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   Chapter 9 Call me husband

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Nina, who had been half acting, was touched by these words.

"Honey, I love you!" With tears in her eyes, Nina stood on tiptoe to kiss Howard on his face.

Howard was stunned. Then he rubbed Nina's hair happily and said, "I love you too, honey."

Gavin was a little embarrassed by the couple who showed love in front of him. "Mrs. Sophia, why don't you prepare the dinner and ask the children to stay for lunch?"

Since the die was cast, she could do nothing but go to the kitchen.

Then Nina quickly ran into the kitchen to help her mother.

From time to time, she poked her head out and looked at the living room, fearing that something unpleasant would happen between the beggar and her father.

But she saw that two men were playing chess while drinking tea.

Obviously, her father had taken the beggar as his son-in-law.

She hummed a merry tune.

Hearing that, Howard squinted his eyes and smiled lightly.

it was not until it was getting late that Nina and Howard stood up to say goodbye. Sophia took out a bank card and slipped it into her daughter's hand. "My dear, please go back home if you feel wronged," she said

After that, she raised her hand and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

"Mom, don't be sad. It's good news that you daughter has married someone, but not going to jail." Feeling sorry for her mother, Nina gave her a hug and comforted her.

Howard frowned with displeasure.

He took the card from Nina and gave it back to Mrs. Sophia. "Mom, I've told you that I'll make Nana happy. Please don't worry."

Gavin was already drunk. He put his hand on Howard's shoulder and said, "I like him. He's ambitious." Then he said in a low voice, "if you don't have a place to live, just come home. You're always welcome here."

"Thank you, Dad." Howard smiled.

Nina left home reluctantly. She had lived in this place since her childhood. She married the beggar and even didn't have a farewell ceremony for the raising of her parents.

She was sad and depressed.

"Beggar, thank you for your cooperation today. I think my parents should be assured that I am with you."

Howard stopped and slowly held up Nina's face. His eyes were as bright as stars under the street lamp. Only with obvious anger.

"Honey, do you think I'm acting today?"

It was the first time that Nina had seen her husband look so serious. She got flustered and asked, "what do you think?"

It was the first time for him to ingratiate himself with an

other woman, but he was said that he was actually performing by Nina, which made him so angry.

Nina blinked, waiting for the answer of Mr. Howard. Well, if he said that he was serious, it seemed that she would accept it as well!

However, in a fit of pique, Howard let go of Nina's face.

"What What a beggar! " Feeling a little bit disappointed, Nina got so angry that she stamped her feet.

"Fine, just scold me. Don't follow me." With a cunning look, he strode forward.

"You bastard! You did it on purpose, didn't you?" Nina came after him and patted him on the back with her small hands.

Then he turned around and gave her a broad smile. He pressed her against a French Platanus tree at the roadside.

"Honey, I did it on purpose. What do you think?"

"Beggar, you're a bad guy..." But before she could finish her words, her lips were covered by Howard's.

"Well..." Since Nina had run out of her strength, her heart beat very fast.

As the cars drove along the road, a few pieces of fallen leaves were blown into the wind and hit on the two young men who were infatuated with each other.

But they seemed to be in no man's land.

It was impossible for Nina to refuse Howard's passion, so her rejection gradually changed to accept.

She put her arms around his neck tightly and clumsily licked his lips.

"Baby, call me husband!" Howard snickered and whispered.

Her eyes were still closed, and her little mouth was like a baby's mouth searching for milk. She felt like a lamb in lost, following the domineering guidance of Howard.

It seemed that after a day's practice and adaptation, it was already a natural thing for her to call the beggar husband. In other words, she completely accepted the fact that a beggar was her husband.

"Husband..." She murmured.

"Say you love me."

"Love you."

When the violent wave came again, she was soon drowned in the wave.

When she was satiated, her face turned as red as a big apple.

Burying her head into his chest, she murmured shyly, "bad husband..."

"Honey, do you like me to be so bad?"

Nina bit her lip and didn't say anything.

"Really? I remember someone said that the more a woman said that a man was bad, the more she wanted this man bad. It seems that I can be even worse! " As he spoke, he put his hand into the clothes of Nina.

"No, my husband is bad." Then she ran away.

It took another few steps for Howard to catch up with her, and he held her into his arms again

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