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   Chapter 18 the plot

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A limited edition white Lamborghini sports car pulled in front of the "Gangnam building" on the island road.

Howard stepped out of the car gracefully and waved goodbye to Ethan.

"Boss, enjoy your lovers' world. See you later!" Ethan smiled evilly and blinked his eyes After saying that, he gave Howard a kiss. Then the Lamborghini sports car roared away in the wind.

When he was about to turn around, he heard someone calling him. "Darling, darling, where have you been?"

She got out of the car and ran to him happily.

Howard stretched out his arms and gave Nina a big hug. "Honey, I'm going to work, of course."

"How sweet your words are! Work? You are begging for it!" Hearing the door banging, Max came over and shook it in front of them, with a look of disdain on her face.

"Honey, she is..."

"Oh, my best friend..."

Before Nina finished her words, Max made a gesture to stop her.

She walked to him, patted his shoulder and said, "dude, you look like a real man. I'm telling you, it's Max, a close friend, friend and bodyguard of Nina. Tell me, why do you, a beggar, approach Nina? "

In the face of Max's provocation, Howard croaked.

Her smile was arrogant and defiant.

Howard raised his hand and pretended to hit Max by accident, but the next second he saw Max almost fall to the ground.

"Max..." Fortunately, Nina helped her.

"What Beggar, do you know martial arts? " Max asked in shock.

Howard blew his sleeve carelessly and buttoned up the buttons that had been loosened. "If you are a hooligan wandering on the street, who can protect you? Max, now you think it's better that you work as Nana's bodyguard? Or me? "

Max gritted her teeth angrily. "Well, beggar, since you're so powerful, if you have the ability to protect Nana!"

Then, she dragged Nina to her side, and lifted up her hair in front of her forehead, "beggar, take a good look at her forehead. The injury on her forehead is caused by HOHO and the old virgin, Helen. If you're capable enough to love Nina, then don't let such a thing happen again. Otherwise, I will despise you all my life!"

Nina's forehead was covered with Howard's big hand. He was so heartbroken that he could hardly say a word. "Honey, tell me, who is HOHO and Helen?"

"Don't be angry, honey. Don't blame Max. She is my good friend. Okay, you two stop arguing. Max,

let's go to my house for dinner, okay? " Nina didn't want anything bad to happen between her friend and her husband, so she could do something about it.

"It's true that I don't dare to enter a beggar's house since he lives in such a high-end neighborhood!" Max glanced at the rows of houses and sneered, "beggar, I don't care where you are from and who you are. I warn you not to do anything to hurt Nana, otherwise, I will be your lifetime malicious star!"

"She is mine. I know what I should do. Don't bother, please!"

"Alas..." Looking at her husband who was as cold as Satan, Nina tried to persuade Max to stay.

Max took out his sunglasses, turned around and walked into the Ford.

"Nana, take care of yourself. See you tomorrow!" After she rolled down the window, she waved at Nana and then drove away.

"Honey, I've told you that she's my friend. Why are you still so mean to her?" Nina complained.

Without any expression on his face, he continued in a cold and determined voice, "no one dares to provoke me. She can't leave either. I won't let her go if she is not your best friend!"

Nina had never seen a beggar like him. She asked nervously, "honey, what's wrong with you?"

Holding Nina in his arms, Howard said affectionately, "honey, I'm fine. Let's go home."

As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes swept over en Nina's forehead again with imperceptible fierceness flashing in his eyes.


"Honey, don't move." As soon as they got home, Howard took out the first-aid kit, cotton, and disinfected the wound on Nina's forehead.

Nina grinned with tears in his eyes, "damn HOHO, damn Helen, two bastards who add insult to injury."

"Honey, if you have a chance, how will you punish them?" Howard asked.

After thinking about it for a while, she said, "I'll make her apologize to me. I'll make her apologize to me..."

Rubbing Nina's hair, "that's all?"

"Otherwise what? Are you going to ask those two women to kneel down in front of me! I guess if I beat them to death, they won't kneel down to me! " Nina said in a depressed voice.

"Not necessarily."

"What? Honey, what do you mean? " Said Nina, tilting her head.

Howard straightened her head and said, "I mean, maybe they just like kneeling!"

Hearing Howard's playful words, Nina chuckled and said, "you're kidding me again."

Howard smiled coldly.

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