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   Chapter 800 A Strange Person!

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In the morning, the sun was shining, and the fragrance of birds and flowers was pleasing.

In a luxurious palace of the Dragon City, there were two people lying in a room. One of them was wrapped in gauze, and the other only had a white bow scarf on his arm.

These two people were Leo and Edgar.

The first one to wake up was Leo. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the luxurious decoration around, which was vintage and elegant. Every place was incomparably noble.

Hearing that, Leo turned his head to look at their leader, Edgar, who was lying on the other bed. Subconsciously, he sat up, got out of the bed, walked to the other bed and shouted, "boss, boss, wake up."

Leo reached out his hand and touched Edgar's forehead. He found that Edgar's body was as hot as fire.

'damn it! Boss has a fever! '!

Leo didn't know what to do?

Just then, a woman's voice came from behind, "you're awake!"

Leo suddenly turned around and saw a woman in white standing behind him. The woman's dress was very strange, as if she dressed as the same as an ancient person, but not very similar. Leo was in a trance for a moment. Did they pass through a time travel and get back to the ancient time?

However, before this idea disappeared, the woman said directly, "have a rest here for a while. I'll bring you some food later. Princess Kendra asked me to tell you, don't ask anything. Just take good care of your partners."

The woman's words made Leo a little confused. Did he really travel through time?

"Well, lady? Who is your princess? Where am I now? And my friend is sick. Can you call a doctor for him? "

Leo was more concerned about his boss's health than a pile of doubts in his own brain. He must have bitten his boss too hard so Edgar was ten seriously injured.

In fact, Leo himself knew that he had been mad at that time, but he had been unable to control himself at that time. But now he found that there was no such madness in his body, and his eyes were not red. He didn't know why he

re, Leo carried Edgar back and put him on the bed. After thinking for a while, he quickly stood up and held Edgar, "boss, we Let's get out of here! The people here are fucking insane. It's so weird. "

Compared with Leo's panic and fear, on the contrary, Edgar was very calm. He asked, "where is this place? Who are they? How did we get here? "

Shaking his head bitterly, Leo said, "I don't know. When I woke up, I saw the two of us already here. I asked them, but they just told me to stay and take good care of you. But boss, you know what... I think the people here are really strange. They speak as if they don't have any emotion and don't say anything else. Moreover, I find that the maids here are all dull, as if they are possessed. Boss, let's get out of here. It's so horrible here. "

After thinking for a while with a frown, Edgar waved his hand and said, "since someone saved us, we have to thank him for saving us. Otherwise, people would think that we, outsiders, don't know the etiquette."

Leo was a little confused. "Oh, we need to stay to say thank you to them? Boss, are you out of your mind because of fever? "

Edgar raised his hand, indicating Leo to calm down.

What a smart man Edgar was. He could tell the abnormality of the maids at a glance and he surely knew the doubts that kept lingering in Leo's mind.

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