved at all. As Ethan said, I buried you in my previous life. You came to me to repay me in this life. You owed me in last life. Why should I be moved?" Howard tried to cover it up.

Probably, Howard was so moved that he spoke out the name of Ethan by accident.

Nina blinked, thinking that she had a auditory hallucination. She asked, "honey, is that true? When did you meet Ethan? Do you know him? "

Hearing that, Howard was so angry that he really wanted to slap himself. Fortunately he responded quickly, "how could I know that bastard, Ethan! The day we got married. Ethan told me that, yes, it was the day we got married! "

"I knew that my handsome beggar husband would never know the bad guy, Ethan!" "Honey, let's go home!" said Nina firmly

"Okay, honey!" As they were speaking, Howard linked his arm with Nina's.

"Oh, he is Nina's husband, very handsome, and I've heard that he is a beggar!"

"Yes, I saw it on TV a few days ago. Oh, that dress was so shabby, and it looks good today!"

"I really don't understand what's in her mind. Why did she give up her career as a rich lady and instead became a beggar?"

Men and women who just got off work all focused their eyes on Mr. Howard, and everyone was whispering.

Howard could not help frowning. He paused and his cold eyes were like cold arrows, shooting angrily at everyone.

Everyone was frightened by his aura of contempt. They all shut up.

What happened to the beggar husband?

But a husband like him was so powerful and charming!

Nina proudly raised her head and asked, "honey, can I cook for you tonight?"

Although it was all colleagues' fault, Nina was still afraid that her husband would conflict with them. So she grabbed Howard's arm and wanted to say something.

Howard raised his lip disdainfully and looked down at the worship in Nina's eyes. He had a good temper and smiled, "of course I listen to my baby."

"I know, honey, you are the best, love you..." Then she stood on her tiptoes and intentionally kissed his face in public.

She snuggled up to Howard with a happy face as a response to people's persuasion.

Howard held back his anger and kissed Nina. The next second, he reached out to carry her in his arms and carried her into the car he had bought from the second-hand market. All the people in the shop looked at them with complex and astonished expressions.

"Honey, how much is it?" Nina touched the car here and there, and then she said, "it's quite new!"

"Not much, just tens of thousands." Howard said casually.

Hearing this, Nina was shocked. "That's all?"

Tens of thousands? A meal!

"Honey, I have some savings. Don't worry about me, okay?"

"But, do we have to save a little bit? We will

have our own family in the future, and For baby or something like that. " Said Nina worriedly.

Though the house now was neither willingly nor forced by Howard, it was not what she wanted. After Howard's marriage, he might take it back when her feelings for himself faded.

She preferred to have her own small house than such a big house with no sense of security.

"Yes. I'm going to look for a job tomorrow. What do you think?" He tried to comfort her.

This little woman had her own ideas. He dared not be too publicized in front of her, and he did not dare to spend money casually.

However, he kept his hand, which he couldn't control not to break.

"Of course I support my husband. You are young and you have a bachelor's degree. It's not a problem to find a job, right?" Said Nina excitedly.

"Of course, I will work hard, give our baby a happy and warm home, and give our little baby a happy and warm home!"

Nina blushed and touched her abdomen with her fair hand.

As expected, Howard caught the sight of her shyness and expectation.

"Honey, are you expecting a baby?"

In a hurry, she pulled down her hand and said shyly, "we have only been together for a few times. How could you be so fast?"

"Yes..." He thought for a while and answered, "we should have sex more at night so that the baby could come earlier. Ha ha, I can't wait!"

"Bad husband, stop it!" Nina blushed. All she could think about was the time she spent with Howard.

Oh, her little body was a little bit.

So did Howard. As he spoke again, he gasped slightly, "honey, it's better for our first baby to have a daughter. She is as beautiful as you!"

"No, I won't. I will have a son when I give birth to my first child. He is as handsome as my husband, a handsome guy!"

"Then please give birth to twins for me, one son and one daughter, so our dream will come true!" With a smirk on his face, Howard said, "if you want me to work harder, should I?"

It was a little bit hot in the car and Howard unbuttoned the second button of his shirt.

She got out of the car window several times, but she still felt hot.

Fanning her face with her little hands, she said angrily, "honey, the twins won't stop until you have one. Drive carefully!"

Touching his lips, he smiled.

"By the way, honey, how is your work today? Did Helen and HOHO make you angry again? "

He wanted to confirm that it was not an appropriate time to do so.

He saw that Nina was sitting on the back seat and laughing happily, her big eyes twisting into a line.

Thus, the depressing atmosphere in the car was active.

"Honey, I'm so happy today! For some reason, both Helen and HOHO get down on their knees. It's so unbelievable... "

Hearing that, a smile of satisfaction appeared at the corners of his mouth. "They have done so many evil things. How dare they bully my Nana? This is the punishment from God for them!"

"Husband is superstitious. I think..." Nina said hesitantly.

"What?" Howard asked inadvertently.

"Did someone say something to Brian? Otherwise, how did he find out that I was bullied by Helen and HOHO? What do you think, honey? "

"Honey, are you thinking too much?"

"No, I didn't..." Cautious, Nina whispered, "is it because of Howard?"

So, honey, you are not so smart!

"Honey, Mr. Howard is busy now! He has no time to care about your business. Stop thinking about him. Think more about me! "

"I didn't mean to think of that jerk, but sometimes, I always feel like he's always with me. Alas, when we have money, we'll definitely leave this city, or we can go to your countryside to live!" When she was a child, she yearned for the idyllic life. She felt so happy to play with her grandchildren in the farmland!

Hearing what Nina said, Mr. Howard's heart tightened. He made up the story about the so-called 'rural parents'. If Nina took it for real, it was really a joke!

He coughed to hide something and said, "honey, have you decided what we are going to eat tonight?"

Without answering his question, Nina muttered.

"What time is it today? I'm so busy these days that I don't know what to do! "

"What's wrong, honey?"

"Honey, what time is it today?"

Meanwhile, Howard looked down at his watch and answered without any emotion, "Friday!"

"Sure enough, it's the day I went to the old house." Nina said anxiously, "honey, change the direction right now. I'm going to the nursing home! Today is the day for me as a volunteer. "

"Honey, I'm hungry now!" It was not easy for him to get off work after a whole day's busy meeting, meeting with clients and signing documents. He couldn't wait to pick up his wife in his second-hand car, but his wife said she was going to the military's residential compound.

"Honey, today is the day to cut Amy's hair. I have to go. Okay, I will cook a lot of delicious food for you when I go back home, okay?" She coaxed him in a sweet voice.

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