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   Chapter 8 A woman as important as your life

Speak Softly Love By TESS WHITE Characters: 4464

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Carrying their heavy bags, they came to the house of the Nina's family.

Howard put down the gifts and greeted them politely, "Dad, mom."

Nina's father didn't say anything. Sophia sighed, but she didn't say anything either.

This was the last thing that Nina could bear. Besides, the whole thing had nothing to do with the beggar. It was all the fault of that bastard, Howard.

"husband, sit here." Said Nina in a sweet voice.

Hearing that, Howard raised the corners of his mouth. It felt good when Nina called him "husband".

He sat down with his legs crossed elegantly.

A pair of burning beautiful eyes with terrifying light spread through the living room, which made him as powerful as an emperor.

'the man...' He was so overbearing that Gavin moved his body unnaturally.

Nina quickly poured the tea for them. Nina had taught her to be polite and order tea when she was young, so her parents didn't intend to let the beggar drinks the tea today according to her parents' expressions.

"Honey, Dad, mom, tea." Nina placed the tea in front of everyone carefully and wiped the sweat out of her forehead nervously.

"Honey, you must be tired." Then Howard gave Nina a hand.

Nina shook her head.

"My baby? Right? You little beggar, didn't you say that you got a lot of treasures since you picked up my girl? " Sophia said sarcastically and ironically as she looked unhappy.

"Mom, it's not wrong to love someone. My love for Nana has nothing to do with identity." Said Howard after taking a sip of tea.

Although Gavin hated beggars very much, he still felt that the beggar in front of him was sharp and shrewd since he had been doing business for so many years with his shrewd eyes and experience.

"Are you really a beggar?" Nina's father asked in disbelief.

Howard nodded and answered briefly, "yes."

Then she heard Sophia let out a long sigh.

Nina scratched her hair and came to her father. She said like a spoiled child, "father, although the beggar is a beggar, he is a very handsome beggar, isn't he? What's more, a beggar can also be transferred to a job? Maybe he will become a big boss in the future. At that time, your daughter will be my boss' wife. Hahaha.

.. "

"Silly girl, come here..." Sophia waved to Nina.

"Mom." Nina ran to her with a sweet smile.

"Tell me, did you have sex with him?" She said in a low voice, but it wasn't loud in the living room. Therefore, Mr. Howard could hear her.

He smiled and looked up at Nina.

Let out a deep breath.

She nodded guiltily.

Sophia slapped her thigh and said, "silly girl. What can I say to you?"

"Mom, don't worry about me. I'm a beggar's wife, and beggar are good to me. Don't worry about me, okay?" Nina knew that her mother was not a powerful person. She didn't accept beggar because she didn't want to suffer with beggar.

"Well, you have given yourself to her. What else can I say?" Sophia said in a disappointed tone.

Wiping her tears, Nina smiled and kissed her mother's face, "thank you, mom. Thank you for forgiving me."

"Dad, are you also supportive of me?" Turning her head, Nina looked at her father.

Gavin thought about it for a moment and said, "Nana is right. Can you change a beggar's identity? How about this? Ask the beggar to come to my small processing factory, I'll take him to my shift in the future. "

Nina jumped with joy and said, "honey, thank father."

He frowned. If he came to the processing factory, he would have been watched by his father-in-law, which would be very inconvenient for him to go out, and he wouldn't even have time for a video conference.

"Dad, I'm sorry. I don't want people to gossip that I've taken advantage of Nana. I think I'll find a right job. Please trust me. I'll make Nana happy!"

"You ungrateful boy!" Said Sophia angrily.

But he said in a cold voice, "Mom, I'm sorry."

Instead of getting angry, Gavin even laughed.

He began to like the beggar in front of him a little. At first, he thought the beggar should be a very indomitable man, but now it seemed that he was not.

"Do you really like Nana?"

Howard replied seriously, "yes."

"If you grow up in the future, will you like her as much as you do now?"

Howard took Nina's hand and walked to her father, "Dad, please trust me. No matter what I'll do in the future, I'll love Nana as much as I do now and take her as the most important woman in my life!"

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