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   Chapter 12 this is my place

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Howard at her, he tried to make his voice hoarse. "It's just an apartment. Why are you unwilling to accept it ?"

His smile made the scar on his face shake, ferocious and terrible. Howard stretched out his hand and touched Nina's face.

Nina said," Mr. Howard, thanks to you, I am now the woman of the beggar. So, don't do anything to me. I have given the key back to you. I hope that you won't disturb our lives any more. I am living a happy life with the beggar!"

Howard rubbed his chin and smiled.

"Miss Nina, since you're here, why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

"My husband is waiting for me at home. I have no time to talk to you!" After rolling her eyes at Howard, Nina turned around and left.

"The security guard brought her in!" Howard said coldly, and entered the plutocrat headquarters.

"Let go of me I... " Nina struggled.

"Take it easy, you two!" Ethan warned the security guard.

Oh, the security guards don't dare to offend the God of wealth. they have to listen to Mr. Howard, and also listen to Mr. Ethan.

The security guards coaxed her into working in his office building.

At the door of the president's exclusive elevator, Howard waved to the security guard and made a gesture to invite Nina in.

She knew there was no way she could escape now, and it was office hours, so she guessed that maybe Howard wouldn't dare to do anything. Finally, she raised her head and ran into the elevator valiantly.

When Ethan was about to enter, Howard pointed to the normal elevator and told him to go there.

He wondered what his boss was doing in the elevator!

Ethan shrugged and walked to the other side.

The elevator door closed in silence.

"Honey, is it good to marry a beggar?" Narrowing his eyes, Howard fiddled with Nina's hair.

Hearing that, Nina was a little surprised. She wondered why Howard called her "baby". It sounded so familiar to her?

He looked like Nina's husband!

Thinking of her beggar husband, a hint of sweetness flitted over Nina's heart. She became even more disgusted at the sight of Howard's ugly face.

"Get your dirty hands off me!" She retreated to the innermost part of the elevator.

But Howard didn't give up and whistled, "how can you hide in such a big elevator?"

While speaking, he approached her and bent his knees. Then he pressed her against the elevator wall.

"Honey, I love you so much. Do you know that?" As he spoke frivolously, he lowered his head and prepared to kiss Nina on her lips.

"Howard, listen to me. Baby can only be called by my husband, you can't call me like that, you know?" Nina said, pushing Howard away.

"I'm calling you baby now. How about you, baby?" With his arms above Nina's head, he smiled recklessly and looked down at her red face.


ou little man, there is a camera on it, you can't do this, get away!" Nina shouted.

Howard raised his head and glanced at the camera. He let out a cold hum and said, "this is my place. No one dares to challenge me. Even if I have sex with you here, do you think someone can stop me?"

"Mr. Howard, please don't. I'll call the police!" Nina crossed her arms over her chest, fearing that Howard was too close to her.

"Call the police? !" As soon as he finished speaking, the cell phone of Nina had fallen into his hand. He raised his head with contempt and said, "how do you plan to call the police?"

With her face flushed bright red, she shouted incoherently, "help! Help! Help! You are bullying me, Howard HMM... "

Nina couldn't speak, because Howard had already pressed her lips with his own.

His lips were drizzling like rain with a trace of coldness and a little bit of viciousness, as if he was revenging.

It had indeed occurred to him that his marriage proposal, more than two hundred times. Although no one dared to laugh at him, it had undoubtedly become the topic of conversation in a city over the past year.

"Honey, do you care about my face so much?"

"Well..." Nina became anxious and stepped heavily on Howard's foot.

Howard frowned as he felt the pain.

Seeing that Howard's arms were loosened, Nina shook her head and avoided his lips. She waved her hand to slap him and shouted, "get out of here, Mr. Howard!"

Being afraid that Nina might notice his shoes, Howard didn't dare to care about the pain in his feet. He wiped the blood on his lips and smiled viciously. "Well, good. I like you being barbaric most, but I want to see if you are barbaric or I am barbaric!"

Nina's anger completely aroused Howard's interest in playing tricks with her. He liked to see her get angry.

He immediately reached out and destroyed the camera. In the next second, he ripped Nina's clothes.

Startled by his action, Nina pulled her clothes in a hurry and said, "no, don't do that. I have a husband now. If you dare hurt me, do you believe that he will kill you?"

"What's so good about that beggar that you'd rather marry him than me? Woman, do you know that I summoned all the women in the world, but I love you, but you like a beggar. How can he be better than me? " In fact, he felt frustrated. He had been surrounded by so many women, but Nina, who he cared most, disliked him.

"My beggar husband is better than you. He is gentle and considerate. He loves me more because he is more handsome than you. He is very handsome Howard, he is much more handsome than you. I just like him. I love him. I do want you to get angry. "

All of a sudden, Nina realized what was Howard's weakness. Looking at his tightly clenched teeth, she burst into laughter.

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