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   Chapter 804 You Disappoint Me!

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Crystal stopped and turned around slowly. The surprise in her eyes was obvious. "Grandpa, what did you say?"

Lord Albert knew very well that there were some things that could not be hidden sooner or later.

"Ivy, I hope you can listen to me. You can't get out of the enchanted barrier now. If you really want to find Edgar, the only way is to let the old king appreciate you, or you give Hilary to him..."

The more Crystal heard, the more confused she became. "Grandpa, what do you mean?"

Lord Albert's expression became more and more serious. "Ivy, do you know that Edgar has a heat body? You and his child are a combination of cold body and heat body, so they are the offspring of the most orthodox the Dragon Race."

Crystal frowned, "grandfather, I still don't understand what you mean?"

Lord Albert said, "Ivy, let me tell you. The old king is an orthodox descendant of the Dragon Race. Although we are his son, we are not the most orthodox. Because our mother is also an ordinary person, so we, including my brothers, can't have a son. The cold body is not special, but we can make us have no chance to give birth to boys.

And the reason why your mother can't have a son is that your grandmother is an ordinary person. But now you can have a son unexpectedly, not because of God's favor, but because your husband is Edgar. Edgar is the only person in the world who has a heat body, so your son is the descendant of the orthodox descendant Dragon Race.

It's impossible for the old king to give his throne to us who are not orthodox and have no descendants, even if we are his son. "

Hearing this, Crystal's face turned cold in an instant. She sneered, "so? So The old king is aiming at my son, isn't he? That is to say, at the beginning, you kept reminding me that the main reason why we tried every means to find the Empire was not to avenge my mother, but to make me your chip and give my son to you, right? "

Crystal's expression became colder and colder. She thought that her grandfather and she were devoted to each other, but she did

I have told you. As long as you have that kind of skills, it will be easy for you to get out of here. Of course, at that time, if your ability is above them, Hilary's fate will naturally be up to you. "

Crystal took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She thought for a moment. When she opened her eyes again, her eyes returned to the usual indifference.

"What should we do to get close to the old king? I need the fastest way! "

Crystal didn't know whom to believe at the moment? She didn't know which of her grandfather's words was true or false, but at present, she could not figure out any way to get out of here. She knew that there was an enchanted barrier here, because she saw the Empire appear on the desert and then they walked in, and she saw all the roads disappear.

Indeed, there were some people with unusual abilities here, so Crystal didn't dare to take the risk, nor did she dare to waste her energy in vain when Edgar was in danger.

Seeing that Crystal finally agreed to his advice, Lord Albert breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Although he had lied to Crystal, Crystal would understand his painstaking efforts in the future.

"The old king is going to host a banquet tomorrow to invite the talented aristocrats to have a competition. The old king values the people with wisdom most. So, Ivy, tomorrow is a very good opportunity for you.

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