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   Chapter 11 you don't know whether to cry or to laugh

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Hearing that, Howard covered his ears with his hands. He chose to be deaf. Was that possible?

"Honey, don't be angry. He is willing to give our house as a gift. Why can't we live here? what do you think?"

Nina's eyes widened. "You are a beggar. Yesterday my father praised you for being ambitious, but today you are a coward, aren't you?"

Without hesitation, he said, "Okay, I'll give the key to Howard. I promise you that I will throw the key on him and spit on him. What do you think?"

Ah, how miserable it is! In order to please his wife, he is desperate to scold himself. '.

Nina snatched the key from him and said, "you don't know Mr. Howard, where are you going? I'll go!"

Finishing her words, she pulled her coat and ran out of the house.

Hearing that, Mr. Howard didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. Who on earth didn't know him!

'what the hell! Did Nina go to his company?

Rubbing his eyebrows, he was annoyed. He would never allow anyone to know that he was pretending to be a beggar. He gave in and rushed out with suit in his hand.

When he just ran downstairs, he saw that Nina got into a taxi.

Meanwhile, Howard was anxiously waiting for the taxi, but it didn't show up, as if it was playing hide and seek with him intentionally.

"MD!" He was so furious. He was worried that Nina would rush to the headquarters of Hua group. It was heavily guarded. Only his employees were allowed to enter the company. If strangers broke in, the security guards would not leave their faces.

Howard took out his phone and called Ethan, "Ethan, come my house downstairs to pick me up as soon as possible. Hurry up!"

"What's wrong, boss? Which house do you live?" Ethan looked at his phone and found that Howard had already hung up.

"Howard, aren't you tired looking for a wife? I'm your childhood sweetheart. You can't guess! " Ethan complained, but he dared not neglect it. He drove his white Lamborghini and rushed to the beggar building.

As expected, Howard was pacing restlessly downstairs. Before the car stopped, Howard opened the door and got in.

"Hurry up, to the headquarters of the plutocrat!" After saying that, he wore the facial mask. The next second, he took off Ethan's suit and put it on himself.

It was his first time to drive like this. He ran red lights for several times and the traffic police was chasing him behind. But he was left behind all the time without exception.

"Boss, what happened? Is there something wrong with your company? " Ethan glanced at Howard who had a cold face and asked cautiously.

"That person pissed my wife off this morning. Ethan, are you out of your mind? Can't you

just find another excuse? You said you were referring to Mr. Howard. That girl got angry and gave him the key!"

Ethan raised his eyebrows and said, "boss, you can't blame me on this. I just asked my underling to convey the words that you told me to. It's not Mr. Howard's fault, is it? !"

"Are you trying to make fun of me?" He grabbed something and smashed it at the back of Ethan's head.

"Boss, don't worry. The sunglasses cost me tens of thousands. I'm not as rich as you."

"Then drive fast!" Howard said in a cold voice.

"Boss, my car is flying!"

He raised his wrist to look at the time. It was estimated that Nina had already arrived at the headquarters of a financial tycoon.

Oh, yes. Right now, she had arrived at the head quarter of Hua group. But she was stopped outside the gate by security guards.

Holding the key in her hand, Nina said, "I have something to talk with your CEO. Can you let me in?"

No matter what she said, the security guards wouldn't let her in.

It seemed that she had nothing to do but stroll around the gate. Noticing that the security guards were chatting with others, she lowered her head and ran inside.

As a result, she was dragged out by the security guard.

The security guard was a bit annoyed. He forcefully threw Nina to the ground and warned her, "Girl, I'm warning you. Get away from me, or I will hit you with the baton!"

He waved the baton in his hand to intimidate her.

In the car, Ethan smacked his lips. The security guard was going to be in trouble.

Sure enough, the moment the Lamborghini arrived, Howard said to the security guard who pushed Nina on the ground, "you're fired. Go to the financial department to take this month's salary and leave!"

"Mr. Howard, why? !" The security guard asked with a sad face.

"Don't ask why, do you know Mr. Howard's temper?" said Ethan in a hurry? you have asked too much. you don't need to take your salary of this month. "

As expected, Howard said coldly to the other security guards, "throw him out of the security department. His salary for this month will be cancelled."

Ethan patted him on the shoulder and said, "let's go!"

The security guards didn't dare to say anything. he gave the baton to them and left, wiping their tears.

Feeling heartbroken, Howard was about to take Nina's arm. But before he could do that, Nina had already climbed up from the ground. She cursed in her heart, 'damn it! What a cruel bastard! How could he fire the security so easily?'.

She raised her little face arrogantly and dusted off her clothes.

"Here, this is your key. Here you are!" With her index finger, Nina slowly threw the key.

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