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   Chapter 15 a dream like home

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Nina opened her eyes and found herself in a strange place.

She sat up, rubbed her eyes, and thought, 'no, it hasn't changed. Is it still in my dream?'?

She lay down and closed her eyes, and then opened them again.

No, she still lived in a well decorated and delicate room.

The curtains were her favorite pink with a fluffy fur; her favorite butterfly was on the windowsill. And what was more amazing was that her favorite European oil painting was hanging on the wall of the light colored lily flowers.

She felt like she was dreaming.

She jumped off the bed and kneaded her arm, which hurt so much as if she was not dreaming!

The question was, where was she?

"Mom, Dad..." Nina muttered, as if she was afraid that someone might be scared away.

"Honey, are you awake?" Howard had taken off his mask and cleaned the wound which was bitten by Nina.

"Honey, where are we?" When she saw her beggar husband, she rushed to him, hugged his handsome face and kissed him.

"This is our new home." Howard took out the note from his pocket.

She said word by word, "I couldn't believe I've taken in Howard's house to prove it. Nina? "

What happened yesterday flashed across her mind like a movie.

"Oh my God, was I sent to..." She looked at her underwear and didn't know where her coat was!

Oh, shit! Something must have happened between her and Mr. Howard. Otherwise, how could she not find her clothes!

"Ahahah Where are my clothes! Honey, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... "

"Baby, what are you sorry for?"

"What's wrong with my clothes? Was it not Mr. Howard? "

"Don't be silly. I changed your clothes, okay?"

After thinking for a while, Nina nodded her head and said, "that damned Mr. Howard! Why did he insist on giving us the house? We don't need him. He's still unhappy. Do you think he's a bitch? !"

Howard pinched her nose and said, "I think he loves you very much."

With a sly smile, she said, "honey, what do you think? Do you think that you love me more than him? Or does he love me more than you do? "


Feeling guilty, Howard touched his chin. "I love you more than he does!"

"I know that beggar husband is the best." said Nina, smiling happily

Then she kissed on his face again.

"Honey, if you keep doing this, I have to..." With emotion glinting in his beautiful eyes, he smiled wickedly and said, "Honey..."

Then, she ran away with a smile. "You're so naughty, honey. I'm hungry. I'm going to wash my hands and h

ave dinner now!"

How could he let her go? He followed her with a snicker.


"Oh, I'm so tired!" After being tormented by Howard several times in the bathroom, Nina had no strength to do anything.

Howard fed her the food bit by bit.

Nina swallowed the bird and beast


"I said you were a bird and a beast!" Said Nina, rolling her eyes.


"Damn it!" Hearing this, Nina started to get angry. She threw a fork at Howard.

Hearing that, Howard raised the corners of his mouth into a smile and said, "you said that I was hateful, but actually you liked it very much in your heart. I know that!"

"Damn you! I'm going to work. " Then she put down the chopsticks and went to the dressing room.

Oh, there was a huge wardrobe here!

There was also a sign of 'treasure chest'.

"Honey, where did you get all these clothes?"

Women liked beautiful clothes, and Nina was no exception.

While having his meal in a plain tone, Howard answered, "I bought it for you."

"Why do you have so much money?" They were all designer clothes. A suit cost tens of thousands!

"They are all fake brands. Don't take it seriously!"

"Okay." After a short while, she felt a little disappointed. Then, she got excited again, thinking that pretending to be her husband was not so good, but she began to feel sorry for him. "Honey, a fake girl also needs a lot of money!"

"It's not expensive. A set costs dozens of yuan. How much will it cost? !"

"Oh, so many clothes are enough for me to wear for several years!" Nina pulled out a beige cashmere skirt, and made a ponytail. She happily ran out and circled in front of the Howard.

Without doubt, Howard was taken aback by her innocence, like the pure and pure lily in the valley.

However, there was a blush on her face. It was the first time that she had been a woman.

"Honey, do I look good in this dress?" She acted like a child who wanted to be praised.

"Great!" Howard snickered in his heart and made it sound like he didn't understand.

Nina twitched her mouth in dissatisfaction, "honey, have a good rest at home. I'm going to work."

Since Howard had a board meeting this afternoon, he didn't want to see Nina at home. So he nodded, "okay."

"Beggar husband, goodbye!" After saying that, she gave Howard a sweet kiss.

With a big smile, he said, "if you don't go to work now, I'll..."

"You're a bad husband. Stop it, hehe..." She quickly changed her shoes and went to work with her bag.

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