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   Chapter 1 The 202nd Proposal

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"Howard, listen up. I will not marry you even if I marry a beggar!" Nina threw away the roses and stepped on them with force.

Howard raised his hand to turn off the TV. His proposal had hit the headlines of all the major media.

Passing a glass of wine to him, Ethan said jokingly, "boss, Congratulations! You failed in the 202nd proposals!"

"You brat! Are you laughing at me?" Frustrated, he gulped his wine down and urged, "do something! Now!"

He put his finger on Howard's face, and with a "hiss", he torn off his mask.

A handsome face appeared. It was so beautiful that every woman in the world was attracted by it.

"Boss, Nina dislikes your ugly face. If you take off her mask, I promise she will come to you immediately!"

"Bullshit! You know it won't work, but you can't do it until the case is solved!" He frowned. The fire in England a year ago almost killed him.

Till now, the case is still hung up!

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it except that you are a beggar. Maybe..."

Hearing that, Howard's beautiful eyes turned bright. Surprise flashed across his eyes. He interrupted, "it's a good way, but I need your help!"

Then he leaned over and whispered a few words into his ear.


It was a sunny day.

However, Nina seemed not to be in a good mood. Not only today, but also ever since Howard proposed to her, she had been in a bad mood.

It was the 202nd day that she was "loved" by him crazily abused every day.

"Miss Nina, we meet again!"

Nina almost jumped up in fright. Her first reaction was that the hateful Mr. Howard appeared again.

"It's you? What are you doing here? " Displeased, Nina stared at Ethan and asked, "did you come here because of Mr. Howard?"

"Brilliant!" Ethan gave a thumbs up sign He circled around her with his hands in his pockets, and then said, "I'm here to tell my brother about the fact that if you still refuse his proposal, he will destroy your father's small processing factory, unless..."

'the damned Mr. Howard is finally going to marry me with his unparalleled power in this city!'!

She knew clearly that her father's small processing factory was just like a small ant for the Howard's family.

"Unless I marry him, right?"

"NO? Unless you marry that beggar! " Ethan pointed to somewhere in the distance.

She saw a disheveled man with messy hair sitting on the ground under the wall and a dirty paper box in front of him.


Miss Nina said that you would rather marry a beggar than my brother, right?" Ethan tried to goad her into action.

She was just too angry to say anything else?

"My brother said if you didn't marry the beggar today, your father's factory would be unable to survive, and you family would not be able to live peacefully in this city. It's really pathetic. But I believe my brother will definitely keep his words. "

"Ethan, you are a coward. All you do is to force me to marry a beggar? I'll marry you! " Enraged, Nina said, "don't bully me. I won't marry you even if I marry a beggar!

Ethan smiled proudly and made an OK gesture to the "beggar" under the wall.

"What's your name?" She stood in front of the beggar.

Howard rubbed his hair with his dirty hand and raised his head, "my name is' beggar '."

Hearing beggar's words, Nina was stunned. The look in beggar's eyes looked so familiar. She felt like she had met him before, but she couldn't remember when and where.

"Beggar?" She felt it strange.


"How could you call me that?" Nina scratched her hair. In fact, this beggar was handsome only with his hair in a mess.

Well The most handsome man she had ever seen! He was like a death from the underworld or a prince from a cartoon.

It's a pity! A beggar!

"My mother got up early in the morning and got up in the dark for me. I think it is good." Howard smiled.

'well, now it's not the time to wonder what his name is, ' she thought.

"Beggar, I'm telling you..." Beggar's words made Nina embarrassed.

"What is it?" With these words, Howard reached out and put his ear in Nina's mouth.

"If you pretend to be my boyfriend today, I'll give you 100 dollars. Is that okay?" Said Nina in a low voice.

"Cough Pretending to be your boyfriend Ahem ahem ahem ahem... " Coughing heavily, he winked at Ethan secretly.

"Oh, Miss Nina, my brother also asked me to supervise you to register with the beggar. After the wedding, I will give the video to him, and then he will give up on you and let your father off!"

Biting her lips, she said with resentment, "I'll marry him. I'll marry him today!"

Married meant divorce.

Hearing Nina's words, Howard smiled, "Nina, do you really want to be my wife?"

Nina rolled her eyes. "What? Are you unhappy? "

"Of course!" If he had known that this method would work, he would not have proposed more than two hundred days in such a bitter way.

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