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   Chapter 7 a handsome beggar

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When they passed a clothing shop, Nina took Howard's hand and ran into it, "Boss, I want this one, this one and this one!"

"Honey, what are you doing?"

With the clothes in her hand, Nina looked at Howard up and down and asked, "didn't you say that you would go to see my parents today?"

With joy flashing in his eyes, Howard asked, "then who am I? Your nominal bridegroom or the groom to be?"

After a while, she pouted and said, "you will be my groom if you can carry my parents."

"It's not difficult." Said Howard confidently.

"Huh! My parents don't even want to see me now, let alone you. You'd better stop dreaming. "

"Oh, honey, you are right. I'm a spoony. I like dreaming most. Of course, I only dream about you. As for others, I disdain to dream about! " Howard answered reluctantly.

"Come on, forget it!" Nina blushed and put the clothes in his hand, "go to the fitting room to try it on."

Then he kissed on her forehead and replied, "Okay, honey."

It was rare for Howard to wear something as cheap as that. Even the beggar's suit on him was custom made in Europe. Of course, Howard cut some wounds with the scissors and threw them on the floor.

Although Nina bought it at a low price, it was still a treasure for him.

When he came out of the fitting room, Nina's eyes were lit up.

The man's figure was so good! The hole was more than 1.88 meters high. If he had his hair cut, no doubt the beggar was a gorgeous man!

Nina became excited as if she had found a golden brick in the trash bin.

She paid the bill in haste and took Mr. Howard to the barber shop.

When Howard finished cleaning his messy hair, she was too moved to move her eyes.

"Hey, beggar, do you know that you are very handsome?" Asked Nina happily.

He shook his head, "no, I don't know. I don't like to look in the mirror since I was a child."

Nina immediately took out her small mirror and said, "look! Your eyebrows, nose and mouth look very beautiful, right?"

Howard was nearly 20 centimeters higher than Nina, so Nina tried to stand on tiptoe to say that.

With his eyes half closed, Howard looked up at her excited face. The seductive voice came to her ear, "honey, do

you fall in love with me?"

Hearing Howard's words, Nina's heart beat faster. How could she fall in love with a beggar? How is that possible?!

"Haha..." Then she suddenly put on an embarrassed smile and twisted Howard's ear with her hand, "you little beggar, I let you talk in the daytime! Bad boy!"

"Honey, forgive me. I was wrong. I fell in love with you, okay?"

"You're talking nonsense, beggar!"

"I swear, I am not talking nonsense!"

"Well, I see. You are having a sweet dream now."


Howard insisted on buying a gift to meet Nina's parents.

Nina agreed with her. Whether it was true or not, beggar was her husband now. It was not good for them to see her parents without any gifts.

So they went to the supermarket and bought many drinks and cigarettes.

It just so happened that Howard was extremely wealthy.

"Hey, beggar, are you going to reimburse all the money you brought this year?"

Touching his chin, Howard narrowed his eyes and smiled, "then whom do you care about? Me or money?"

Nina rolled her eyes and said, "I just feel sorry for your hunger in the next half of the year."

"Well, aren't you afraid that I will starve you?"

"I have wages." Said Nina scornfully.

"How much?"

"3000? Is it more money than you ask for?"

Howard smiled noncommittally. "Sweetheart, it seems that it cost me more than 10000 to buy underwear and suit just now. It seems half a year of salary!"

Nina shrugged and said, "I feel sorry for the money, so you have to return the money to me after you work."

Hearing what Nina said, Howard shrugged his shoulders and answered, "okay. By that time, you can get whatever you want!"

"What about ten million?"

Without hesitation, he answered, "of course!"

"Humph! The beggar talked in his sleep again! Do you think you are rich! If you really have ten million, can you be a beggar? Besides, you are handsome and you have a lot of money. Can you be my husband? "

Howard tapped on Nina's forehead and said, "you little fool, don't be so confident. Maybe the richer I am, the more I love you!"

"Well, I know it's a little bit unrealistic, but I am happy to hear that!" Uh huh. He rubbed his forehead and smiled.

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