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   Chapter 5 wedding night

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Hearing that, Howard was speechless. He touched his chin as usual and said, "it might not work until today. I'll ask someone to replace it."

"Atishoo --" Nina sneezed.

Although it was spring now, the weather was still cold. The heating was not in the house, which made Nina become cold.

With sympathy, Howard put his clothes on Nina and said, "wait for me!" Then he walked out of the bathroom quickly and dialed a number. He said in a low voice, "Hello, Ethan, please send someone to bring me a hot water machine and a whole air-conditioner. Oh, don't forget that the general price is not allowed to be too high."

With a cheeky grin, Ethan said, "boss, how does it feel to be a beggar?"

"It's great. How about you have a try?" Said Howard, grinding his teeth.

Ethan hastily waved his hand and said, "no, you don't have to. It's my fate to suffer, not to be a beggar."

"Then don't talk nonsense. Send someone to bring me something! There are female slippers, several suits of underwear for this season, and mine... "

But before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Ethan, "Hey, boss, are you sure it's appropriate to do this? Isn't it a little too much for a beggar to buy so many things all of a sudden? "

He was so anxious that he almost forgot his identity of a begger. "Then send someone to bring the urgent things here. If it's over 30 minutes, I will cancel the investment in the Mei Group!"

This was too cruel! But he didn't dare to say it out loud. He could only force himself to say, "order!"

After hanging up the phone, Howard went to the bedroom and took the new quilt she bought today.

Then he ran into the bathroom again.

"What are you doing?" Nina pointed at the quilt and asked.

"Honey, I'm afraid that you might catch a cold. Put the quilt on you, okay?"

She tightened her bath towel and said, "no, we have to cover our body in the evening. We'll be very embarrassed if we get wet."

Not you or me.

A wonderful scene flashed across his mind for thousands of times, "Oh, I almost forget that tonight is our wedding night."

"You're overthinking things!" Raising her hand, Nina wanted to give him a violent shudder. While she raised her hand, her clothes and bath towel fell off.

It seemed that the whole world stopped all of a sudden

. The whole world became so still that they could hear each other's heartbeats.

With Howard's apple bobbing up and down, he muttered obsessed with her, "you're so beautiful, my baby!"

After saying that, he walked towards her step by step.

When his hand touched Nita's soft chest, she screamed, "ah! You little beggar! Close your eyes now!"

Closing his eyes and raising his hands in surrender, he said, "honey, I was wrong, but you are my wife. Please tell me what I did wrong, okay?"

"You are totally wrong here!" Grasping a bath towel, she bypassed Howard and ran into the bedroom.

Everything was wrong. Since she met Mr. Howard, she had gotten rid of the normal track of her life!

Nina curled up on the bed. Oh my God, it was so dangerous to stay with a man under the same roof!

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Nina moved closer to the bed because she didn't want others to see this.

With a cough, he opened the door.

"Hello, this is your wedding gift from Mr. Howard. Please sign for it!"

Hearing what he said, Howard nodded. He couldn't help laughing in his mind, 'what a greedy and evil boy! I have worked for him for so many years and he really has a lot of ideas.'.

he turned his body to let the workers who were carrying the air conditioner and the hot water machine in.

"Honey, Mr. Howard has given us a wedding gift. Won't you come out to thank him?" Howard raised his voice intentionally.

"Honey, thank Mr. Howard for me. I'm asleep." She called out to him in a coquettish voice, and cursed Howard thousands of times in her mind.

"Got it!" Howard was very happy in his mind, and he added a few words of appreciation.

Soon, the worker and the hot-water equipment were installed.

"Honey, are you going to take a shower now?"

Howard ran into the bedroom joyfully and called her name, but she didn't respond.

Hearing her heavy breath, he thought she was asleep, but he felt something wrong.

He reached out his hand to feel her forehead. Howard was astonished. She seemed to have a fever.

In a hurry, Howard removed the bath towel, took over Nina's clothes and put it on her in haste.

he rushed out with Nina in his arms.

While waiting for a taxi, Howard suddenly realized how inconvenient it was without a taxi.

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