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   Chapter 806 Magic Show

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"Your majesty!"

Lord Albert gave a hint to the three of them not to move, and he walked over and called the old king respectfully.

The man slowly turned his head and did not stand up. His voice was somewhat rough. "Here you are. Come and sit here."

The three remained unmoved.

From Crystal's point of view, she could see the man's side face

This person was the old king that his grandfather had mentioned.

Seeing the old king's appearance, Crystal finally understood why Arnold was so good-looking. Obviously, like father, like son. This was true.

Lord Albert stood there with great respect, restrained. It was hard to see the expression on his face as a son. On the contrary, it was more like a relationship between the superior and the subordinate. Lord Albert said respectfully, "Your Majesty, I am okay if I just stand still."

The old king stood up with satisfaction when he saw the three of them standing still. He turned around and looked at Crystal carefully.

This was the demeanor of a king. If they really sat with the king, it would be a violation against his majesty. If the king sat, they could only stand. Of course, if the king stood up, they had to stand more respectfully. This was the way a king got along with his subordinates.

But Crystal, Toby and Douglas didn't care about those rules at all. Besides, they were not the citizens in the Empire. If it weren't for Grandpa's repeated warning, they would have acted according to their wills. How could the three of them be so obedient to the old king and just simply watched him put on airs in front of them?

After looking at Crystal up and down, the old king said flatly, "No wonder she is the daughter of Griffith. She is indeed exceedingly beautiful."

After the old king finished speaking, he turned to look at Crystal in the tone of an elder and said, "kid, you're finally back. Since you are also the descendants of the Dragon Race , this is your home. We've been living here for hundreds of years, and the people here are very friendly, kid. It's the best choice for you to come back. You will see how powerful the Dragon Race will be in the future. "

If Crystal didn't know the purpose of these people, she would think that the old king in front of her was a very easy going person to get along with. But after what hap

d a handsome face. With a small black bronze tripod in his hand, he walked slowly and stood in the center.

"Your Majesty, Let me perform a show for you to relieve your boredom first. My senior fellow apprentice and my sister will be here soon."

The old king nodded and said, "Okay, let's begin!"

The man nodded respectfully. Then he waved his long arm and the bronze tripod in his hand rotated in the air, as if it was frozen in midair. The man took out a little blood from his finger and threw it into the air. The tripod sucked in the blood, and then the man took out three pieces of human-shaped paper from nowhere. He murmured to the paper for a while, and at the same time, he withdrew the bronze tripod with his right hand, letting it spin around those pieces of paper. The human-shaped paper were spinning around slowly and faster, making it difficult to be seen clearly.

As the bronze tripod spun for several times, a wisp of smoke appeared. As the smoke rose, the number of times the bronze tripod spun slowly dropped. Everyone saw that the three pieces of human-shaped paper suddenly came to life, and they all changed into three beautiful women in sexy clothes.

Everyone applauded!

Crystal, Toby and Douglas were completely stunned!

This Was this a magic show?

The jaws of Douglas and Toby almost dropped on the ground. They had seen a lot of people playing magic, and it was really a miracle to see such a realistic magic.

What they didn't know was that it was not a magic, but a high-level witchcraft technique.

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