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   Chapter 4 a diamond ring

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After dinner, Howard went to wash the dishes.

When Howard came back to the living room, he found that Nina was in a daze.

"Honey, why don't you watch TV?" He sat down beside her.

"What kind of TV? Watching the wedding video? It must be that damn Howard who intentionally did something. He must have showed the wedding video to the media. What do you think? " Nina said angrily.

Touching his forehead, Howard wondered that this was part of his plan. If they made their marriage public, people would know that Nina had been a mistress and didn't want to get a divorce.

"Mr. Howard, you are such a despicable, vicious and lewd bastard!" Grinding her teeth, she scolded, "beggar, do you think Howard is a jerk?"

"Well he is or not? " Howard responded with a double expression. In this world, nobody dared to curse him except Nina.

Depressed, Nina sat beside.

Duh duh duh By magic, he took out a small brocade box from behind, opened it and said, "here you are. Check whether you like it or not."

"We are not really married. I don't want your ring."

"As far as I know, Howard is very powerful. Maybe some people are eavesdropping outside! So, you'd better pretend to be innocent, and besides... " Staring at her big eyes obsessively, Howard said, "I like you very much!"

With the perplexed expression on her face, she blinked her big eyes and seriously said, "you're not allowed to love me. Did you hear me?"

"Well "Honey, you're so bossy.". Well, put on the ring and I will never say I like you again. What do you think? "

he did not say he liked her, but he said he loved her!

"All right!" Reaching out her ring finger, she said, "I'll put it on for you first. I'll give it back to you when we get a divorce."

Silly girl, it's easy to put it on, but you want to take it off. Well, Howard won't agree!

With a gleam shining in his eyes, Howard lowered his head and kissed the ring. Then he carefully put the ring on Nina's finger.

The diamond ring was shining brightly in the light.

"The diamond ring looks just like the real one." It was the fun of Nina.

"I picked it up at the roadside. I really don't know if it's true or not!"

TSK, TSK, what he said was a lie. This ring was presented from his ancestors, and there was only one in the world, invaluable.

"I don't care if it's true or not. I'm going to take a shower." Said Nina lazily.

"Honey, do you need my help?" Howard snickered.

She grabbed a cushion and pressed it against his head. "Listen up, the

brat! Don't peep at me when I take a shower. Otherwise, I won't let you off!"

"Outside! Outside!" Called Howard.

Glancing at the door alertly, she snorted and walked towards the bathroom.

He put aside the cushion and gasped.

She was a little short tempered. But he would like her anyway.

As her cell phone rang, Howard sat straight.

"Son, do you really love that girl or just because of returning her favor? If she did, you don't have to. We can pay her to leave. "

With the phone in his hand, Howard walked quickly into the bedroom and lowered her voice impatiently, "Mom, don't worry about my business. I have told you many times that I really love her. I love her very much!"

"Well, how can I not worry about it? After you came back from England, you kept proposing to that girl. Now your real face has been exposed. Although you are a beggar, I am afraid that you will be in danger if your identity is recognized by your enemy. " Andrea said worriedly.

He snorted arrogantly and continued, "I'm not the same as l was in England