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   Chapter 802 What Did You Do To Him

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But Leo didn't dare to say it out loud. He was afraid that if he said it out loud, he would irritate the person in front of him, who neither looked like a man nor a woman. Without knowing the specific situation, Leo thought it was better to avoid making trouble as much as possible.

Fortunately, after only two bites, Edgar put down the bowl and chopsticks, which made Leo relieved. If he was really poisoned, he wouldn't have been poisoned too much.

After meal, Edgar felt a little better. His body was not so hot, but he was still very uncomfortable, as if he had been beaten up or drawn a large jar of blood. He was still very weak and aching.

Enduring the discomfort of his body, Edgar stood up and was supported by Leo. He looked at Tyrone and said coldly, "goodbye!"

After saying that, Edgar turned around and was about to leave.

Tyrone had planned to give Edgar a head-on blow, but he didn't expect that Edgar didn't take it. On the contrary, he was ignored by Edgar, which made Tyrone, who used to be usually good tempered, had his gloomy eyes flash with a trace of anger.

"Sir, you want to leave? Tyrone turned around and stood up.

The maid under his feet retreated respectfully.

Since Edgar didn't turn around, Leo didn't dare to.

"Thank you for saving my brother and me. I will send someone to give you the reward. "

Edgar thought that since he had come here, he might run into Crystal if he kept walking around the area.

Hearing the words "reward", Tyrone laughed and said, "Sir, where do you think this is? I advise you to take back your arrogance since you are out. Not everyone can tolerate you to overestimate yourself. "

As soon as Tyrone finished his words, he waved his long arm, and the head of the bronze statue in his hand instantly emitted smoke. The smoke rose slightly. He bit his finger and dripped blood on the head of the bronze statue.

Just then, a green light suddenly appeared above the head of the bronze statue snake. With a wave of his long arm, the green light flew towards Leo, circled around him, and finally was sucked into Leos mouth.



Tyrone took out a handful of white powder from his pocket and sprinkled it on the head of the bronze statue snake. The white powder evaporated, and a white light gradually appeared in the air. He waved his long arm, and the white light turned around Leo in a straight line, and then was sucked into Leo's mouth.

Two seconds later, Leo came to his senses. He got up from the ground, took a look at Tyrone beside him, and then ran back to Edgar. "Damn it, boss, what's wrong with me? “

After regaining his sanity, Leo couldn't remember what had just happened.

"It's okay. You just fainted on the ground because you were too weak."

Edgar didn't want to tell Leo anything he had seen that he couldn't explain, nor did he want Leo to worry about how embarrassed they were now.

Leo was still confused. "Ah, I fainted. Oh, really? I'm not that weak. How could I faint?"

"Haven't you eaten yet? Let's go. Mr. Tyrone invites us to dinner. Are you going or not? " Edgar pretended to change the topic and didn't let Leo ask any more.

Leo's expression was very funny. 'damn it! He invited his boss to have dinner together? When did his boss have such a good friendship with that man? Did he miss something?

Since Edgar had said that, it meant that he would accept the request of Tyrone to accompany Princess Kendra.

Therefore, Tyrone followed Edgar's words and said, "Gentlemen, this way please!"

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