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   Chapter 13 I will change you everyday

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Howard was speechless. At this moment, he had to say that he was jealous of the beggar's jealousy.

"Honey, don't challenge my bottom line!" Said Howard, grinding his teeth.

Nina was still protecting herself with her arms. She saw the scars on Howard's face throbbing so much, so she didn't dare to laugh. If she really annoyed him and threw him downstairs, she would be miserable because she couldn't see the handsome beggar's husband anymore.

She covered her mouth with her hand and stared at him with her eyes wide open, like a frightened rabbit.

Just as Howard was wondering what to do with Nina, the elevator reached the top floor with a "Ding".

Nina held her body and squatted down.

Howard was both angry and amused.

"What? You don't want to go out?"

Hearing that, Nina shook her head. The CEO's office was not a good place to talk. If Howard did something bad to her, she would be very disappointed.

With his hands reaching out, Howard held Nina into her arms.

"Mr. Howard, please put me down. Put me down..." She struggled desperately and waved her hands.

But he had no intention of letting her down.

Nina became anxious. She lowered her head and bit Howard on his shoulder.

Howard gasped in pain. Even so, he still didn't let go of Nina.

All the staff on the top floor saw that their boss held a woman in his arms and strode to the president's office.

All of them lowered their heads and walked away. The Secretary immediately closed the door lightly.

It was not until Howard threw her into the sofa that she loosened her lips.

There was a smell of blood in her mouth.

Howard rubbed her shoulder. She indeed had sharp teeth.

He turned around and locked the door.

Nina jumped off the sofa and shouted angrily, "Howard, what are you going to do?"

Bypassing Nina, Howard took out a bottle of Laffite from the wine cabinet, poured a little in it, shook it gently and drank it.

Hearing that, Nina grinned. It was said that men would get worse if they got drunk. She asked, "Howard, why do you drink?"

"I'm thirsty, okay?" Howard raised his goblet and winked at Nina, "would you like to have some?"

"No problem! I'll drink you!" She walked up to him.

Then he took out a goblet, swirled it, and handed it to Nina.

Then, he slowly poured a little red wine.

"Why do you pour a little?" Asked Nina, looking at the red stain on the bottom of her


"This is how you drink red wine, honey, don't you understand?"

"Everybody knows! But I'm also thirsty now. Can you fill me a glass of wine? "

Reluctantly, he filled up the goblet for Nina.

With a goblet in her hand, she sat down on the sofa and began to drink freely.

After all the mess, she was a little thirsty and hungry now.

With his arms crossed, Howard leaned against the bookshelf and looked at the bright red face of Nina. He thought that Nina looked so pretty.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not beautiful." She felt embarrassed and said angrily.

"As I said, I love you."

"I have been loved. You'd better find another woman to love." Said Nina worriedly.

"But I love you. What should I do?" Said Howard, imitating Nina.

"Mr. Howard, you have money, right?"

Howard nodded.

"You can have fun with a lot of women, changing them every day, picking various colors and tasting all kinds of flowers. Think about it. How cool it is That's what all men in the world want to do. Why don't you do it? "

"Does your beggar husband also like to do this?" Hearing her words, Howard smiled. He knew that in Nina's mind, all the rich men in the world were robbers for girls!

Nina shook her index finger and said, "No. my husband has no money."

"How about I give him ten million and let him go to collect flowers too?"

"No way!" "He can only love me, because I love nobody but him," said Nina seriously

Hearing that, Howard's heart skipped a beat. He almost cried out, "Nana!".

"You mean your husband doesn't love you as long as he is rich, right?" As he spoke, he refilled Nina's glass.

Nina took a big gulp and coughed.

"You're lying. My husband said no matter how much money he has, he only loves me." She looked at the red wine, not knowing what alcohol it was?

It seemed that Nina had feelings for beggar! It was supposed to be a good thing, but Howard didn't feel well.

"Howard, I'm here to tell you that I love the beggar very much. I hope you can find a good woman and live a happy life in the future. Don't miss me again, and don't disturb the happiness of me and my beggar husband, okay?"

"How much you love each other, huh?"

"Just wait. I'll let you see how much we love each other now!" She kept on touching her phone and raised her head, only to find that it was in Howard's hand.

Reached out her hands, she said, "give it to me!"

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