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   Chapter 19 the special girl

Speak Softly Love By TESS WHITE Characters: 4702

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The next day, when she arrived at the gate of the company, she happened to see HOHO come over haughtily in her car.

In the office hours, people drove the car here and there. She got out of her bike and pushed the stroller toward the company building.

"Wow, you are so early today, beggar! You must be afraid that our CEO will drive you home, hahaha..." HOHO raised her head from the car window and gave Nina a sarcastic smirk.

As cars were running to and from in the streets, Nina didn't want to make any trouble for her. She just glared at HOHO and said nothing.

HOHO became more arrogant. She laughed and shouted, "beggar, don't be so coward! This is the consequence of your marriage with a beggar. You are not as good as a man, so you have to endure this. If you really marry to Howard, does it mean that I have to fawn on you? This means that someone is really a beggar..."

As her words got more and more offensive, Nina suddenly stopped and said, "you're a bad woman. Don't be so mean. If you are unable to get married as the woman Helen whom you have made love with in the past, you'll be miserable by then."

"You don't need to worry about it. The only thing I don't lack is males!"

"Yes, you are just a bus. As long as it's a man, anyone can drive it. Nana, don't be angry. It's just a bus. Let's go!" Max didn't drive today. She was riding a mountain bike, with her short hair disheveled in the wind. Now she looked like a tomboy.

Since Max always said something like that, HOHO was very angry and said, "Max, don't say that. There is nothing to do with you."

Just as she finished her words, Max kicked HOHO's yellow carapace and said, "get out of my way, now!"

Hearing that, HOHO's face turned green. But she was scared by Max's imposing manner, so she didn't get out of the car but drove in. "Max, let's wait and see. I won't let you off so easily," she said

"Wait a minute. You've got a letter for you. I will teach you a lesson. Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Max craned her neck to call out at the stalker's tail.

Nina tugged at Max's sleeve and said, "Okay, Max, listen to me. Her lover is the president of the Li group. We'd better not cause any trouble for him. We should leave now."

"Damn it. Do you think that Becky loves her so much! 'it's just a toy. She really takes herself as her

baby!'! Bitch! "

They said to each other and went to the parking lot.

In a white Lamborghini not far away.

Howard took off his sunglasses and said coldly, "you have seen everything."

"Yes, I did. She's so special! " There was an anthomaniac look on Ethan's face. He looked like he was still in a trance.

"Hey, brat, who are you looking at?" Howard knocked on Ethan's head with his sunglasses.

"Oh, I mean, what's the name of the woman with Nina? I think she's a good girl." "What happened?".

"Don't try to seduce her. She is a tough woman. She might kill you if you have sex with her!"

"With such a beauty in my arms, it's worthy to die for once!" He looked totally intoxicated.

"Ethan, are you out of your mind? Tell me. Did I ask you to find a woman today?" Howard asked in a cold voice.

Upon hearing what Howard said, Ethan came to his senses and smirked, "boss, I was absent-minded just now. But I've seen how that woman bullied Nina. Don't worry. I'll talk with Brian later!"

"That's more like it. Don't forget that there's another woman named Helen. If you did a good job this time, I will ask my baby to introduce her bestir to you."

"Thank you so much, boss. I have never tasted this woman before." Said Ethan.

Howard snorted. He had a vibe that the woman called Max was not a good person. If Ethan continued to play with her, maybe someone would prey on him!

Ethan got out of the car and headed for the president's office.

Nina and Max put in their cards. When they were in the sales department, Max said loudly on purpose, "Nana, if anyone dares to bully you again, just call me. I'll get even with her!"

Nina were puzzled. She didn't know what kind of trouble HOHO was going to make. But they didn't expect that she would pull her punches. "Don't worry, Max. I have knife on me. Whoever dares to pick on me, I'll kill her!" said Nina

Max knew that Nina was trying to bluff. She was fearless, so she gave Nina a thumbs up.

Said Nina with a smile!

However, to her surprise, when she entered the sales department, the person who greeted her was not the HOHO who scolded her, but also not the Helen who was in charge of the entire club.


The moment she opened the door, she saw HOHO walking towards her with tears all over her face and kneeling in front of her.

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