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   Chapter 3 I don't blame you

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The host from the TV station continued, "Miss Nina, you refused the marriage from a rich family. Did you find your true love by marrying a beggar? If that's the case, we wish her happiness from now on. However, I advise the young girls not to follow suit. After all, the occupation of beggar is not quite popular at present... "

Nina stamped her feet and shouted, "Howard, you bastard, son of a bitch! I'll curse you to death!"

"Achoo!" Hearing that, Howard's scalp tingled.

Just then, her phone rang again.

Seeing the phone, Nina couldn't help but burst into tears.

It was from her mother.

"Beggar, tell me, what should I do? Purring...... Mom and dad must have known that I married beggars and they must have been so sad... " Not daring to answer the phone, Nina held her head and began to cry.

Hearing that, Howard's heart became tightened. Feeling sorry for her, he took her into his arms. Rubbing her hair with his chin, he said, "honey, tell them the truth. They said that you would be very happy if you married me, okay?"

"But But... " Nina looked up and stared at Howard with her watery eyes. "You are a beggar!"

"Who says beggars can't bring you happiness?" Holding Nina's face in his hands, Howard kissed her on her cheeks to wipe away her tears.

With a faint scent of bewitching, he bit by bit approached Nina's lips.

"Well..." It seemed that Nina got an electric shock.

What was this feeling?

"No, don't do that..."

Nina waved her hand. Mr. Howard, who had just tasted the delicious food, wouldn't stop. With a little more force, he pressed Nina into the sofa.

The phone rang again. She mumbled in a daze, "beggar I'll take the call. "

It was the happiest moment of his life that he had dreamed of so much. He couldn't express his happiness and satisfaction in words.

Then he conti

nued with uncontrollable excitement, "sweetheart, do you know how much I miss you?"

Howard's words made Nina confused. They just met each other for the first time today?

"What Get up! " Nina became anxious. She bit Howard's lips with all her strength.

Howard let out a muffled groan and loosened her grip.

Blood seeped from the corner of his mouth.

With a guilty conscience, she said, "you kissed me, so it's not my fault. You took her first kiss away!"

Hearing that, Howard raised the corners of his lips and wiped his lips gracefully. "Honey, I don't blame you," he said

How could he like the word 'first kiss'?

Howard gave her the phone and indicated her to answer.

She took a deep breath, rubbed her face and managed to wear a smile that was even uglier than crying. "Mom..."

She began to sob again.

"Nana, what are you doing? You went to work this morning and haven't come back yet? Now all TV stations have broadcast that you married a beggar. Are you filming for him? "

"Mom, it's not a movie. It's true!" Nina had to tell the truth.

Sophia didn't say a word for a while.

"Mom, mom..."

Aunt Sophia has already packed up her phone.

Nina called back immediately, telling her that Sophia's phone was powered off.

"Father and mother must hate me so much! I want to go home!" Nina's tears rolled down. She grabbed her bear's backpack and was about to leave.

"Honey, you can't explain it clearly even if you go back now. How about I go back with you tomorrow?" He held her into his arms and rubbed her hair.

In fact, Nina didn't know what to do. If she told her parents that Mr. Howard was going to threaten her, her parents might not let him off easily!

There was no doubt that this was not what she wanted to see.

So now, it seemed that she could only listen to the beggar.

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