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   Chapter 807 Is It Really Him

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Even Douglas, who was also a parasite master, had never seen such a witchcraft technique.

Three young girls walked forward, slightly kowtowed, and said in a delicate voice, "Your Majesty."

The old king laughed, "Great! That's great! Really brilliant. "

He kept repeating praising in a row, he would almost hold the three beautiful women in his arms!

Then the three young girls performed a belly dance and left.

After the three women left, the man walked up to the old king and bowed his head slightly. "Your Majesty, are you satisfied?"

The old king nodded and said, "My dear son, I don't know that you have actually cultivated such a nice magical witch technique. Not bad! Good job! "

"Dear son?! "It was not until crystal heard this name that she realized that this man was her grandfather's second elder brother, Clark Long!

Crystal heard from her grandfather that Clark had been accepted by Nanshan Hermit Master as an apprentice a few years ago. He had been learning those techniques in the mountain with his master and didn't go down the mountain until he reached adulthood. He was ten years older than Lord Albert.

But looking at this person, Crystal now completely realized the definition of "immortal".

It was really incredible to see those citizens here who looked much younger than their actual ages. Although they were all seventy or eighty years old, they were all like young men in their early thirty. It was really strange!

If Douglas and Toby knew that this person was their second elder brother of Lord Albert, who was ten years older than him, they would really jump up!

What a fucking crazy country!

"I'm flattered. In terms of the magical witchcraft technique, I'm not as powerful as my fellow senior brother. I've heard that he has found a man who has a Heated Body to feed his parasite with hot blood. Now his power much stronger than mine, and this is another treasure. Now he becomes even more powerful."

A man with Heated Body?

Hearing these words, Crystal's body suddenly stiffened. A person with Heated Body? Could it be Edgar?

Clenching her fists, Crystal told herself to calm down, calm down, calm down! But she really couldn't calm down. Take the blood of the one with Heated Body to feed his parasite? If it was really Edgar, he must be in danger!

Crystal wanted to make it clear,

, with their power, they could easily tortured Crystal and others to death in minutes. What should he do?

Lord Albert went crazy with anxiety. He turned around and saw Toby giggling. He kicked him, cleared his voice and coughed.

Toby held his legs and looked at Lord Albert with a bitter face. He whispered, "Grandpa, why did you kick me?"

Instead of answering the idiot Toby's question, Lord Albert looked at Toby with a serious face and reminded them in a low voice, "You two need to take care of yourselves later. If you unfortunately die here, please don't blame me, let alone Crystal, okay?"

Toby was confused and didn't know what Lord Albert meant. On the contrary, with a cold expression on his face, he thought of the meaning of Lord Albert's words. He nodded and said, "don't worry, Grandpa. When necessary, we won't get Crystal involved, nor will we drag you down."

Douglas's words showed their stand. If they were really in danger, even if they would suicide on their own, they would not be a burden to Crystal.

Lord Albert looked up at Douglas with such a courage. He rarely admired anyone. But Douglas was that one made him admired. Douglas had the courage to even sacrifice himself and muster his courage and give up on himself in order to protect his sworn sister, Crystal. How precious such friendship was.

"Douglas, thank you so much. Crystal is so lucky to have friends like you."

The centipede scar's face trembled and Douglas smiled faintly. "Grandpa, we are family, and we are Crystal's brother. We should protect our sister."

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