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   Chapter 2 a beggar's Woman

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Nina had been in low spirits the whole day.

They registered at the Civil Affairs Bureau and held a simple wedding.

There was neither a beautiful wedding dress nor the blessings from the relatives and friends

Now, she had been brought to the house he rented by the beggar.

Whether she admitted it or not, she was already a beggar's woman legally.

"Honey, it's time for dinner!" Howard walked out of the kitchen with the dish in his hands. This was his first time to cook.

There were sliced potato, scrambled tomato with scrambled eggs, and a stewed pork rib soup with winter gourd.

"beggar, I have a name. My name is Nina. Could you stop calling me wife from marrying me? That's so disgusting!"

Nina rolled her eyes. The more she thought about it, the more resentful she became for becoming a beggar's wife?

"Then how about I call you baby?" Howard asked patiently.

"Call me Nana, no more baby!"

Howard shrugged, "I want to call you baby, not Nana!"

"You little beggar, are you intentionally bullying me?"

"Really? What did you mean? Isn't 'baby' a pet name? "

"Okay, you call me then. I'll pretend that I didn't hear you." She covered her ears with her hands.

"Honey, dinner is ready. Come on, try the soup I made for you!" Howard picked up an egg and put it to Nina's mouth

She couldn't resist the temptation of food, let alone she was really hungry now! So she opened her mouth.

Howard looked at Nina with expectation.

However, she spit out the egg as soon as it reached her mouth.

"Don't you like it?" He asked in surprise.

"Beggar, have a taste. Have you forgotten to add salt?" As she spoke, she put an egg into the beggar's mouth.

However, eggs were not delicious at all. Howard frowned, but still insisted on swallowing the eggs. He said, "sorry, this is the first time I have cooked!"

Hearing the begger's apology, she turned around, ran into the kitchen

and added a little salt, "it might be delicious in this way. Let's eat."

Howard smiled. He didn't expect that Nina could be brought up so easily.

"Come on, honey. Eat more meat. You are thinner." He put the spareribs with chopsticks into Nina's bowl.

Nina wanted to say thank you, but she finally changed her words.

She picked up the rice in the bowl from time to time and asked, "beggar, you look nice and you are at such a young age. Why do you become a beggar?"


That was really a problem.

"Because I can't find a job after graduation, nor can I find a job at home. I have no money, so I have to beg for money. I can't starve to death! " Howard gave himself a compliment, and he found that he was gifted in lying.

"Are you a college student?" Nina was surprised to hear him. "Even a construction worker is better than a beggar."

She had obtained her PhD from Harvard University!

"It's so tired to be a construction worker. It's so easy to be a beggar. You can earn money by sitting in a place you like!" Said Howard.

Nina rolled her eyes, thinking that the beggar was so lazy.

Just then, her phone rang.

"Hello..." Nina answered the phone in a depressed voice.

"Bitch, are you silly? You married a beggar?" From the other end of the line came a harsh voice.

"How do you know?" Nina was shocked. Nobody knew that she had been married to a beggar except Ethan.

"Turn on the TV and watch yourself! Damn it! Why don't you go to hell? You'd rather marry Howard than marry a beggar. No matter how ugly he is, he's the CEO of a financial tycoon. you are more interested in her than marrying a beggar..."

Before Nina could give a second thought to the idea, she switched on the TV.

It was her wedding ceremony with a beggar that was broadcast on every TV channel in the city.

She was dressed in a relatively conservative way, while the clothes of a beggar were in a mess!

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