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   Chapter 801 Their Identities!

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However, when Edgar felt something wrong, he had a plan to stay. He clearly remembered that he fainted on the desert with Leo, and indistinctly saw a man and a woman dressed like these maids approaching. He had seen them in his illusion, but now he didn't think so.

In addition, he had heard from Lord Albert that the people in the Empire were very special in dressing, and they were mainly in white. Therefore, Edgar felt that they might have come to the Empire.

And since they could come to the Empire, of course, Crystal might also be here.

Seeing that his leader was so calm, Leo also calmed down. He stood up, poured a glass of water for Edgar and handed it to him. "Boss, what should we do next?

Taking the glass of water and taking a sip, Edgar only said one word, "wait!"

Leo was surprised. "What? what? Wait? No way? Boss, look at yourself. Now you are burning with fever? If you don't receive treatment, you will die! "

Glancing around, Edgar said indifferently, "well, I'm fine. Leo, don't you have antipyretics?"

Reminded by Edgar, Leo patted his thigh and said, "yes, I almost forget. Boss, I'll take it for you right now."

After saying that, Leo turned around and took out some white pills from his backpack. He walked to Edgar and handed them to him. "Boss, here is the antipyretic. Use it first to see if it will work or not."

When Edgar was about to pick up the pill, a man and a woman walked in from the outside. The woman rushed over and quickly took the white pill from Edgar's hand. "Sir, No."

Hearing that, Edgar frowned and looked up at the woman. Before he could say anything, Leo standing beside him jumped up all of a sudden out of anger. "Who are you? What are you doing? "

The woman ignored Leo and turned around. She waved her hand and said to the maids kneeling on the ground, "guards, take this rude guy out first. I want to have a good talk with this mister."

"Yes, Princess Kendra!"

Shocked, Leo asked, "what? Are you a princess? " Which country are you from? Which country is this? "

Obviously, no one would answer Leo's question.

asure with him respectfully, and also brought a chair for him.

Tyrone took the opportunity to sit down. Soon two maids came over, knelt down at his feet respectively and massaged his legs.

To be honest, he didn't like arrogant people like Edgar. Just now, his junior sister apprentice was still here. He couldn't lose his temper because Kendra had a crush on this man at the first sight, so he had to listen to her and stayed gentle in front her.

Now that Kendra had left, did he still need to show this arrogant man with respect? Of course no!

Of course, there was no need. He was the national counselor of the Dragon City, who took control of almost every citizen here. In terms of arrogance, why should he be afraid of him?

Tyrone enjoyed the service of the maids in silence, ignoring what Edgar and Leo were feeling.

On the contrary, Edgar was not angry at all. He glanced at the strange thing in the hand of Tyrone and then did what he should do.

For example, he asked Leo to take out a piece of antipyretics from his backpack. After taking the medicine, he ordered Leo to bring the food on the table and eat it.

During the whole process, Edgar looked as if he was in his own apartment without any embarrassment.

But this made Leo suffer a lot. Seeing that Edgar was eating elegantly, Leo stood aside and wanted to remind him, "boss, aren't you afraid of being poisoned?

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