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   Chapter 20 kneel down

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Nina was shocked.

She looked at HOHO in disbelief. The arrogance in her face yesterday was totally gone, and her small face was covered with tears. "Nana, we've been together for so long. You can't take revenge on me for the misunderstanding, right? Please let me go. You know how important this job is to me. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. Waah... "

There was a mess in her head, and she couldn't connect the nerves in a short time.

"Wait You call the wrong person, don't you? HOHO? Is it someone rising from the West today? "

With a sniveling and tearful face, HOHO said, "Nana, don't play the fool. I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have called you beggar. I'm wrong. I'm slapping myself!"

As she spoke, she looked at her own hand, grinned his teeth and slapped herself across the face.

Nina was not pretending to be confused. She was really confused. There was a miss beauty who stood out and helped her teach HOHO a lesson.

However, seeing that HOHO trying so hard to slap her face, not as happy as she expected, she felt a little pity for her.

"Well HOHO, let bygones be bygones. We don't have much hatred. Stand up, please! "

Crouching in tears, HOHO looked up and said, "I'll get up if you tell our CEO that you've forgiven me!"

Nina's little head was immediately blinded by a big black line. What? She hadn't even seen the CEO before. How could she let her meet him.

"HOHO, are you out of your mind? Does the CEO know who I am? My words are no more useful than Helen's. just let her do it. If you want to kneel down, then do it. I have to work!" When Nina was about to leave, something more incredible happened.

Lowering her head, Helen walked into the room and knelt down before Nina.

In this case, Nina was both embarrassed and annoyed.

I didn't hear that she would kneel on the ground today!

"Hello, Helen, are you out of your mind, just like HOHO?"

Helen shook her head, inhaled and said, "I didn't take the wrong medicine. I just apologize to you. I'm so sorry for what I did to you yesterday. It's all my fault. I'll take the punishment. "

After saying that, she raised her hand and slapped herself violently in the mouth, just like the HOHO.

"Nina, I beg you to tell our CEO that you have forgiven us, so that I can continue to work here, okay?"

It was the first time that Nina had experienced such terrible situation. She couldn't believe that HOHO was so pitiful and Helen was aggrieved!

"Are you sure that I'm coming for the CEO?" Asked Nina confusedly.

At the same time, they both nodded.

Nina bit her lips, feeling pitiful as she noticed that their faces were red. She said, "Okay, I'll have a try."

Although she said so, she felt uneasy in her heart.

I heard that the CEO is very handsome and cool. I am just a nobody. Will he drive me out!

Nina had no choice but to knock on the door of the CEO's office.

"Come in!" A ringing voice came through.

"Boss, it's me..."

Brian stood up and said, "Hi, Nina."

Nina nodded.

Brian looked around and saw her elegant face. She was such a beauty in his company, but he didn't know about it. What a pity.

"Mr. Brian, director Helen and Mr. HOHO, let me come here." Said Nina tentatively.

"Well, do they regret?" Brian asked.

"Actually, we have misunderstood each other. They didn't do anything to me. I have forgiven them." Said Nina sheepishly, fearing that she had said something wrong.

"That's good. Let them work. Tell them to pay attention to their behaviors. Next time, I will fire them!" Said Brian.

"Yes, yes. Thank you very much, Mr. Brian!" Nina breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally fulfilled her task.

"Then I'll leave now, Mr. Brian."

Brian nodded.

After walking a few steps, Nina was confused and wondered why Brian obeyed her?

She turned around and happened to meet Brian who was staring at her back.

She felt really embarrassed.

Embarrassed, Nina scratched her head. "Mr. Brian, may I ask you something?"

"Of course." Brian said with a smile.

"What happened today? I mean the matter where Helen and Mr. HOHO knelt down before me. "

"This one..." Brian paused for a while, of course he could not tell others that Ethan came to him. He thought for a while and said perfunctorily, "I heard that Helen and HOHO were a little unfriendly to you, so I have to punish them for that."

"In fact, there is nothing serious between us. Once women are together, they will inevitably have some small quarrels. Mr. Brian, you don't have to worry about these small things!"

Brian smiled, showing his good-looking teeth. "I just hope that during the working hours, my staff will put their minds on the work, so I think a good relationship and working atmosphere is a good environment for colleagues."

"Okay!" The words made Nina embarrassed. She was not a good employee and it would be a disgrace for her to be called by the CEO.

However, she still felt that there was something fishy about t

he case where Helen and HOHO knelt down to her!

When Nina got back to the sales department, Max, whose arms were folded in front of her chest, said in a tone of schadenfreude, "Helen, as well as you HOHO, a powerful woman, you have come to this point. This is called retribution. So from now on, don't be snobbish any more. You got it?"

With Helen's head down, Helen was sweating, while HOHO gritted his teeth in silence.

"Okay, Max, go back to your office." Said Nina.

"Hey, Nana" "What's going on? How did they kneel down to you? "

Nina spread out her hands and said, "I'm also curious about our CEO's idea. Max, who knows!"

"There must be someone helping you behind it. They have been so arrogant for a long time, and the president didn't personally help them. But this time, the president came here on a sudden impulse and punished them. Don't you think there is something fishy?" Max analyzed.

"Right, but who can help me?" She racked her brain but couldn't think of it.

"Is it Howard?"

Nina's words irritated her. "Max, don't say that in front of me. No matter who you love, these two women deserve it."

"You are right." As HOHO and Helen passed by, Max sneered, "you two, should keep in mind what you have done. Otherwise, you will not only need to kneel down to apologize next time!"

After Max left, Helen took off her glasses and wiped her tears, "Nina, what did the CEO say?"

"What else can he say? He just asked us to stick together and work hard!" Then she went back to her seat and sat down.

Then HOHO stood up and asked, "Mr. Brian doesn't want to drive us away, does he?"

Looking at the nervous expression on her face, Nina wanted to laugh.

"Is it, Nana?" Asked Mr. HOHO anxiously.

"Mr. Brian said it depends on your performance!" Nina asked deliberately.

"Oh, I see I admit that I was wrong. I promise that I will strictly demanded myself to be a qualified director in the future! " Helen raised her hand solemnly and swore.

Biting his lips, HOHO said nothing, then she went back to her seat with her head down.

"Director Helen, don't take it too seriously. Let's work hard. Our CEO won't find someone hard, right?" When she saw the confident look on Helen's face, she decided not to tease her anymore.

"Okay, then I'll go back to my office." Helen said politely.

That was so weird. She was the supervisor. whether she return to the office or not, she didn't need to discuss with a staff member!

"Please help yourself." In fact, Nina felt so relaxed, as if she had drunk a mouthful of ice cold water.

After obtaining an amnesty, Helen exited the office.

After work, Nina and Max went downstairs as usual.

As soon as they came downstairs, Max stopped and subconsciously dragged Nina, "your beggar is here."

Nina raised her head and saw her husband smiling at her.

Her heart started to beat and all the troubles were gone.

She shook off Max's hand and ran over to Howard. "Honey, why are you here?"

Howard kissed on Nina's forehead, and then looked at Max. When their eyes met, they felt the same coldness. "I'm here to pick you up. Don't bother her!"

"Humph!" Max then glared at him, as if to say, "move away!".

She ignored his question and said to Nina, "Nana, I'm leaving." Then she waved the bike key and walked on her bike.

It was not until Max was out of sight that Howard drew back his displeasure.

"It's so strange. I don't know why Max doesn't like you!" Although the Max said nothing this time, Nina sensed that the two people were looking at her for a secret battle.

"How do you know she doesn't like me? Maybe she is just jealous of you!" Howard said coolly.

"Honey, don't say so. She won't be jealous of me. She is just angry..." She said in a low voice, "she dislikes me for marrying a beggar. Perhaps she is very disappointed in me!"

"Well, does he want you to marry to the Lieutenant Colonel?"

She glared at her husband and said, "honey, why do you always twist the idea of Max. She just hope that I can marry a rich man and live a good life. I don't need to worry about my three meals every day. It's true that Max is good to me!"

"Marry a rich man!" Howard sneered with contempt, "honey, do you know there is an ancient poem in China. She planned to plant the flowers, but not on purpose. a woman who always think about marrying a rich man doesn't necessarily enter a rich and powerful family in her whole life, and that a woman who doesn't think about being rich might just wake up and be the lady of a rich and powerful family! "

"Honey, what do you mean? Why does it sound mysterious to me! Let me tell you. I do want to marry a man from a wealthy and powerful family. If he is as handsome as you, I will definitely marry him! I don't want to marry a beggar. It's so comfortable to be a mistress. Today is South Island, tomorrow is Haley, and maybe the day after tomorrow, she is going to London again! I want to be the happiest person in the world! "

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