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   Chapter 803 I'm going to find him!

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Tyrone took Edgar, and Leo to the dining room. There was a vintage table, blue and white porcelain tableware, and a maid serving beside them.

Kendra sat opposite to Edgar, while Tyrone sat opposite to Leo.

Edgar was not used to having meals with others, and he didn't like other women to watch him eat. However, in addition to removing the maids around him, he really wanted to overturn the table and leave when he saw Kendra's admiration for him.

But he kept reminding himself in his heart that he couldn't do that. Leo couldn't be hurt anymore.

At the table, Kendra found several reasons to accost Edgar, but Edgar kept silent from the beginning to the end.

Except for his wife, Crystal, the other women in the world would only be void in his eyes.

During the dinner, all the people present were unhappy. Kendra had been suffering from being ignored by Edgar.

Edgar had been thinking about Crystal. Leo was wondering whether the food on the table was poisonous.

However, the food was getting more and more delicious and orderly in the eyes of Tyrone as he kept enjoying.

At the same time, in another palace.

Crystal chatted with Ms. Yasmin for a long time. They didn't say anything, but on the contrary, they didn't like each other. Ms. Yasmin was jealous of Crystal's beauty.

Meanwhile, Crystal thought the Ms. Yasmin were too snobbish. She always satirized Crystal from time to time, although the Ms. Yasmin couldn't get any benefit from her words.

But she really didn't like to talk to such people.

Although they didn't talk happily, Crystal learned a lot from their conversation.

It turned out that the reason why the people here could stay so young was because of the enchanted barrier set up by the king of the Dragon Race. Once they walked out of the enchanted barrier, their bodies would function like ordinary people. As they aged, they would look like her grandfather.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, there was no tool for them to contact the outside world. However, they could still know the situation outside, such as where the descendants of Dragon Race had been left and what kind of life they had lived. As long as it was related to the Dragon Race, the

Crystal to look at him seriously and said, "Ivy, I'm not kidding. He's missing. It's true. I might as well tell you that since you are a descendant of the Dragon Race, and your son Hilary is also a descendant of the Dragon Race. So even if you're here, Hilary will still attract their attention, including the people around him.

A few days ago, Edgar seemed to have brought someone to look for you, but he finally disappeared in the desert without a trace. I asked the old king to send someone to investigate in the desert. They saw several people dead in the desert, all of whom were outsiders. He didn't know if there was Edgar among those dead bodies in the desert. Those people who died were all unrecognizable and miserable. I'm afraid Edgar is also in danger. "

Crystal bit her lips tightly and tears fell down. She shook her head and said, "it's impossible. He's not in danger. It's impossible. He..."

Crystal didn't finish her sentence because she knew what danger he would encounter in the desert.

Crystal didn't believe that something bad would happen to Edgar, but She was worried. What if it was true? What if Edgar was suffering or even dying.

Crystal held back her tears and turned around to leave, but was stopped by Lord Albert behind her, "Ivy, where are you going? "

Without turning around, Crystal swallowed and said, "I'm going to find him."

Lord Albert stepped forward and said, "they won't let you leave unless you hand over Hilary."

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