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   Chapter 16 I will fire you

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Nina was working in the Sales Department of a cosmetics company. As soon as she walked in, she felt that the colleagues looked at her with a strange look.

Nina smiled in embarrassment and raised her hand as a greeting.

"Well, since you are married to a beggar, and you even show up on TV in public. Are you afraid that nobody else doesn't know about it?"

"Why not marry a beggar? What I hate most is to occupy two boyfriends at the same time. Howard is so infatuated with women. There are many women in the world who are willing to ingratiate themselves with a married woman."

"Well, it means that he is much more attractive than us in bed!"

"Hee hee..."

The colleagues whispered and Nina heard their laughter.

Clenching her fists, she said, "you bitches, what are you talking about? Are you free now?"

"Well, you can only do it yourself. How can you forbid others to say it?"

She was never a person who would swallow insult and humiliation silently. She pulled her bag out of the stand and threw it towards HOHO's face.

"Supervisor, she's going to rebel!" Small as she was, she was scared by what Nina did.

She covered her head with her hands and dodged the attack.

The women all shut their mouths and lowered their heads, then went back to their seats.


When she chased HOHO to the corner, Helen, the supervisor, with her large black glasses on her hands, came out of the office.

Nina glared at her, pointing to her.

HOHO then quickly ran to the back of Helen and shouted, "director Helen, help!"

Crossing her arms, director Helen looked at Nina with disdain. She asked slowly, "Nina, why haven't you been here for two days?"

"I got married." Nina didn't like her. But as an employee, she had to pretend to be obedient to her.

At the same time, Helen opened a file, rolled it into a bucket and threw it at Nina's head.

"I want you to get married! Get married Couldn't you ask for leave for marriage? I'm the general manager. You ignored me and gave me a self-criticism and a statement of repentance. Otherwise, your bonus for this month will be gone! "

"You can do as you like. I won't write it." Nina's stubbornness irritated Helen. The problem was that she couldn't write any composition since she was a kid. She thought that if she had to write that documents, she might as well give up so e


"You have to cut down the bonus!" "Who do you think you are? You are married to a beggar rather than an immortal," she retorted

She stressed on the word "beggar" with strong contempt and contempt.

Seeing this, Nina became a bit angry. She could scold her, but she wouldn't allow anyone to speak ill of her beggar husband!

"Helen, I like beggars. It's none of your business? Let me tell you, my beggar husband is very handsome. I promise he won't even look at you when you are coming to his bed. Ha-ha... "

Meanwhile, Helen's face with make-up turned red, pale and red, which was becoming more and more ugly.

"Nina, you are asking for death!" Helen cried out hysterically.

Ignoring her image as a lady, she rushed to Nina in her four inch high heels.

It was a piece of cake for Nina to get rid of this powerful man, but HOHO had to stick out her foot in secret.

Seeing this, Max who just came in cried out, "Nana! Be careful..."

Before she finished her words, Nina leaned forward and fell down gracefully.

When her forehead touched the desk leg accidentally, she immediately felt a quail's egg size bag.

She gasped in pain. She had never suffered such a loss. She got up and gave HOHO a punch.

Having expected that Nina would take revenge on her, she sneaked up behind Helen.

However, Nina couldn't take back her punch. With a sound of "snap", the glasses of the supervisor Helen were broken by her.

Helin was so nearsighted that she couldn't see anything.

"Nina, I will fire you!" Helen shouted angrily.

Nina tousled her messy hair and said, "Helen, you must have made a mistake. According to the company's rule, the department director has no right to dismiss the employees. If you want to fire me, you have to report it to the CEO. Got it?"

"OK. OK. Let's wait here. I'm going to find the CEO!" In a daze, Helen held the wall and walked out.

When HOHO saw her amulet leave, she cowered back to her seat. When she walked past Max, Max warned her, "Mr. HOHO, you are already in your twenties. Don't try to be Helen's follower all the time. Even if a villain takes the upper hand, he won't last long. Don't fall to the ground that day. You will suffer more than director Helen. Am I right? "

Even though HOHO was more sensitive, she did not dare to say anything when faced with the powerful Max.

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