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   Chapter 17 the silly girl

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"Nina, what's wrong with you? Marry a beggar? "

It was hard to explain the whole thing with a few words. Nina tied up her hair and said briefly, "I fall in love with a beggar."

"You..." Pointing at Nina, Max was too angry to say anything.

Nina smiled and said, "don't worry. I'm fine. You can go to work now. Have my clients come to see me these days?"

"No, just a few of your clients. Before long, all of them have been taken away by... Like... HOHO." Said Max.

"Just take it if she want to take it from me. At the worst, I will go to the street with the beggar and beg for it!" Said Nina with a grin.

"Hey, girl, have you been hit by something? Are you crazy?"

Shrugging, she added, "I didn't know I was so smart until today."

Hearing that, Max was shocked.

The sunshine shone on the diamond ring on Nina's finger. The ring was shining brightly.

And then Max looked at the ring on Nina's finger.

"Hey, cherr '! Did the beggar give it to you? Is the diamond so expensive? "

Nina shook her head, "I don't know. The beggar said that it was found on the street."

"TSK, TSK. It is not all in vain to be a beggar. If it is true, it is estimated to be worth several hundred thousand." Max raised her hand and put it in the sun. The ring became colorful again.

"Oh, it's really a baby. The diamond rings are usually not so shiny. I'll have a check with you another day to see how much it is worth, okay?"

Then she poked Max's head and said, "Max, wake up. The ring in my hand is fake. You are so naive. Don't you know that there are so many people in the street and few of them can get the gold? "

The excitement in Max's eyes faded and she said sadly, "Okay, I admit that I'm thinking too much."


In fact, it was only one afternoon, but she seemed to be slowly, with the appearance of a beggar appearing in her mind from time to time.

Sometimes, she was absent-minded while checking customer's sales situation.

So she was taunted by Helen, "you idiot. Just wait. The president will deal with you after the meeting."

Enraged by Helen's arrogant attitude, Nina indifferently curled her lips. She didn't want to quarrel with Helen anymore, so she lowered her head and read the data.

Finally, it was time to off work, and Max said that she wanted to send her to go home.

Max worked in the financial department of the company

as a part-time accountant for some minor factory. So her salary was more than that of Nina. A few days ago, he bought a car, a long Ford in low price.

On the way to the home, Nina kept praising her husband to be capable, considerate and good at cooking. Nina looked very happy.

"A beggar can get such a beautiful woman. If I were you, I would also fawn on you, silly girl," Max said in a contemptuous voice

"It's not that he's flattering me, it's love!" Nina defended her husband.

"Humph, I have never seen a fool like you. People nowadays are realistic. You don't have money or a house, and you don't need to love somebody. Stop pretending to love someone!"

"I like him. He's very handsome!"

"Well He seems to be my husband! " When she turned her head, she saw a white Lamborghini rushing past them. In the front passenger seat, there was a beggar.

"Where is it?"

Then, she pointed to the car in front of them and said, "he is in the driver's seat."

"Nana, did you wake up today? That car is a Lamborghini which is worth over ten million. Do you think that a beggar will sit in it?"

"But..." Blinking, she just saw a beggar sitting on the stage!

However, it was ridiculous for the beggar to sit in a Lamborghini sports car!

"Then Maybe I was wrong. " Nina muttered.

In a white Lamborghini sports car, Ethan was laughing and asked, "boss, how long do you plan to experience the life of the bottom class?"

"Maybe, this is my future life." Lowering his head and flipping through the files, Howard said.

"What? Boss, are you kidding me? The bigwig of the a city will give up his prosperity and live in this small house for his whole life. Humph! What a big joke! "

Nina's lovely face appeared in her mind, and she smiled. He said: "in fact, the happiness of life is really not related to the prosperity of the city. It's the best to have someone you love around!"

"Mr. Howard, since when you have become a poetic woman? It seems that you are very happy with little search girl, just for a while of freshness. After a while, when you are tired of her, you naturally don't have so many feelings."

"Of course you can't get the true meaning of love. No wonder no one buried you in your last life..." With both hands on the back of his head, Howard closed his eyes and snickered.

"Howard, don't humiliate me like that!" Said Ethan sadly.

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