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   Chapter 14 getting drunk

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He handed the phone to Nina. He wanted to see how she would show her affection with beggar in front of him.

Without hesitation, she called the beggar. Fortunately, his cell phone had been in mute mode.

'what's wrong with the beggar husband?' she thought.

Glancing at Howard, Nina found that someone squinted at her with a playful look.

Nina stood straight. She didn't want to be looked down upon by Howard!

So she said sweetly, "honey, what are you doing? Oh, you are making breakfast! Oh, you are making my favorite beef noodles. You are so kind, honey. I love you, love you, MUA. "

Fortunately, Howard didn't drink wine in his mouth. Otherwise, he might spray it out.

"You must have seen how much we love each other. So, you should let go of me and find your own happiness, understand?"

While swaying the goblet, the dark red wine was moving up and down the wall like the red silk, very enchanting. "Yes, you two love each other very much. But baby, listen to me carefully. No one loves you more than I do. Understand?"

After she gulped down her wine in one gulp, she said with a mischievous smile, "Mr. Howard I've seen bitch, but I've never seen so despicable like you. No matter what you want, I won't stop you. Okay, it's enough. I'll leave now. Bye!"

But she fell on the ground as she turned around and took a few steps.

Howard dashed to her and put his arms around her. "Are you drunk?" he asked

"Yes. I'm drunk." said Nina, blinking her eyes Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

He put her on the sofa, took off her shoes and turned on the air conditioner.

At that time, the door was opened, and Howard knew it was Ethan coming in.

The lock in the president's office needed fingerprints. He had only entered the fingerprints of himself and Ethan.

"What's wrong with Nina? You have successfully lured her, haven't you? " Then he took out a crystal goblet from the wine cabinet and ordered, "please have some."

Howard poured a little wine for Ethan and said coldly, "not by me, but by a beggar."

"Oh my God! you just failed in the elevator! What a failure!"

"Are you sure you want to continue?"

"I won't say anything more." Ethan hurried to surrender

After saying that, he took a sip of wine.

At the sight of the cup, Ethan smashed his mouth. "Boss, no wonder that sister-in-law is drunk. It's a special Laffite with eighty-one degrees Celsius in your hand. She's as drunk as you are."

"It's my favorite. How could I know she wants to drink? And she drank so much." Howard couldn't drink low-end red w

ine, so he made high-end Laffite.

He didn't drink much. But to his surprise, Nina took it as water.

"Come and help me." He put down the goblet and took out the pen and paper from the drawer.

"What are you doing?" Ethan hurriedly put down his goblet.

Howard put down the pen and paper, and then took the drunk Nina here.

"Babe, babe..." He gently called her name.

"You are so annoying! I want to sleep now!" Said Nina unhappily, frowning.

"I will let you sleep as long as you write these words, okay?"

"I won't write it." Said Nina.

"I won't let you sleep if you don't write."

"Oh, it's so annoying!" Sarah opened her drunk and hazy eyes.

"Well, here you are. I couldn't believe you just gave me one more house as the proof."

Nina's eyes widened. She didn't know what she had written. Since it was Mr. Howard's demand, she had to finish it as quickly as possible so that she could go to sleep.

When she signed her name on the page, Howard smiled.

He kissed her on the cheek and said, "my sweetheart, let's go home and have a good sleep."

Eventually he didn't have to live in a small house anymore. No matter what, he had won over them in his unremitting efforts.

"Boss, it must be my sister-in-law who buried you in last life. You've been looking for her in this life just to pay her back." Ethan exclaimed with infinite feeling

"What about you? You have to spend your whole life as if you were going to be a prostitute. It must be because no one had ever buried you in your previous life that you couldn't find another woman, right? "

"Come on, boss. Don't pull my leg? I haven't found the woman who buried me in the last life! "

"Look at you! I guess no woman will bury you for the rest of your life!"

"Okay, I'll bury Nina this life. I'll ask her to bury me next life!"

The atmosphere suddenly became cold at midnight, and Ethan realized that he had said something wrong.

As expected, the eyes of Howard were burning with anger.

"Boss, I said something wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong..."

"For the sake of my baby, I won't punish you for reading documents for me but for sending my wife and me to the new house."

"Take the order!" Ethan stood to attention and made a standard military salute.

"Don't always talk about the military training, okay?"

"Hey, let me help you hold Nina."

Looking at his sharp eyes, Ethan knew that he had said something wrong.

"I'll punish myself. Nina is our boss's, so he naturally holds her in his arms!"

"Remember to lock the door. Let's go!"

"Yes, sir!"

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